Worth pondering on

What follows is a comment left in my post last Monday. It was written by someone who claims to be a relative of Marvin Reglos, the victim of the Lambda Rho Sigma fraternity hazing. I hope we can all empathize with marvin's family and do what we can to ensure that he gets justice.

"you are the first person i have seen wrote a blog regarding the death of my nephew. i am abit skeptic on the way Sec. De Lima acted in the presence of what she so called "brods" allegedly accused of the murdering Marvin. if she really is for the "truth" and "justice", she could have used her power to bring forward all of the accused(20 or so i guessed) students who participated in the said hazing incident.

How can an ordinary family like us fight the likes of people behind the Greek Lettered brotherhood?
how can we follow up on the situation when in fact most of our family is in the province and the investigation is being conducted in Manila?

i hope and pray that the justice we are seeking will not be affected by the people associated in one way or the other with the Greek leter brotherhood namely, the Lambda Rho Beta and Lambda Rho Sigma."


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