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A president from Davao

This is my column today, February 25, 2014. I was in Davao City over the weekend and saw for myself the much-vaunted changes happening in the city.  The tell-tale signs of high-speed growth were palpable all over the city.  For instance, I visited the residence of a cousin in Ma-a District and was blown away by the massive and speedy transformation that has taken place in a district which used to be largely comprised of rice fields and whose main claim to recognition was being host to the Davao City jail.   Today, there are condominium buildings being erected and a number of commercial establishments have sprouted all over the district.  And as if to further validate the city’s claim of being in the cusp of transformation, traffic jams were also evident during rush hours.  Yes, Davao City is experiencing rapid growth and development.  But what visitors will probably take note of while in Davao City is the way the city has assumed the distinction of being the poster city insofar as dis…