Open Letter To Our Leaders

Dear Tita Cory, Senators, Congressmen, Businessmen, Media people, Leftists, and all Bleeding Hearts Out There:

I am angry. And I know that there are many out there who are angrier than I am for the same reason. And that reason is simple. I am sick and tired of all you guys claiming to speak for me and many Filipinos. I feel like screaming every time you mouth words about fighting for my freedom and my rights, when you obviously are just thinking about yours. You tell me that the essence of democracy is providing every citizen the right to speak his or her mind and make his or her own informed judgments, but you yourselves do not respect my silence and the choices I and many others have made. In other words, your concept of democracy is limited to having your rights and your freedoms respected, at the expense of ours.

I am utterly flabbergasted that you still do not get it: we already responded to your calls, and our response has been very clear - we chose not to heed your calls to go to EDSA or to Fort Bonifacio not because we do not love our country or our freedoms or our rights, but precisely because we love our country even more. Because quite frankly, we are prepared to lose our freedoms and our rights just to move this country forward. You may think that is not correct, you can tell me all the dire warnings about the evils of authoritarian rule, but quite frankly all we see is your pathetic efforts to prop up your cause. You tell me that you are simply protecting my freedoms and my rights, but who told you to do that? I assure you that when I feel that my rights and my freedoms are at a peril, I will stand up and fight for them myself.

You tell us that GMA is not the right person to lead this country because she has done immoral acts. As someone who sees immorality being committed wantonly in many ways every day and by everyone (yes, including the ones you do), I may have become jaded. But you have not been able to offer me any viable alternative, while GMA has bent over backwards many times to accommodate you while continuing to work hard despite all the obstacles and the brickbats you have thrown her way. From where I sit, she is the one who has been working really hard to move this country forward while all of you have been so busy with one and only one thing: to make sure she does not succeed. So forgive me if I do not want to join you in your moral pissing contest. Forgive me if I have chosen to see things from another perspective. You say she is the problem. I say, we are the problem, more to the point, I think you are a bigger problem than she is. Taking her out may solve part of the problem, but that leaves us with a bigger problem: you. That is right, YOU!

While I felt outraged that she called a Comelec official during the elections and that she may have rigged the elections, I have since then taken the higher moral ground and forgiven her. Yes my dear bishops, I have done what you have told me to do since I was a child, which you say is the Christian and moral thing to do: forgive. Especially since she has asked for forgiveness and has tried to make amends for it. Erap certainly has not apologized and continues to be defiant, continuing to insult us everyday with his protestations. Cory has not apologized for her incompetence but we have forgiven her just the same because like GMA, she has worked hard after all.

I know you do not think that GMA's apology was not enough, or that she was insincere, or that that apology should not be the end of it, but please spare me the hypocrisy of telling me that you do so for the sake of protecting the moral fibre of society. The real reason is because you smell blood and wants to go for the kill.

Well, I have news for you. I do not like her too. I did not even vote for her. I voted for Raul Roco. But as much as I do not like her, I do not like you even more. I may not trust her, but guess what, I do not trust you even more.

You know why? Because all you do is whine and sabotage this country. You belittle every little progress we make, conveniently forgetting that it is not just GMA who has been working so hard to achieve them. Every single day, we keep the faith burning in our hearts that this country will finally pull itself out of the mess and we work so hard to do that. Every little progress is the result of our collective effort, we who toil hard everyday in our jobs. Yet, you persist in one and only thing: making GMA look bad in the eyes of the world and making sure that this country continues to suffer to prove your sorry point. In the process, you continue to destroy what we painstakinly try to built. So please do not be surprised that I do not share your cause. Do not be surprised that we have become contemptuous of your antics. You have moved heaven and earth to destroy her credibility, you have convened all kinds of fora and hearings and all you have done is test our patience to the core. For all your effort, you have only succeeded in dragging us further down. I say enough.

Don't get me wrong. I am not asking that we take immorality lying down, or that we let the President get away with anything illegal. But you have tried to prove your accusations all these time and you have not succeeded, so it is time to let things be. Besides, you are doing something immoral as well if not utterly unforgivable. The Magdalo soldiers are consorting with the communists - the same people who have been trying to kill democracy for years. Cory has been consorting with Erap and the Marcoses.

So please wake up and take a reality check. In the absence of true and genuine moral leadership, many of us have decided to cast our lot with the President, even if we do not like her. A flawed leader is better than scheming power hungry fools who can not even stand up for their convictions in the face of an impending arrest.

Your coup attempts and the denials that you have consequently made only underscore what we think is true: you are spineless and unreliable people whose only defense is to cry suppression when your ruse do not work. You are like bullies who taunt and provoke, but cry oppression when taken to task for your cruelty.

I would have respected you if you took the consequences of your actions like real heroes: calmly and responsibly instead of kicking and screaming and making lame excuses. You say you are willing to die for us, that you do all these things for the country and the Filipino, but you are not even willing to go to jail for us.

Come on, you really think we believe that you did not want to bring down the government when that is the one and only thing you have been trying to do in the last many months?

We love this country and we want peace and progress. Many among us do not give a f*&k who sits at Malacanang because we will work hard and do our share to make things work. If you only do your jobs, the ones that we elected you to do, things would be a lot simpler and easier for every one.

The events during the weekend only proved one thing. You are more dangerous and a serious threat to this country than GMA is. We have seen what you are capable of doing - you are ready to burn this country and reduce everything to ashes just to prove your point. If there is something that we need protection from, it is protection from you.


Anonymous said…
you might think that because i have been away from the country for several years, i would care less of the goings-on in the phils.
on the contrary, i feel more disturbed and sensitive. i am pissed off that in the eyes of the first world countries we are nothing but a disorganized bunch of people. we do not know what we want and we are not willing to make sacrifices for the better good.
i really hope that one day, the philippines will be able to achieve what it was meant to be---a great nation!
i continue to be optimistic,
jef said…
You nailed it Sir. Very well said. I just hope many Filipinos will read this one. You have uttered the very fiber of our conviction.

By the way, can I distribute your essay to my friends?
jher said…
bullseye. hay nako ipagkakalat ko tong open letter mo.
Jepoy said…
very well said. :)
BongA said…
thanks guys. Yes, by all means spead the open letter.
Miden said…
I totally agree with everything u wrote. you are right about the people that want GMA to resign, they all have one thing in common, that is they are anti-GMA. wla nman mgbbago eh pg npalitan c GMA.Khit cno pa ang mging Presidente, preho din ang resulta. I don't live in the phils but i pay attention to what is happening in the country. and also i applaud those who stood behind GMA's back during her tumultuous times in office, di gaya ng mga ibng politicians mga balimbing. i hope u will write more about this situation.
KuyaAceNgBayan said…
very nice...
i just want progress said…
hi. im so happy that someone made this open letter which is very reflective of what i think about those dumb asses. What you wrote is exactly what i thought, i just could put them into writing. thank you for making this one. Im wishing that all of us put politics aside and just work our asses of to put this country forward. I wish i knew eta rosales' e-mail add... Or perhaps binky.
i just want progress said…
or rather dinky. (sorry)
Anonymous said…
Since the people asking GMA to resign are cheaters too, why should we believe them? All they want is power. The biggest test to see if they have pure methods is this: while they are NOT yet in power, what are they DOING? Are they trying to improve the lot of the Filipinos? If they're not, ask them, why do you have to wait until you have power before you start doing something? It's a sure sign they're after something else.

If these people really want to help the Filpinos, instead of troubling the country, they should: pay their employees better, build better classrooms for our public schools, build a good public library at every municipality, pressure the Telco companies to stop their increasing exploitation, pressure the mall owners to stop gouging small businesspeople, etc.
Anonymous said…
Excellent, Mr. Bong!!! I agree to your thought 100%. Wala naman yan si Cory, nagka-taon lang na asawa siya ni Ninoy when EDSA 1 took place.Kahit naman sino kumandidato noon (except the Marcoses, of course) ay mananalo. But what happened, that term was wasted, kasi nagkaka-gulo din sila. Wala naman credibility yan. She should stay in the freezer, lagi kasi naka-"yellow". All 'oppositionists' ay may vested interest lang. More power to you, Mr. Bong. Very well said.
keloyd said…
I dont agree with you kuya, pero yaw ko na ulitin reason ko. just wanna comment na i received an email na pareho sa pinost mo, pero iba nakalagay na nagsulat. wala yun lang =)
open mind said…
To keloyd - don't bring that kind of attitude in an open letter. It's an electronic age and it's harder to say who's who or what. Lumalabas ang pagkapilipino mo by insisting on saying something negative about other peoples efforts on actually voicing an opinion. To the author, good job. You're not bias and a truely well versed person. Inspiring.
Anonymous said…
wow! im really very thankful that i still see the true filipinos among us. those words and ideas were very remarkable to hear. dati parang nawawalan na ako ng pag-asa na uunlad ang pilipinas, pinapag abroad na nga lang ako dahil sa gulong nangyayari dito pero dahil sa nabasa ko, parang nabuhayan ulit ako ng pag-asa na madami pa ring mga pilipino ang naniniwala sa tunay na pag-asa, na hindi galing sa mga leader-kuno ng democracy ( dahil sa totoo lang mukha silang leader ng democrazy people), kundi dahil na rin sa ting mga simpleng pilipino na gusto lang magtrabaho ng tahimik at marangal para sa ting mga pamilya. nakakapangilabot pa na ginagamit nila ang pangalan ng Diyos sa mga hakbangin nilang magprayer rally kuno pro kitang kita na gusto lang manggulo. isipin na lang natin kung gusto mo ng peaceful rally, bakit mo idadamay ibang tao tulad na lang ng mga natratrapik sa edsa na gusto makapasok o umuwi ng maaga para sa trabaho at pamilya? di na inisip ng mga mokong na to na me mga pamilya na dapat pakainin at uwian.
im only 23 yrs old and single but im trying all my best to support and work for my family, sana lang malaman din ito ng iba na kailangang magtrabaho tayo lahat para umunlad and we should face reality na hindi pa ganon ka stable ang bansa natin na kayang suportahan lahat ng tao na tulad sa ibang bansa na pag wala trabaho ang isang tao e susuportahan muna sya ng govt hanggang sa makahanap ito. bakit ba tayo kasi nagmamadali, gusto pag sinabi nila e isang click lang e andyan agad, ano tayo nabubuhay sa pantasya? masyado na ata tayo nadadala ng mga pinanonood natin sa telebisyon na mga telepantasya… sana po gumising lahat lalo na yang mga nakakatanda dahil sila ang ehemplo naming mga kabataan… kailangan lang po naman e maging responsable tayong lahat. sana ma isend din natin ito sa lahat lalong lalo na sa ating mga leader kuno ng bayan para makita na nagkakaisa pa rin tayo at tayo ang mga tunay na silent majority.
AliverMD said…
I do hope this article spreads far and wide and perhaps a local version can be made of it. A local version for the common Filipino, for them to better comprehend the meaning of this article. For it is the common Filipino, those in the line of poverty, those whose grievances are easily inflamed by a few choice words, are the ones being manipulated to join their (the opposition) disastrous cause.
Anonymous said…
You might have received good feedback from some of your readers, but for me you don't know what you're talking about?!

Once in a while you use the word "WE". Please, please, please, STOP using it! You do not speak for the majority of Filipinos! I beg to disagree with your thoughts, which are utterly very very shallow.

It is too obvious that you are a "GMA" pet. If some Filipinos think like you, POOR US! I just can't imagine living in a nation that is ruled by an immoral president for the next 4 years! I also cannot accept the fact that some Filipinos (LIKE YOU) think that she is the only capable president we have and is irreplaceable. However, just like you, I do believe in forgiveness but most especially in sacrifices.

Obviously, GMA will not resign. She will take advantage of "people" like YOU. How sad... just so sad....
lara said…
Dear Mr. or Ms. Anonymous of 6:11 p.m.,

I do not think that anyone can speak for "everyone." That is clearly impossible.

I respect your opinion, as much as I agree with Mr. Bong's. Show us a leader now that can truly stand up there, and not just present himself for self gain as all these opposition leaders are trying to do.

As much as you are calling Mr. Bong a "GMA" pet, would you not consider yourself a pet to anyone who isn't at power at the moment? You talk about an immoral president...

Let he without sin cast the first stone...

I honestly do not think that there is anyone "in the running" that has not done even a smidget of immorality.

I commend you for wanting to uphold the standards of morality, but in certain cases, I would go for the lesser of the evils.... but that's just my opinion.
keloyd said…
to open mind, wala akong nakikitang masama sa mga nasabi ko, iyun ang saluobin ko gaya ng iyun din ang kay bong, maaring marahas at matalas ang aking mga nagamit na salita iyun ay dahil narin siguro sa ng mga panahong nabasa ko ang sulat eh napuno agad ako ng inis, kung nakikita mo ang aking nakikita at nalalaman mo ang aking nalalaman siguro maiintindihan mo ako, hindi lahat ng tao ay matiwasay ang buhay gaya mo kaibigan

kay bong, nirerespeto ko ang sulat mo opinion mo iyun at eto naman ang akin, hindi porke may nasabi akong hindi maganda or hindi ako sumasangayon sa sinabi mo ay binabaliwala na kita,

para sa akin walang masama kung may makikita kang mali sa perspektiba ng ibang tao, kaya nga ito iponopost eh para ipakita at ipalahad sa tao, hindi naman lahat ay magkakatugma at magsasang ayon, kaya to open mind, kung open mind ka talaga eh di sana naintindihan mo ako, hindi ba? =)

mabuhay ang Pilipino!!!!
BongA said…
Thank you for your comments. Like I said in my rejoinder: I wrote that letter not to debate with anyone. I never claimed to be anything else other than this: angry, sick and tired, and wants to move on. I did not send it to this or that email group. I sent it to 20 friends and posted it in my blog. People picked it up on their own.

I am not an apologist for GMA, nor am I a GMA pet. I do not know the President personally, and I have no plans of joining government.

I am happy to know though that people are finally speaking up. It would be nice if we can exchange views without necessarily inferring motives or calling each other names, or nitpicking on each other.

Thanks for dropping by.

Bong A
keloyd said…
hehe mali ata yung nasabi ko dapat "kay open mind, kung open minded ka talaga" dapat na siguro ako magproof read,

amen to that bong,

hangat sa muli =)
Anonymous said…
Sang ayon ako kay Bong pero kahit i-accept natin si Mrs Pidal eh walang mangyayari. Yan ang choice ng mga Pinoy - the bad or the worse. Kawawang bansa. Canada na tayo!
noid said…
Hey Bong,

I am angry too. I am angry that people will put up with a cheating, corrupt and immoral president. In other words, I definitely do not share your opinion.

But I definitely share the opinion of Randy David:

The pessimism of spectators

and the sentiments of Enteng Romano whose message I paste below.


The Right to Remain Silent

I am glad that the military incident and the subsequent proclamation of PP 1017 two weeks ago emboldened those of you, who previously stayed on the sidelines, to share your convictions. There are 2 emails making the rounds – “Why we are not out in the streets” and “Galing sa isang Middle-Class Pinoy” that are quite interesting.

I appreciate why people can identify with these email messages. I felt the same way during the days prior to EDSA 1. I was a middle manager at that time, trying to build a career, and when I saw the likes of Cory side by side with the reds pushing the economy to the brink as they began calling for civil disobedience, I was indignant. I told everyone I knew who participated in such exercise that it was sheer foolishness... that it was bringing the economy down. And that if they would only stop, then we can all go about our business of building up our careers, our personal fortunes, and by extension, the economy. Hard work is the key. Politics was just a necessary evil.

I did not know and didn't mind the extent of pillage of our national treasury that Marcos and his cronies committed, nor the extent of human rights violations, including disappearances, happening around me. Really, it did not affect me directly, so I did not care.

And then EDSA 1 happened. People, led mostly by the middle class, came out. I was there, too, for 2 days, celebrating with the rest of the nation the end of a dictatorship, conveniently forgetting that only a few days before, I was all too willing to let Marcos rule forever, a bit embarrassed to be called a hero of EDSA, for simply being there.

EDSA 2 followed a similar path. While a committed few fanned the flames of discontent, the middle class waited on the sidelines until the opportune time to push the envelope proving once again that people power is a middle-class act. EDSA 3 only reinforced the idea. It failed because the middle class was conspicuously absent.

And now you tell us to stop the protests, because you have no intention of coming out to the streets and therefore people power will fail. You may be right – people power could fail. But that should not give you comfort, for it only opens up other forms of revolt – a peasant revolution, a military rebellion, or a communist takeover. When you have more than half of the people living in abject poverty, a restive military, and an oppressive regime – it’s a social volcano just waiting to erupt. And this time, it could be bloody.

You ask us why can’t we just redirect our energies towards building up the economy through productive work, like you do, instead of disruptive protest actions. You might be surprised to know that this is not a full-time job for us. Like you, we have a business to run or a job we try to keep. Beyond work, there are many in our ranks who are involved in civic projects through Rotary, Gawad Kalinga, and NGOs – trying to help in alleviating the conditions of our poor. So, please… you don’t have an exclusive claim to doing good for this nation, much less to patriotism.

You accuse us of being fools for allowing ourselves to be used by the leftists, Erap and Marcos forces, and other unscrupulous politicians to advance their agenda. We are not as naïve as you think. We recognize that it is Erap’s right to dream of one day regaining his lost glory just as it is the leftists’ right to push their ideology within the bounds of law. In the same manner, we recognize it is your right to express your willingness for your basic rights and freedom to be curtailed or to settle for a president who is a cheat, a thief, and an oppressor. We may not agree with any of you, but we do not get angry like you do, when people espouse views different from ours. Such is the way of democracy. It is the same democracy that gives us the right to think of you as the bigger fools, for allowing yourselves to be used by GMA to prop up her repressive regime.

And now that you have finally decided to speak up, you claim to represent the silent majority. Where did you get this idea? The majority could be silent, but they do not necessarily share your sentiments. At least when we claim that 80% of our people believe GMA cheated and 54% wants her out, we have the surveys to back our claims. Whether or not they will act on what they believe in is another story. Soon – when the flurry of mail forwards bottom out - you will discover as we have, that this nation is hopelessly divided. And that is how GMA intends to keep it in order to cling on to power.

How, then, do we move forward?

If you, the middle class, sincerely believe that the future of this nation is in your hands, then I urge you to arise now, be heard, and take the lead. If you believe GMA staying on is the best option for our country today, then I call for leaders to rise among you, and organize yourselves to act on your belief. Lobby your congressmen to ban protests. Tell your president of your unequivocal support, regardless of her alleged cheating and thievery. Go to the streets in thousands, if not millions. But do something. Put your money where your mouth is… because forwarding email messages around and wishing the protests away will not make it happen.

If, on the other hand, you share our convictions that GMA must go, then join us now and be counted. There’s an easy way to do this through our Black Friday Protest Movement. Just visit or send a blank email to to receive a regular bulletin from us. You may also forward this email to friends and colleagues and urge them to join us now.

Whichever side you are in, the important thing is to come out and be counted. The time to act is now. For if you continue exercising your right to remain silent – pretty soon, it will be the only right left for us as citizens.

God bless and God save this country.


"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for some good men to do nothing."

- Edmund Burke
Anonymous said…
You might want to visit the following sites: and
Anonymous said…
I have to respond to this. Write me off as an ignorant Australian if you will who only has Filipino cable and the internet to inform me but I can't let it go.

1. Your concept of democracy is passive aggressive and weak. Silence doesn't go anywhere - the world does not read minds. If you can't be bothered to put your thoughts out there in the public arena, don't blame others who will.

2. It is arrogant to assume that your brand of patriotism is more profound than others. You choose to sacrifice your "freedom and your rights" while others are sacrificing or risking at the very least their lives. The Philippines is second only to Iraq in killing it's journalists - what does that tell you about the patriotism of those journalists who speak up about corruption? If it is a question of sacrifice, you cannot claim the higher ground.

3. You so flatter the activists, journalists, etc.. when you say they have brought down the hard work of GMA. No one needed to have lifted a finger or do you think it is the fault of the bleeding hearts that the Philippines is the 11th most corrupt country in the world? The political ideas most closely reflecting those in the Philippines in East Asia can be found in South Korea. I don't think democracy has affected things too badly there. Another country in SE Asia who is also struggling to topple their president is Thailand. At present, it would take you 30 YEARS to catch up with Thailand. In the 60s, you were the "Pearl of the Orient", the richest country in SE Asia, and since Marcos, the decline has been steady for decades. Now all your SE neighbours far outstrip you in terms of development and you are rating alongside war torn countries like Laos and Cambodia. Do you really think that is the fault of your activists?! Do you really believe that shutting up and trusting your illegitimate leader is going to solve things? Do you really believe that forgiving the rampant corrutption is going to make it alright?

If GMA is working so hard to put things right, my (Filipino) husband and I wonder why the Philippines is so consistently absent from trade and tourism fairs in Australia when even countries like Vietnam and Mongolia can repersent themselves? Perhaps the corruption takes it toll on the budget? The only ones to represent your country at the moment are the OFWs and were it not for those Filipinos working OS your country would certainly be bankrupt.

I have travelled around SE Asia and can certainly attest to how backwards things are in the Philippines. Considering that since the Marcos era, the same politicians, the same oligarchy of families are running the show and the same corrupt practices abound, I would imagine that they are to blame. Certainly the media in Australia demonstrated great respect and admiration for people power and I'm sure that is the case the world over. It is a shame that you're so pissed of by citizens using their democratic rights to speak up about genuine grievances. The fact that even groups like the Makati Business Council and retired generals are telling people to protest demonstrates how desperate things are right now.

If you think the activists make you look bad, I say not as bad as a cheating president does or letting US soldiers rape your citizens without consequence. The rest of the world would probably say Jamaah Islamiah and your sluggish economy look pretty pathetic. Whatever happens now you need serious change and you need it fast because the way you're going, you're going to be pegged alongside African countries in years to come the way things are going.

Bushwalker - live journal
Anonymous said…

I am happy. Ecstatic even.

When I heard 1017 proclaimed I, almost jumped for joy.
At last somehow someone surpassed the legacy of Marcos (he is no longer the evil villain), and still living to boot. Yes I admire, the current President, she won without winning, Marcos 'earned' his way thru the political arena, so I've heard, she did thru force and a phone call. Her desire to prolong her 'unconstitutional' post is amusing at best. Soon enough, given time, judging from her progression of 'actions', Marcos will be a saint compared to her. And that to me is really funny.

Every time I hear her cabinets and spokesman twist and stretch the truth I almost always roll out laughing. These are the new breed of politicians turned actors and court jesters as opposed to the last decades' breed of actors turned politicians (what is worse is another laughing matter). Dude, at least they have proven that they are capable of thinking, never mind if the village lunatic speaks more coherently than them. And to think we always thought of them as airheads and scumbags, amusing right ?

When I hear of people defending the 'Presidential' rights, I couldn't help but grin. Now I know that there are lots of honest countrymen. Man who are man enough to admit that values and principles are nothing, that character can be compromised for 'greater' good. That turning a blind eye and supporting the goals of a publicly confessed criminal is a noble thing to do. If we Filipino's learned these 'values' 20 years ago, then I say we missed a lot. We are better off during the reign of Marcos on hindsight. Makes me chuckle when I ponder on it.

Forgiveness is the key not People Power, you hit it right on the nail. Let us abolish all our penitentiaries, pardon and forgive all criminals. That way we can save taxpayers money and create more revenues by turning these old rehabilitation centers into Karaoke bars. After all we don't want to be unfair and forgive only the famous criminals like the president and her league, we must spread the gospel of forgiveness to all. Now that is a happy thought. Utopia on earth.

Another source of my happiness is the divisiveness of the opposition. With majority of them either jaded actors or turdy policians, both sides willing and happy to be on others career, I can't help but wonder in awe how they managed to even tolerate each other. It's chemistry, no doubt Jose, the elusive chemistry wherein vultures of the same feather flock together. The smell of rotting hope, carcass of the silent majority and the pus of corruption calls their perverse instinct into action. And Action compared to Inaction is always good. This greed for power and money surpasses even deeply entrenched personal animosity, and for this alone, I'm happy and proud to be a Filipino like them.

And isn't it amusing when time and again the old adage of "Kung ano ang puno siya ang bunga?" proves itself? The current presidency was achieved and maintained thru corruption of ballots and force due to overwhelming partisan numbers. Isn't it funny when people react violently, heehawed like mad, find fault and cries 'unconstitutional' every time the palace issues a decree. Hello? Doesn't it follow that a bad tree produces a bad fruit? Raise hell when the administration passes a good bill, it's out of character. The 'bad fruit' was expected and can be seen and heard a mile away, so grin and bear it. Don't fuss and be a killjoy.

Lots of events during this making of a regime brings me to joy and keeps me happy when I'm down. The palace choreography of appointing persons here and there never mind the skills and qualifications or persona for that matter, the frequent hoof-and-mouth disease of the palace jester cum spokesperson (why they haven't quarantined this donkey impersonator yet escapes my imagination), the continuing drive of forcing the 'truth' as opposed to publicly published truth makes me burst out laughing anytime of day.

I believe in this administration. I believe that soon they can say that black is white and red is blue and Gandhi is an evil man and people will no longer complain nor question, just accept and adjust and of course forgive.

I believe that they can improve the economy for good by teaching the majority of our countryman to eat once a day, and they are concerned so much in our countrymen's health and well being that anything that is edible is also taxable. I'm also finding it worth a laugh the myriad of taxes the government invents almost everyday. Does the thought of taxing your fart entertain you? (That will surely handicap the rich people). Soon thinking will also be taxable. (I find it funny that the government will be immune to this kind of tax by default). The palace ingenuity knows no bounds (as with another equally admirable trait like stupidity).

I believe that the current administration will see to it that Filipino's like me will find happiness in everything they do. After all, this long playing zarzuela and trahedya de komedya deserve a good ribbing and lots of laugh. It's their dance

macabre for us and we should be honored and pay taxes with our hard earned money. Ate Glo already got most of our 'balls' (at least the Senate are for her soup #5), why be vexed when they ask for an extra arm and a leg (Bulalo)?

Soon the Guy above will tickle our funnybones by bringing these political abominations and human perversions the grand prize of sodom and gomorrah. But not yet, that ending will never be as funny as when the administration actually believes that they are indeed funny and question God's sense of humor when finally the time of judgment comes.

The comedy must go on. Send in more clowns Ms. President. I am ready.

Now if only a smile could kill ... I would laugh really hard ... very very very hard.

Ha ha.

**The Iceman Cometh
Insane and Proud of it :)
Anonymous said…
I too am not a GMA pet or follower... Iam just happy that we are seeing developments. This is the only term where we can see that PESO value is going up from a P56 to P51. I just hope it goes further by giving jobs and education to all FILIPINOS. How? I really dont know.... but ofcourse it would require a GOOD LEADER. And not unless you can present me with one then... im sticking and hoping that GMA can do more. Im not asking her to resign since we don't have a clear and righful candidate to replace her. So I guess I'll be one of those who will contribute to make our country move on. Lets be supportive and move on... lets stop pulling everybody down.
I share your sentiments, dude...I too did not vote for GMA in the last elections (I also voted for Roco - God bless his soul up there)
- and was initially outraged by the allegations that GMA cheated in the very same elections. Even when I have yet to totally forgive her, I do think she has managed to redeem herself largely in the eyes of her subjects - even when she takes the high road through such unpopular decisions as PP 1017 and dividing Hacienda Luisita. Come to think of it, her opponents are once again those with egg on their faces, literally, no thanks to their increasingly tiresome actions which largely advocate tearing down the current order without creating a viable alternative.

I especially feel sorry for Cory Aquino, whom I have all but lost respect for. Ninoy mut be turning in his grave with pictures showing Cory marching alongside Jinggoy Estrada, Susan Roces and Ka Satur Ocampo. Those Reds keep muttering on the sidelines like cartoon villain Dick Dastardly's canine sidekick Muttley.

Ultimately, all that I can say that everyone must get a life and just work hard...all this fence-sitting over the next instalment of the soap-operatic twists and turns in Philippine politics is getting us pretty much nowhere.
Anonymous said…
A Call to be Complacent and Indifferent?

I realize that you are addressing your letter to Cory, senators, congressmen, businessmen, media people, leftists, and all bleeding hearts...I was not going to respond but I probably could qualify at least as a “bleeding heart,”

Game ka na ba?

Let me say this first. I do not belong to a political party. Nor do I have aspirations for any government office. I, however, believe that I must be part of the struggle to make sure that the country’s destiny is not stolen by crooks and opportunists.

I too am angry: angry that our political institutions have failed us. The promise of People Power was waylaid. I too am angry at the politicians and public servants have done little to alleviate the poverty and corruption festers in the Philippines like a cancer. I am angry that families are broken apart because dads, moms, brothers, sisters and children have to work in sometimes slave-like conditions abroad because they could not make a decent living in the country of their birth.

On top of that, more and more people are unaffected by what is really important, choosing instead to while time with triviality. There definitely is enough things to be angry about. And maybe it's just me... but when I get angry I want to do something about it.

I am trying to understand why some take it personal when people take to the streets in protest. Isn’t this the essence of democracy? One may not agree with their entiments. No matter how stupid,crazy and pointless it may seem, this is an inherent

How is it “at your expense” when people try to wake up others to their realities?

We apologize profusely, if we inconvenienced you in anyway when we hold street protests. Pasensya ka na that you had to be stuck in traffic while we were being violently dispersed by the cops enforcing the “No Permit, No Rally” policy. Sorry that your evening news has images of people scurrying away from the police beatings. It is unfortunate that you are not able to understand the anger that prods one pick up a stone and throw it cops after such a beating.

What bothered me most about your letter was that you said that you and those who chose to stay home love our country even more than those who are out in the streets. I do not understand how those sitting in their sofa can compare to the the whack of truncheons or to inhaling the unforgettable stench of tear gas, getting kicked and punched and chased by water cannons or manhandled and brought to jail on trumped up charges. I guess listening to Kris Aquino saying "Kurrecttttt!" has its risks. Hell, she makes me want to throw something too.

I disagree, however. The people who go to street protests risk life and limb to say things most people just mumble about. Contrary to what you say, if you ask people why they did not go to EDSA or Fort Bonifacio during Proclamation 1017, the real reason would not be because they loved their country even more. My guess is most people did not go because they do not care enough. Oh sure, you can fight your own battles if you needed to… would it be McDonalds or Jollibee? Who’s running government? Oh let’s leave that to other people to decide..

You said that as proof of your love for our country you are “prepared to lose our freedoms and our rights…” Again, I beg to differ.. I am not prepared to give up my freedom and my rights in the guise of “moving this country forward.” After GMA declared her now infamous State of National Emergency, I read something in the newspaper that said “you can not destroy democracy in order to gain it.” I thought it was right on the mark. Then again, maybe there are people out there who are so disillusioned with the present state of things that some have lost faith in democracy.

Which rights are you willing to give up for GMA anyway? Would you give up your right to speak your mind? Cable TV? To peacefully assemble? Your cellphone? To have a free press? Karaoke? San Mig Light? Would you let them take away your parents to jail? What exactly are you willing to give up? Maybe what you meant was that you can live with “other people’s” rights being trampled upon “for the sake of the country.” As a nation, we need to equate our rights with the rights of others. I will not pretend to be protecting your freedom and your rights. I do not matter enough to say that. I, however, will stand up and say something when freedom is challenged. I will raise my voice when freedom is in peril. Maybe nobody will hear me. Maybe nobody will care. But I will. No, no medals. Not particularly heroic. I just happen to think that it is important. My fear is that if I did not say anything, the powers that be will think it is ok. So I burrow on. The sad thing is, that if enough of us do raise a ruckus and are victorious, you and the rest of the fence-sitters will enjoy the fruits too. But if it just is "another" rally and nothing concrete happens, we disappoint you. Oh well…

Sure, sure.. you say that when you feel your own rights are at peril you will raise a howl. I telling you: people need to raise a howl NOW because people’s rights and freedom are being infringed on. Edmund Burke said it best. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Martin Niemoeller, German submarine commander, pastor and pacificist, illustrates the danger of indifference when he retells how it was in Nazi Germany. He writes: "In Germany they came first for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak upbecause I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up."

An affront to one Filipino should be considered an affront to all. My freedom, your freedom and Crispin Beltran’s freedom should all be equally important. I do understand that I can only count on you when you feel your own personal freedom is at stake.

So, you say that under the circumstances, GMA is the right person for job. I will not even try to dissuade you from your belief that from where you sit, she "is the one who has been working really hard to move the country forward.” We must be sitting in different places. Since from where I am, this is not what I see. If GMA is the best a nation of 85 million Filipinos can come up with, God help us.

Funny though, you were outraged that GMA has committed improprieties in the election. But you claim to have taken "the higher moral ground" and forgiven her. Kamay sa dibdib. Forgiving somebody just because they apologized is not the moral high ground. That is plain silly. Even the Catholic Church teaches that although God is always ready and willing to forgive; two things are required: repentance and forgiveness of others.” As a mere man, I have seen neither from GMA.

Yet you say that the people you address this letter to “have not been able to offer me any viable alternative.” Why do you look to other people for alternatives? Why do you look to politicians to solve the country’s ills? You have made clear that you do not trust them. I do not disagree with you there. We have already established that anything coming from them will never be good enough for you. In that case, why look to them to provide an alternative to GMA? May X ka tuloy. Seek your own leaders. But in order to find them, you must get out and seek them. If everybody stayed home and watched Korea novelas, then no fresh leaders will emerge.

Be one with people who believe the same things you do. Reject the usual political parties that have lorded it over. How is Ramos different from Enrile? from Honasan? How is Lacson different from Angara? from Erap? It is just like … how does thatSesame Street song go again? “Three of these things are kind of the same?” But again, differentiate your fight with the causes of the politicos. Sure they will ride your wave while they can. And maybe we should ride there's if it brings us closer to our ideal of a better Philippines.

But again, deal with issues not personalities. If you find the relevant issues, you will find the right people. Maybe people who can replace GMA.

Leadership is not just a matter of one having power. A leader needs to use that power to make things change for the better.

It is not about good intentions but of action. Sadly, we should already have learned that from the Cory experience. Dalawa na X mo.

There are no leaders borne out of inaction. Granted, the present crop of “leaders” paraded in front of you are wanting in principle and character; indifference to the struggle is not going to change that. Step up. Get in the fray. Educate. Guidepeople in the right direction. But inspire them to do something! Cultivate a new generation of true leaders. In doing so, you will be able to see who has what it takes. For god’s sake, please do not instill indifference and complacency in peoplealready burdened by inactivity. Throwing your hands in the air and saying you just don’t care only works in hip hop concerts. Everywhere else it is called giving up. Get out and make things happen. Accepting a mediocrity as passable is wrong. It has been said, we deserve the people we put in office. Do not settle. Seek the best. If who we chose still does not come up to par, then by all means kick them out and keep looking! But, you are not going to find the best not doing anything… that’s for sure!

Make your own way. Rally people around what is truly good for the nation. Do what is right. Do something. Because if you do not, guess who wins by default. Better yet, if we do not do something WE (yeah including you) all lose by default.

Oh, by the way, you should give a f*ck who is in Malacanang. Because it is always a good idea to know who is f*cking you. From
Tet said…
My brief reactions to the lengthy posts is to offer the following quotes:

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."


"I submit to you that if a man hasn’t discovered something he will die for, he isn’t fit to live." - Speech in Detroit, June 23, 1963

Martin Luther King Jr.,
Anonymous said…
agree....while i hate GMA, those who are angling to replace her just are cut from the same mold as GMA...they are all politicians who have grown accustomed to the current political map and have enriched themselves while at their posts (senate, congress, etc.)...they claim they want change but despite all the years of 'public service' what have they done to show that they can truly champion the change needed?...the senators and congressmen have been there for ages and they still cannot change...will they finally pass the anti-dynasty bill if they are successful in toppling GMA?...these are one of the things that leads me to agree that these pols want to topple GMA for the simiple reason to attain their own goals...the communists?...well they've been againts anyone who sits in malacanang so even if GMA is toppled and replaced by Noli or Drilon or whatever the communists will still be in the streets demanding their psersonal belief is that they should be rounded up and shot one by one....a lot will disagree but i will not shed a single tear for them....Cory?...what has she done?...yes she was the inspiration or the moving force behing Marcos' ouster but what has happened since?....the Marcos family is back and flaunting their wealth...Cory couldn't even punish the first coup plotters and ended up having five more coups...she was weak and stupid...yes she was honest and sincere but that would be ok if she were running a convent...not a country
Anonymous said…
so you'd rather forgive and forget that democracy is being trampled upon. the problem is, will the very people who trampled upon our democracy stop doing it after you've forgiven them (*her*)? where are your f!&king principles man?

you don't want any of this, you don't want to oust GMA, because you don't want to take chances on whoever's gonna replace her. so you'd rather let her stay, and let her do her way. and whatever made you think that just because *YOU* have forgiven her she'll change her ways? wow, you're really too full of yourself are you? you'd rather let all of these oppression, tyranny, and lies go on than put a stop to them once and for all and take a chance that the next person to sit in the chair will learn her lesson and perform his best for the country.

you're a coward. most of us really are. we're all afraid of change. but do you see any choice around it? complacency is not a choice. it's a real coward's short way out. that's why despite our fear, we struggle for change, and take the chance that this change will bring more good than bad. this way there's a chance for good, rather than your way of complacency, there's really no hope there kid. you want good for now and for the future, then fight for what is good.
Anonymous said…
this is just something i read from conrado de quiros' column in the inquirer today:

But truly we are a pathetic people if we can think only in terms of picking the "lesser evil." The absolute good is everywhere around us, if we would only have the eyes to see it, if only we stopped believing that lying, cheating and stealing are a lesser evil to anything.
Wating said…
Isang mapagpalayang araw at nag-aalab na damdamin sa iyo.

Maaaring naibahagi mo ang iyong mga saloobin sa mga nangyayari sa lipunan. Maaaring nakatamo ka ng mahigit sa sandosenang papuri dahil sa inilathala mo, pero nalulungkot ako sa mga nakasulat sa iyong liham. Hindi pananahimik ang sagot sa pagbabago. At kung tunay na nag-aalab ang puso mo sa pagnanais na matamo ang tunay na kaginhawaan ng Pilipinas, alam ko, hindi ka dapat manahimik umasang magkakalad ito patungo sa iyo. Ito ay isang bagay na dapat ipaglaban. Nakakalungkot.
santa claus said…
the president is always the easiest target.

kung maninisi lang kayo bakit hindi niyo na lahatin. isama niyo na rin siguro ang mga tiwaling senador, congressman, mayor, at barangay captain, which makes the president look uglier. hindi yung sa iisang tao niyo lang isinisisi ang lahat ng problema.

at kung magra-rally sa kalsada wag niyo sana katabi ang mga personalidad na sanhi rin naman ng mga problemang kinakaharap ngayon.
maria said…
Sir, knowing that there are still Filipinos who think as you do makes me feel more hopeful that “ours is a great nation…”

It’s really painful to see our countrymen fighting the wrong battles. I believe that the real battlefield is not what we see but what we cannot see-- and that's the war within us. We are our own enemies. The real poverty that we have is the "poverty of our inner self."

I never saw James J. Braddock “Cinderella Man” use his skills for a wrong fight, he did not reclaim about their government during America’s depression… why? Because he understood what he was fighting for. He fought, only when his heart asked him to…

We need to start dreaming for our country for nobody else will… because our DREAM for this country is the battle worth fighting for…
Anonymous said…
Lip service na nga from the gov't puro lip service pa rin from the opposition groups, mas maingay pa.

Simple lang naman ang tanong eh..."SINO BA ANG IPAPALIT NYO KAY GMA?" You guys don't have to write such lengthy commentaries on what Bong wrote. Just give a name wilya? Better yet, give several names kung hindi lang isa ang pwede. Uulitin ko..."SINO...BA...ANG...IPAPALIT...NYO KAY...GMA?"

If you believe that we should just throw caution to the wind, topple this gov't and see who comes up,! Such gung ho!

It is in this context that some of us choose to settle for the "lesser evil".
And not because we're apathetic to what is happening.

I'll give an example:
Ang ipapalit ko kay GMA ay si...
1. Satur Ocampo
2. Randy David
3. Erap ulit!
4. Joma Sison
5. at marami pang ibang komunista, rebelde at kurakot din...

o madali lang naman magbigay ng pangalan di ba? o kayo naman...


Thanks to you Bong silent we are no more :)

JCastro said…
The last part of the letter -- that Tita Cory and company is guilty of supporting a coup plot, is the part I am alarmed about the most.

This is 20/20 hindsight, but I think that the government has not successfully made its case that a coup plot happened. While the government has made its case already, the media is not picking it up simply because no other independent source has validated the claims of the government. When the GMA administration says it is so, it ain't necessarily so.

I know we'd rather get to work rather than join in the protests. But we have to take a more critical stance on what is happening right now, and consider the possibility that the government is trying hard to pull the wool over our eyes so that we will do nothing.
The Bystander said…
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Anonymous said…
yes I am indifferent. I am Indifferent to your rallies, your boycotts, your shouts of civil disobedience. In short, I am indifferent to your cause.
Anonymous said…
bystander - re: the last part of your comment, oh that's so sleek, and a very intelligent retort. if the majority holds the same mentality like you, then we're really out of our minds and off to the pits.
Anonymous said…
here's to share with you a clip from jaime licauco's column some years back...

"We have imposed the trappings of Western democracy on an Asian people who are not READY for it, who do not have the mental make-up, the heart, the will and the attitude to implement or to carry it through. So we have compromised by calling our political system a democracy and putting in place all its structures and outer shell but without the substance and the internal discipline which alone will make it work in reality.

Former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew was absolutely right when he said that Filipinos are not ready for Western-style democracy. What the Philippines needs is a benevolent, wise and strong-willed leader who will rule with a combination of compassion and an iron hand. It is the sort of leader that Greek philosopher Plato described in his "Republic," that an ideal head of state should be a "philosopher king," or one who is imbued with the principles of philosophy, with the love for truth."

this one says it all... yun lang po!

rupert c.
Anonymous said…
sabi nga nila, if u wanna make enemies, talk about politics or religion. neither side will give in dito, this was and will always be a nonstop debate.

sa akin lang, we've been through marcos, aquino, ramos, erap. each president we've had me kanya-kanyang pagkakamali at kapintasan. the communists will never stop in rallying no matter who gets the top seat in the govt, because they're communists. walang katapusan ito. hanggat may mahirap na nagpapadala sa bigay-bigay na pera sa mga rally, hindi matatapos yan(and this is one thing that cannot be refuted, me mga kaibigan ako na sumasali sa ganun at naaambunan)

i never voted for gma either. but if i were to choose between gma and imee marcos, jinggoy erap, et al., darn it pagiisipan pa ba? halimbawang mapatalsik na si gloria, now what? sinong ipapalit? hanggat walang kasiguruhan ang gagawin pagkatapos, wag magpadalus-dalos. or else we'll end up in deeper crap than we're in already. c'mon please, anyone, pleaase sabihin nyo sa min ang balak nyong ipalit!!! wag kayong matakot na sabihin sa min. if you believe in him/her, then shout the name out loud!! the silent filipino majority deserve to know.
Anonymous said…
Someone said that "dividing Hacienda Luisita" would be an unpopular move by GMA. I don't think subjecting that bloody hacienda to land reform is an unpopular move! It can be one of the most popular moves the GMA administration can do because it will correct a lingering aberration perpetrated by the rule of the sainted (but not dead) Cory. One of her most important concerns during her term was to preserve her family's vast wealth, the origin of which was questionnable, and so by the stroke of her pale hands, the hacienda was exempted from land reform. Now that Cory is talking about truth and justice, again and again and again, isn't it timely and just to finally hand to Hacienda Luisita's tenants the land that they have been tilling for generations?
Poppycock said…

i am a housewife with 3 growing kids, and the reason i do not storm the streets in protest is that i admit to carrying around some guilt for being in EDSA 2. back then i left my housewifely duties, even for a few days, because i thought i was doing right for love of country, but absolutely not for gloria.

i did not like her then, i do not like her now.

but if i storm the streets again, prodded by the same calling that brought me out there in 2001, knowing what i know now makes me think twice, and thrice, being careful not to get carried away by emotions. yes, a housewife myself is concerned, and so much so because this is the country of the future of my three daughters.

by not doing anything at this time is how i take my stand.

Anonymous said…
Cory Aquino had her chance to save our nation from poverty and injustice in the 6 years she was president. Fidel Ramos had the same opportunity when he succeeded Aquino. Our nation's plight today is a reflection of their bad leadership and their actions on the 20th anniversary of EDSA 1 only underscores their failure as presidents during their term of office. I just wish they would cooperate with the present government to attain the common good for the Filipino people or they could simply fade away.

Anonymous said…
algol said…
"But you have not been able to offer me any viable alternative, while GMA has bent over backwards many times to accommodate you while continuing to work hard despite all the obstacles and the brickbats you have thrown her way."

You are talking hogwash.

to paraphrase a cliche,
you should not be asking what others can do for you...

GMA allegedly lied and is allegedly corrupt, if these are true, she should step down.

Nobody around to replace her? Then we keep on searching. We have to keep on searching not only for leaders but for our identity as a nation. It would take five hundred years? so be it.
tondoson said…
CONVINCING...Well said...You think the same way I do right now, I'm still hoping and looking forward to see our country grow as a nation waiting for the time to be found, to be called as PRECIOUS " PEARL OF THE ORIENT ".
Anonymous said…
for me, it's very wrong to accept a fake because there's no better alternative.

for me, i will choose a non-educated person who will step down just to avoid bloodshed, rather than an educated person who will sacrifice the lives of other people just to hang on to power.

besides, the non-educated person was chosen by the majority of the people, while the educated was 'placed' by a few, and subsequently prolonged her 'place' by herself.

for me, it's better for our country to be ruled by a person chosen by the people. i will choose erap over gma, unless until the case aginst erap is really proven and was not just fabricated by the few people who wants him out and wants power. we should still respect the choice of the majority.
Anonymous said…
Umm, Cory is not the "bad guy." Philippines is controlled by a small group of transnational corporations, a few connected Filipino families, the church, and the military. The Philippines is a deomocracy on paper, but not as it functions. GMA does what one might expect of a rich person, she is protecting the rich and offering "I'm sorry" to the poor. "I'm sorry I lied." "I'm sorry, I'm rich and you're poo" and I'll fix it for you by pretending to do something when what I'm really doing is maintaining the status quo where the rich and powerful stay rich and powerful and I will bring in one or two more call centers to Manila as if that meant something when it doesn't" She probably ascended to power through voter fraud, but you don't care. That's okay wtih you because it's not a democracy, is it? Its a fake democracy--what people call pejoratively a "Banana Republic" where the poor are kept uneducated and quiet by the police and the church.

Indeed, throwing out GMA doesn't fix the fundamental absence of democracy or economic disparity and poverty, but "forgiving" GMA for lying and possible election fraud isn't democracy, either. That's acquiessence to corruption. If someone robs a bank shall we just "forgive" them or should they be held to the rule of law. If GMS stole the election, should we just "forgive" her, or should the be held acccountable?

I am stunned, shocked, at what passes for acceptable conduct on thr part of eclected officials in the Philippines. Who should we consult regarding what illegal acts are okay, and which are not? Shall we accept voter fraud just because YOU decided ithat she's forgiven? YOU are the problem. YOU don't want rule of law. You want rule by your decision. This is the root of fascism, whether it's GMA deciding it's okay to ignore the law, or if you decide we should accept corruption, just because it's okay with you.

So, maybe we should all just read your blog to decide what's acceptable, and what is not, otherwise there is no way to know when corruption and illegal activities are "okay" and when it's not okay. You are advocating that the rule of law be thrown out because it's annoying you, or because other powerful interests, such as Cory, have also committed crimes.

So, where does that leave us? if the rule of law is discarded, then what? Your proposal is very dangerous. You're advoating that the country move in the direction of fascism where the President does whatever suits them, while the country pretends that the country is governed democratically.

Unless you advocate rule of law, the Philippines will never move toward demcracy and will continue to offer fake representative government.
Anonymous said…
why do you think we are sinking in the pits of you know where?


we don't have guidance;
we don't follow the way;
we don't submit to the One who gives guidance and leads us to the way;
we are arrogant;
we are hypocrites;
we only care about the life we live in this world;
we forget that there's another life more worthy than this;

if you are not moved by this...
truly you are not guided and will never be, unless you open yourself and surrender

it doesn't hurt if you research about this comments and discover where it all came might be led to an answer you didn't expect.
Paeng said…
sino ba ang dapat mamuno sa ating bansa?

last time i checked, this is a democracy. at sa isang demokrasya, kung sino ang nanalo sa eleksyon, siya ang dapat maupo.

election cheating does not have a place in a democracy. kung ayaw niyo ng ganung sistema at papayag kayong mandaya ang isang kandidato as long as hindi yung bobo o artista ang mauupo, then please leave this democratic country. mahina na nga ang demokrasya natin dahil napapamunuan tayo ng elite, tapos magto-tolerate pa tayo ng ganitong kalantarang pandaraya sa eleksyon.

i hope that educated people like you would help strengthen our democracy, rather than tolerate those who weaken it.
Rhochie said…
Good post, Mr. Bong. I also read many of the comments about your entry. And your friends were right, you did stir up a hornet's nest with this open letter.

At least you now know that they cared enough to leave a comment behind - some long ones at that. Negative or positive, we still enjoy the freedom to express our opinions. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

It took me a while to digest all of the things that you said, and I found that I agree with most of what you wrote.

I, too, am pissed at what's going on.

I am pissed that whenever there's something they (Powers-that-used-to-be) don't like with the present government, they resort to People Power.

I'm pissed that the Powers-that-be are being threatened by the Powers-that-used-to-be, and they're trying to drag us into the thick of it...again. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

For once, I'd love to see them (Opposition vs. GMA) fight it out - WITHOUT dragging us, the Filipino people, into it. Maybe they'll shout themselves hoarse. Then there would be silence, blessed silence.

I'm pissed that my love for my country is being questioned whenever I refuse to heed the call to march. I would die for my country, but never for a senseless cause. My momma didn't raise no fool.

They question my patriotism. Ha! I question theirs!
Anonymous said…
I never voted for GMA either, and I agree with you 110% mainly because I'm sick and tired of people like Teofisto Guingona, father Robert Reyes, militants(why are they always on the streets prostesting about almost anything? don't they have day jobs? hindi ba sila nasasayangan sa isang araw na maa-absent sila?),
Cory(I felt like puking when she said she wanted to go to Ft. Bonifacio to can't she pray in church? or at home?)...etc.

It was a sickening sight when politicians(defeated & incumbent) descended on Ft. Bonifacio like vultures,"to ensure no violence happens" ...well, I wasn't born yesterday. It seemed to me they were positioning themselves.. just in case.

I'm forwarding your essay to my friends
The Princess said…
Very well-said. I agree.
elizabeth dela cruz said…
kawawang pilipinas! mas marami ang ayaw makinig at mag-isip; mas gusto pang lumakad at makipag-away sa rallies kesa magtrabaho. papano bang lalago ang ekonomiya?mas kilala na tayo bilang OFW's, DH's imbes na mga pilipino. yan ba ang gusto nyo?
pagka merong sumasalungat sa inyo, daig pa ninyo ang toro sa kasungitan; ayaw nyong makinig sa kabilang panig. siempre, walang kahihinatnan ang bayan natin.
puro kayo drama. aba eh, dinaig nyo pa yung mga teleserye sa telebisyon. mga maliliit na bagay, pilit nyong pinalalaki. ano ba? pag-aralan nyo namang mabuti ang kalidad ng buhay ngayon. imbes na pasulong ay paurong kayong tatanda.
agree ako sa lahat nang sinabi mo, ginoong austero. MABUHAY KA!!!
si ms. guam
Rocky said…
Good piece,man.
Middle class people power is being waged in cyberspace nowadays, and not in the streets. Our voices are heard over the internet, our refusal to join the sinless moralists and righteous, religious zealots in their disruptive, traffic-causing marches are the indications that people are fed up! Hatered is what drives the middle class to the streets. The heart, more than the brain has driven Marcos and Erap out. For the middle class, the heart determines such action. The masa on the other hand, by both. I do not hate GMA, to be frank, i like seeing her in a good mood because i get a sense of normalcy that way, and that's all i want. I do hate , however, the hypocrisy of the likes of Erap, Guingona, Cory, Lacson, Eddie Villanueva, Boy Saycon, Binay, Imee, Hyatt "Judas" ten, the "walang magawa sa buhay" Black & white movement,etc.
TRUTH: They are what drags this economy in the opposite direction. For 5 years they have dragged us down with their scheming and plotting and conniving without a care in the world about the likes of me. With brazen and wanton resolve they bleed us and blame everything on GMA.
They should instead, march all the way to Ginsaugon,Samar with the La Salle brothers and conduct a prayer offering there for the landslide victims instead of their air-conditioned enclaves. Yes, i am angry at this rich rabble, wealthy people who, in the absence of day to day micromanaging, dedicate so much time to political meetings to find new ways of furthering their personal interests. People who are so creative in using God and prayer as excuses for public assembly under "for truth" pretense.
The truth is that i sincerely want these holy people to disappear and reflect closely within themselves and to agree on whom to nominate as their next presidential bet come 2010. That is what a "civil society" ought to be doing.
edu said…
You hit it right in the nail.

I dont see why people are so obsessed with the word "freedom & democracy" when they do not even know how to play by it. People hit the streets at the very onset of any political issue, cause chaos and refuse to be binded by the consequences it might bring about. People go up to Supreme Court to raise a consitutional issue, applaud the justices for a positive response and blame/curse them and even cry judicial coup when we get the opposite. Nobody loses in our election, either politicians win or get cheated on.

Media publishes anything they want and claims to ferret out the "truth" or so they say. When they are asked to hold the candles for it they cry media oppression. Philippine Media is all mixed up. Reporters are now acting as commentators while the commentators act as bible preachers and assume they speak of bible truth. You'll find lots of them at inquirer's columns.

To those who say our concept of democracy (at this time) is passive, it may possibly be the case. That is because we learned and gained nothing out of the past "people power" events but new presidents, leaders and tons of additional trapos who are more than willing to conspire just so they can get hold of power or get hold of the power they used to have. Cory? Estrada? Hyatt10? Name it and we got them all. ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES.

And who are these people fighting for my rights again? Aquinos, Estradas, Marcoses, CPP-NPA, Hyatt10, Tito Sotto, Rez Cortez, Magdalo, Party Lists? They aren't even willing to go to jail yet they say they're willing to die for "our" rights. They even say it's a badge of honor yet they scamper at the sights of law enforcers. Aquinos for Hacienda Luisita and a glorious position for Noynoy, Estradas for another shot at power & plunder, Marcoses for expansion of Ilocos to the whole Philippine archipelago, CPP-NPA for their own "legit" government, Hyatt10 for respective positions in Congress & Cabinet, Tito Sotto for another another senate seat & possibly another album, Rez Cortez for a bodyguard position & another movie appearance, Magdalo for a Military governed state and the Party Lists for legitimate funds used illegitimately. These are what they are fighting for.

They say GMA cheated and plundered. I say study, build up case (READ: build strong undeniable hard evidences not rumors and paid witnesses), convince the congressmen and file a "credible" impeachment case. I'm pretty sure others will say, it won't work with the number of GMA allies in congress. Again I say IT WORKED during exPres Estrada's time, why will it not work this time. People now are just TOO LAZY to do their homework. Sigaw lang ng sigaw, rally lang ng rally.

The peso is gaining ground. Yet others claim the economy is deteriorating and to think these are elected officials of the gov't (opposition & party lists), I can't fathom where the Philippines will be if they were given the hand on governing it. Our problems didn't appear overnight and so thinking that it will all disappear by throwing GMA out in the bin is simply stupid. Others may say it will be the start, YEAH RIGHT. I say START FROM OURSELVES. We can't even follow basic driving rules, pedestrian rules and yet we expect others to straighten up? Pay taxes, follow basic rules, DON'T BRIBE law enforcers. Little things do wonders and if we start from the grassroots up we'll have a better chance of improving our beloved country as opposed to starting from the top.

Call me complacent, passive. Call me indifferent. I maybe but one thing if for sure I will stand up for my rights when I feel my rights are compromised.
But RIGHT NOW the only people I see compromising my rights are ironically the people who go out in the streets, cry injustice, pretend to be messiahs and holler "FREEDOM".
Anonymous said…
You have written exactly what I and my friends feel regarding the current situation. Those wishing to bring this government down reminds me of a driver who is insisting on his right of way, never mind if he is rushing head-on to an oncoming sixteen wheeler.
Anonymous said…
its high time that your letter came out! i have been religiously forwarding it to all my friends and relatives here and abroad. often times, i have found myself so frustrated with how our government is being run, but when was i ever happy anyway? Enteng's letter mentioneed how certain percentages of the popultaion want GMA out, but isnt the group who conducted this survey, the same group who came out with election surveys and exit polls stating that GMA won the election? they are taking the survey showing GMA's low popularity as true and yet they keep on insisting that GMA cheated in the elections. If indeed majority of the Filipinos want GMA out, a lot of people should have converged at Ayala last July at the height of the Garci scandal, even without being asked to attend.

These leftist, rightist, sore-losers group can conduct endless rallies, but please don't let it be at major thoroughfares. they are only successful in soliciting the ire of a student wanting to make it to class on time, or this businessman trying to make a prompt delivery or this factory worker watching the time or he might get deductions for being late!

Congratulations Sir bong!!
Anonymous said…
I stand by GMA. She had done tough decisions to make a drastic improvement in the economy. From a bludgeoning fiscal deficit to an improving one. Kudos to you. You just simply reflected our sentiments. You've got the time to write it, and we simply forwarded your letter to everyone we know. The battle now is in the Cyberspace, hoping it will reach all thinking Filipinos worldwide.

Let's instead continue praying for GMA and supporting her. I still believe that GMA won fair and square. Evidence of that was the pre and exit poll surveys.

--Alexander Flores
Bochengoy said…
I totally agree. You've hit the head of the nail!

I just hope those on the otherside that are being used, especially some of the college youth we see in these rallies, will see who are using them and their ulterior motives.
Anonymous said…
kay GMA ako at saka MR Randy David meron ba batas o wala,meron so sumunod kayo sa batas mag file kyo reklamo vs GMA wag kayo humara sa kalsada at wag nyo pilitin ang ayaw sumama sa inyo.di kayo makaipon ano?tagal nyo na rally a wala din naman.pag my batas sunod sa batas file reklamo,at pag di pa napatunayan e d hindi pa nandaya,sige ka baka makasuhan ka MR DAvid.LETS PRAY NA LANG FOR PHILIPPINES NA UMUNLAD NA
Anonymous said…
keep it up big bro. we are really happy reading things like this, and watch your back.
we are an OFW here in kuwait, and we are on the same path that small girl in malacanang is doing the right thing in the country, the only help we can do is to send our hard earned money to the phils.
Anonymous said…
Out of my frustration i wrote this poem.

Pilipinas at Ako

Lupang hinirang, perlas ng silangan
Yan ang bansag sa mahal kong bayan
Na lahat tayo’y nangakong paglilingkuran
Nang walang pag-i-imbot at buong katapatan
Iaalay ang buhay hangang kamatayan

Para sa mga pinuno at mambabatas
Nasa wari baga’y sila ang umu-utas
Sa bawat pag-asa ng minimithing bukas
Sa kabataan ay alay na wagas

Ang dyaryo, tv pati na ang radio
Sana’y laging maging patas kayo
Kunin muna ang magkabilang dako
Bago ninyo i-pako ang isang tao

Para sa mga dati at retirado
Bakit ngayon ang iingay ninyo
Ano ba ang nang yari noong panahon mo
Yon ba’y nasayang gaya ng luha ko.

Sa mga kawatan na nasa gobyerno
Sana'y mag-isip isip kayo
Ipikit ang iyong mga mata at itaas ang inyong noo
At makikita mo may laging nakatingin sa iyo

Para sa mga tao na puro reklamo
Ano na ba ang naibahagi mo
Ikaw ba’y sumusunod sa batas trapiko
O nagkakalat bawat kanto

Sana’y magsuri sa ating sarili
Ayusin ang pamilya sa diyos ay magpuri
Ialay sa bayan ang ating sarili
Bago tayo mag-bato nang sisi

Ronel Umali
Anonymous said…
Anak ng Edsa ka talaga, Bro. Thanks for voicing the real voice of the people. Sus, I been wanting really to thrown tomatoes and eggs to these bunch of messiahs who said they are fighting for my rights. Pwe! I've fought my rights during martial law and I dont need them to fight for me. They are really fighting for their own version of truth and they want us to accept it-no-shallow it. Mga sinungaling! Its martial law daw all over again. Sus Ginoo! If indeed it is martial law, why they are still having interviews and write up left and right. And the media? Press freedom daw is threatened. Sabihin mo ang rating nila is threatened. Like you, inis na inis ako!!!
Fed Up Pinoy said…
Very well said, and very apt.

We are the people that institutionalized mob rule, who rally in the streets as the first remedy to our grievances. We have no respect for the law; much more for our leaders.

We have no respect for our democratic institutions. Why complain to the courts and Congress, when we can have faster results if we rally in the streets? Never mind if these rallies tie up traffic and scare the investors, it feels good to be seen on TV raising our left fists in the air.

We are illiterates; we do not even know what "jaywalking" means. Our morals are so low, we bribe the traffic enforcer, curse the idiots who follow the traffic rules and regulations. We jump the line at the supermarket checkout.

Your letter is in vain. There is no hope for the Filipino nation to improve its lot, for we cherish our freedom too dearly. We love our freedoms so much we have forgotten what it means to be responsible. We do not even know what "discipline" means.

My only consolation is that your voice, Mr. Bong, is a voice lost in the wilderness. A voice of reason and wisdom, but still lost nonetheless. It is good that there are so few of you, else this nation would become great again.

We are lazy. We are excited by the idea of getting something for nothing, even if it means standing in a crowd for "Wowowee" to bestow us with undeserved riches. We love investing our money in lotteries and games of chance, hoping to get rich without making an effort.

We are a religious people. We love praying in the streets, for we have forgotten what Matthew 6:5 says:

""When you pray, you shall not be as the hypocrites, for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men. Most certainly, I tell you, they have received their reward."

Leave us to our mediocre existence. Allow to exercise our freedoms, to have as many children as we want, to rally in the streets, to whine, to complain, to pray earnestly. Never tell us to WORK. We want the freedom to remain poor.
Anonymous said…
Thank god for That commentary, I'm sick & tired of Dequiros and all the other columnist who portray themselves as know it all. GMA is not the Ideal leader but I don't see anybody right now who can lead this country to a better light, than she does. Pimentel?, Drillon? may god help us!!!

A concerned middle class
Anonymous said…
I believe, each of us has a role to play in making this nation GREAT. That role is in our hearts. Whatever it is, we will do it...that is destiny.

What we are doing now is a part of a great history...The making of a great nation.

If your role is to defend a cheat and corrupt government, so be it.

If your role is to go to street to oust the immoral government, let it be.

If your role is just to watch these historic events, then let it be. No one can deny you that role.

What is happening now is a sign that we are into making of a great nation.

Just remember, that great nations are product of great wars and great people.

Let's just pray that bloodshed will be minimal if could not be avoided.
Odiong said…
Anak ka ng Edsa, Bro.Bong! You hit it right in the bullseye. These people talking about protecting our rights are really fighting for themselves. And they say that we are again in martial law. Pwe! They're liars! They really do not know what it was during martial law years. And they say they are the majority because they have surveys to back them. Sus Ginoo! If they want to rally really and want to respect the rights of others, why not rally at Quirino Grandstand or Plaza Miranda. They can request the media to come there and broadcast or report their rants and protest.
Anonymous said…
To algol:

You said "GMA allegedly lied and is allegedly corrupt, if these are true, she should step down." Yes, I agree, if these allegations were true she should probably step down. BUT- who has proven that those allegations are true? If you are accusing somebody of a crime, you carry the burden of proof- i.e., you have to present your evidence and argument before the right forum- in the case of the allegations against GMA, it is the court (for alleged corruption), the Congress (for impeachable offenses), and the Supreme Court sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (for the election protest).

GMA's enemies have gone through the whole gamut of legal remedies to unseat her but it proved futile-they could not prove their allegations! Why? Because these are not true! They failed to produce any legally acceptable proof- the only proof they produced was illegally acquired and so was not acceptable in any court of any civilized country! Siguro kung pupunta sila sa Timbukto tatanggapin ang "ebidensya" nila. (With apologies to the Mali people.) No competent court or legal body in the country has proven beyond reasonable doubt that these allegations by displaced oligarchs, ambitious putschists, holier-then-thou priests, brothers (or sisters?) and nuns- are true!

The only remaining recourse for them, therefore, is the extra-legal way- coup de etat, "people power kuno", maybe even assassination. That's how desperate they have become after losing in the elections and the legal arena.

Kaya ngayon illegal na lang ang kaya nilang gawin.
vinacious said…
Yes, this is exactly what we all should be doing. Arguing, debating, taking sides, making statements, VOICING OUT OUR OPINIONS. There is more to be gained form opposing than from just sitting around and keeping our voices to ourselves. This is why all politicians -- PRO or ANTI GMA alike -- abuse us.

Now, if only this email can also be accessed, read, understood, and felt by the poor people who have been more abused by our beloved leaders.
Anonymous said…
Amen,Mr. Bong. Bullseye!
Anonymous said…
Amen,Mr. Bong. Bullseye!
Anonymous said…
I have read your letter from yahoo group wallpaperguys. I agree with every single word you said. More power to the SILENT MAJORITY not just the middle class.
Nadale mo kabayan, Saludo ako galing mong mag sulat...I just pray that you practice what you preached...Like the real good samaritan..

HUE&ME said…
This is What's Up, The best!

Mabuhay Ka!
Chuck said…
I am saddened in reading the series of reactions from our countrymen. I came to realize that this country is not only divided but it's fragmented almost beyond recognition. With this in mind, I can't imagine what will be the future of this country in the next few years.

marty said…
Bingo! you got it right! Sonce I too feel as mad as you are, I posted your site's add in my blog.

Thanks a lot.

-morgan blue-
janedoe401 said…
I submit that Pres. Arroyo's greatest assets are her enemies.

Their self-destructive behavior and obviously selfish motives coupled with an aura of hypocracy is enough to turn off most of the middle class from their crusade.
janedoe401 said…
Yes, Arroyo is willing to do almost anything to get power, but was she truly the only one? Her detractors make it sound like she was the only one who talked to Garci regarding the votes. If i remember correctly, alot of politicos from both the opposition and the administration themselves were caught on tape. Why were THEY not made to account for that? That's double standard plain and simple.

Sure arroyo is an opportunist, but isn't that what all politicians are?

The reason most of the middle class stay out of rallies, is because arroyo's enemies are TEND TO BE HYPOCRITES. And most people don't want to attend a rally among hypocrites.
radierust said…
like us silent majority, you really hit it on the mark! if these very NOISY few would only shut up and listen they could hear that it is only them who are making the noise...and the GULO!! i have forwarded your letter to most of my friends who i am sorry to say have been pursuaded by these noisy few to join them...hoping they will see the real light!! and uncover the wolf behind the sheeps skin of these self-proclaimed protectors...
Anonymous said…
Simple lang naman to eh.. everybody has his/her own opinion and we have to respect each other's opinion as well..

Siguro it's about time to stop this crab mentality of ours pulling everyone's leg so instead na we go up everybody goes down..

What? Telling me am pro-GMA> nope.. proud nagueno to so ki Roco ako bumoto.. My point is it's about time that we stand up as a nation as a whole and not a nation divided by people who tend to tell the masses how they love the country..

corazon said…
You're right Mr. Bong!

I'm just an ordinary housewife with 4 children,.and yet Iam not complaining. Aware with the present situation of our country. Naiinis lang ako sa mga BUWITRENG OPPOSITIONS!!! AKALA MO MALILINIS SILA, mga kurakot din naman noong nasa puwesto sila. Maceda, Tatad, mga mukhang barumbadong mga anak ni ERAP?? Gusto lang nilang bumalik sa kapangyarihan kaya panay ang tira kay GMA. Wag na!!! kilala na namin kayo at bistado na ang mga pagkatao nyo kaya pwede pa tumahimik na kayo.
NEVER AGAIN!!! di na uso ang People Power lalo na't gusto nyo lang mangagaw ng kapangyarihan dahil siguro wala na kayong mga trabaho. Lahat ng opposisyon may hidden "evil" agenda!!
Edgar Zafra said…
Very sad and deeply disturbing.

As a member of the younger and deeply concerned generation, I am saddened and deeply disturbed by what our elders have to say and show in the midst of this crisis in our national life.

You may still consider me as one of what you call the "silent majority" who people from both sides of the fence claim as of their own. But my being silent has nothing to do with my choosing to become apathetic and becoming the voice of unreason. Most certainly, my lack of inaction is not due to my decision to be so but being more of something that is brought on by the circumstances – I still have to prioritize earning a living over others. But you know what; I really feel that I have to find a way to harmonize things and may have to reconsider priorities soon.

With all due respect to our elders, I have a few words of advice to you: Remember Voltaire, Rosseau, J.S. Mill and Rizal. And know the essence of democracy. And yes, democracy had never been about numbers’ game and it still is today.
Anonymous said…
Thank you Bong (may I call you that?)for saying what I wanted to say for so long and in print, and may I tell you that where I work (am UP Los Banos-bred, 40-something mom of 5, and work at UP, too) I know of only one or two persons who think differently. I thought it important to tell you that there are more of us who share your views so that you will not be disheartened. Never mind the longish response of those who disagree with you, many of whom are as eloquent and articulate, they have the same rights as we do. Let me tell you though that if really they are the majority (according to "their surveys") then where is the crowd in the rallies? We are the numbers, think EDSA 2. When we went to EDSA 2, using our grocery money to hire a van and give to the students who were mobilizing, it wasn't because we responded to Cory's or even Cardinal Sin's calls, it was because of our outrage for the unopened envelope. No personality can dictate to us when to go, it was our own judgement of what was the right thing to do. With what's happening now, we have weighed the pros and cons, thought hard and long, our patriotism uncompromised, and we have decided that we are not going to be in EDSA. And don't anybody question our morals! I am definitely NOT sleeping with the enemy, period! Strange bedfellows aren't they. the crowd out there?
Yeah, tell me first- WHO WILL YOU REPLACE GMA WITH? A confused lot these people are when it comes to this basic simple question we want answered. The bloggers before me have the list of the unwanted, may I add that a military council or a civilian hodgepodge of the has-beens and the eager-beavers may not do. Hindi pwedeng bahala na kung sino, basta alisin si GMA. The more we become the laughing stock and we can then kiss the investors and jobs, etc. goodbye.

Your piece was forwarded to me as an email by a friend and we've forwarded it to all in our addresses, most of whom think the same way. Only yesterday when I read Rina David's column did I learn about your identity and blog address. Again, thanks, Bong. And I thought the poem written by someone above was good, hahaha.
Francis Egenias said…
In the world of software, Linux has been making considerable progress, and is slowly eroding the monopoly of Microsoft. The kernel of Linux is a program written by Linus Torvalds.

Bong, your letter can also serve as the kernel of a movement that will rouse the real majority.

Your letter articulated the sentiments of the real majority - FILIPINOS WHO NEVER EQUATE DEVELOPMENT/MOVING FORWARD WITH THE REMOVAL OF GMA.


(sounds a cliche, but our collective small efforts will create a synergy that will propel our country forward)


Francis Egenias said…
In the world of software, Linux has been making considerable progress, and is slowly eroding the monopoly of Microsoft. The kernel of Linux is a program written by Linus Torvalds.

Bong, your letter can also serve as the kernel of a movement that will rouse the real majority.

Your letter articulated the sentiments of the real majority - FILIPINOS WHO NEVER EQUATE DEVELOPMENT/MOVING FORWARD WITH THE REMOVAL OF GMA.


(sounds a cliche, but our collective small efforts will create a synergy that will propel our country forward)


pam said…
Kamusta, Ginoo?

Hindi ako politiko, negosyante, media personality o leftist. Isa lamang ako sa mga dumurugong puso na tumatanggi sa pamumuno ng isang taong nagbigay-laya sa pagragasa ng takot sa parteng ito ng mundo ko.

Ginoo, hinihimok ko kayong lumayo pansamandali sa inyong kompyuter, lumabas sa tarangkahan at sumakay ng bus papunta sa Bulacan o lumayo pa tungo sa Nueva Ecija. Pakiramdaman nyo ang hanging namimigat sa takot, ibinubulong ang pangalang Palparan. Yan ang dahilan kung bakit ako nakikimartsa, kung bakit kayo madalas maipit sa trapik. Paumanhin, hindi ko sinasadyang na-late kayo sa pagpasok ng opisina noong isang araw. Nais ko lamang sanang huminga nang maluwag katulad ninyo, kahit isang araw lang.
Grace said…
One of the reasons why there was only a very small gathering in EDSA last February is because the armed forces placed a checkpoint at the entrance of the South Luzon Expressway and they did not let the vehicles of the demonstrators from Southern Luzon enter the South Luzon Expressway. I would not be surprised if it also happened at the North Luzon Expressway. Therefore, you could not, should not speak for the majority of Filipinos in Luzon who were not in EDSA.

Let us not forget the main problem right now. GMA has publicly admitted that she cheated; hence, she should do the right thing - resign. So far she has not done anything to correct that. As long as she refuses to step down, she is denying the Filipinos of its rightful leader (duly elected, of course). For the Filipinos to continue tolerating her presence in Malacanang is not only sad, but also pathetic.
Anonymous said…
i did forwarded your letters to all of my friends. and they're all happy, the economyis going up, so i think it is about time to do our share. yung mga taluna sa dayaan bawi na lang kayo next election. let us support that little girl in malacanang, sigurado ako gaganda lalo ang economiya natin.
Anonymous said…
sige basta kami andito lang.... helping the economy goes up we are not joining the rally kase nakakatraffic lang yan...
Anonymous said…
Mabuhay ka Bro. Bong. Thanks for voicing the sentiment of some of the poople if not for all. At least we know na marami pala kaming kakampi. We are OFW in Riyadh and we are on the same side.
Fed Up Pinoy said…
People who have no respect for democratic institutions should not be allowed to participate in a democracy.

I recognize your right to voice your opinion, but do not condemn me just because my opinion is different from yours. You are free to exercise your rights as long as they do not interfere with my rights too. THAT is the essence of democracy.

I recognize your right to redress your grievances, but do it PEACEFULLY. The streets are the parliament of the last resort; exercise your right to rally when ALL OTHER MEANS HAVE FAILED.

To all you bleeding hearts and fervent patriots out there, please remember to exercise your freedoms RESPONSIBLY. I assume you are all adults and can behave like one.

Who will you put in Malacanang after you have ousted Arroyo? Manny Pacquiao? Luis Beltran? Conrado de Quiros? Joseph Estrada? Susan Roces?

And when you have replaced the president, you can always rally again to oust THAT president, ad infitum.

Do something constructive for a change. Be productive. Act responsibly. Grow up.
Anonymous said…
I agree with you totally. So does 99% of my friends and acquaintance. Most of us are not apathetic to what is happening in our country. While we ignore the rallies and actually find these annoying, we do love our country. Most of my friends are what I call genuine heroes-building houses for the poor, teaching them livelihood skills and helping them become empowered citizens. They are also the people who extend their hand of reconciliation and love to our Muslim brethren through the work of Gawad Kalinga here in Mindanao. People in Manila love to talk peace. My friends are building peace.
We have had enough of Ibagsaks. We have been doing that for the last twenty years yet our country remains mired in poverty. It is time for us to link arms and BUILD UP this nation-brick by brick if need be. Now is the time for positive action.
True lasting change will not happen by changing personalities or systems. This can only happen by a change of heart in every Filipino. As one wise man once put it: Be the change you want to see.
edu said…
i never heard GMA admitted that she cheated but i did watch her say sorry for talking to an election official.

if that is cheating then i believe a lot of our "morally upright" senators & congressmen cheated as well. that's the problem with us, we are TOO PROUD of saying we want freedom and democracy yet we blatantly disregard one simple democratic belief.... that a person is innocent unless proven otherwise .... the question is, did anyone HERE ever prove without a doubt that she cheated? where there court decisions that will prove this? show me! THEN AND ONLY THEN will you see me marching in the streets with you. heck, you can't even clean up your own mess after your rallies. TAONG BAYAN ang nagbabayad para linisan ang kalat nyo. talk about being "responsible citizens"

now if you can't show me proofs, WILL YOU PLEASE STAY OFF THE BUSY STREETS SO WE CAN DO OUR JOBS? dun kayo mag-rally sa luneta o kaya dun sa reclamation area para wala kayong naaabalang mga mamamayan na ang hangad lamang ay ang magtrabaho at maiangat ang antas ng pamumuhay nila.

now, if you people are mad at Gen Palparan then by all means go out and protest against Gen Palparan. but joining anti-GMA rallies in protest of Gen Palparan is like sending a mother to jail just because her 30y/o son committed alleged mistakes and abuses. get real!
nanoy said…
^ ekonomiya, ekonomiya, ekonomiya. ano ba talaga ang alam natin tungkol sa ekonomiya?

sabihin nating ang "good economy" = "mataas na halaga ng piso". sabihin naing tumaas ang halaga ng piso, bababa na ba ang bilihin? bakit noong mababa ang halaga ng piso, at mababa ang bilihin, mayroon pa ring mga nagwewelga, mayroon pa ring mahihirap? kapag sinabi ninyo sa aking yung naghihirap ang may kasalanan, ang kapal naman ng mukha ninyo. inamin ninyong middle-class kayo tapos ganun.

makiramdam kayo sa amin. pakiusap.

sa mga tutol sa sulat ni bong austero: hinihingi ko sa inyo na mag-aral muna tayo nang mag-aral. mangalap tayo ng facts, ng ideologies. oo, sapat na ang fact na hindi tayo pinapaunlakan ni Gloria na malaman ang totoo, sapat na na alam nating masama ang ginawa niya at laban iyon sa demokrasya, pero sa tingin ko hindi tayo mananalo sa batuhan ng opinyon. gawin nating intelektwal ang debate, at sigurado akong wala silang maitatapat. kasi kahit si Gloring hindi intelektwal, tuso lang.
Jojo Rodriguez said…
To Grace: What nonsense are you spreading? GMA has NOT admitted that she cheated. If she did, EDSA III would have been a reality, not because the military or Fidel Ramos will abandon GMA, but because the silent majority (of which I am a part of) will act. The numbers in your rallies are what's pathetic!
Jojo R. said…
To Grace: What nonsense are you spreading? GMA never admitted that she cheated in the last election. If she did, EDSA III would have been a reality. Not because, the military, Fidel Ramos, nor the CBCP will abandon her, but because the silent majority will act. You on the other hand are misguided and your numbers at these senseless rallies/protests are just pathetic!
Anonymous said…
Anger is an evil entity. You are just like the people who you criticize. Their hearts are filled with anger. They want change radically which is not the solution.

We should not judge others as I should not judge you. It is your love for our country that you wrote this. And you may not believe, it is may also be their love our country that they are doing what you condemn.

As for my stand, I don't have respect to our leaders. I may respect them as humans but not as leaders. Leaders should bring back the respect of the people they are leading. How to that, they are old enough to know it.

What should I do now? The economic growth that GMA is saying brings hunger, famine and starvation to the poor people of the Philippines. It is all the same. If you are hungry, give me 500 pesos to join the rally, I will go. You, as a person who can afford to post in a blog like this, will not feel the great need of our people. Please help the hungry people of the Philippines. Give them life. Give them hope. Don't join the polital arena. Just pray for the Philippines.
Anonymous said…
thanks bong for your opinion... coz u see, i have these difficulty in expressing my views and feelings regarding those coup lits. I just want u 2 know that what u said are what we want to say too. tahnk u so much! Me & my family are with u!!! God bless!
Gods Gifts said…
whats been boiling in my mind for days are exactly what u said bong! I am very thankful for ur opinion... it's what im trying to say noon pa.
Anonymous said…
we share the same view, mr. bong. as far as i know, marami din kaming tired and sick na rin sa mga government leaders natin. wala silang ginagawa kungdi mag-away at mag throw ng accusations sa isa't isa na wala namang maipakitang proof sa mga accusations nila. bakit hind na lang tayo magtrabaho at tulongan natin itong Pilipinas natin na uunlad din! tanong ko lang sa mga oppostion: ano ba ang mga programa ninyo sa ating bansa after ousting GMA? show us your alternative programs and we'll show our support to you.

the silent majority said…
Here’s an IDEA!

I think the people addressed in the open letter have not felt or are still not convinced on the magnitude that this letter has resulted. Why don’t we send it to them via SNAIL MAIL? Yes, to each and everyone of them: To Tita Cory, The Congress, The Senate, The Media (ABS-CBN…maybe) and The Leftists.

I hope we could get all the addresses needed so we could start mailing. For us to be identified let us be uniform and use a plain white envelope and a short bond paper.

What do you think?
Anonymous said…
grace - she publicly admitted talking to an election officer, not to cheating. that is still an allegation that is yet to be proven. ikaw naman. ano next, you will tell that bong admitted to killing magellan?
Anonymous said…
Hello, kong sinabi mong hinaharangan ang mga demonstrator from south luzon or north luzon.remember luzon is not philippines!!! may visayas pa at mindanao.MAJORITy parin!!1
bugjuice said…
well said. perfectly written. thank you for putting a voice to all my convictions. thank you thank you thank you. more power!
Phol Gosh said…
nice one sir, though, i disagree to some points you raised, i say "some" and i need not to elaborate it, it's your blog anyway. hehehe ayus... i just think we all need to do our jobs to bring this country forward long live Philippines long live democracy "real democracy,real majority"
Anonymous said…
bwahaha! ang pag-unlad ng pilipinas ay di nakukuha SA DASAL LANG!
Anonymous said…
So what if gma cheated, what most people care about is the economy. Just because she cheated doesn't make her a bad leader. Take the case of Lee Kuan Yew, he only became prime minister because the more popular Lim Chin Siong was arrested and Lee made the promise to free Lim as one of his campaign platforms. After Lim formed a breakaway party Lee Kuan Yew had him and his colleagues arrested without charges under the ISA and the rest is history.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…

enough for debate, i think. lets focus more on the solutions which are:
1. COMPUTERIZE ELECTIONS. para mabawasan ang sooooooooooobrang tagal ng bilangan ng balota, na siyang nagbibigay ng pagkakataon sa mga gustong mandaya upang magawa ang kanilang nais. computerized elections will also be a starting point in bringing back confidence to the comelec, aside from making election processes cheaper kasi no more need for so much watchers.

2. LEGALIZE JUETENG. anak ng huweteng eh sa totoo lang kaya nagiging magastos at magulo at MADUGO ang eleksyon dahil madami ang tumatakbo sa pag-asang pag nanalo sila ay sila ang magkakamal ng pera sa huweteng. ang mga nasa pamahalaan din, mga mayor, kongresman, senador, atbpng alam nyo na kung sino ANG AYAW MALEGAL ANG JUETENG dahil, aruuuuuu... LAKI NG MAWAWALA SA KANILAng PAY...PAY... PAY... oooLALALAH! kaya kung kayo ay makakakita ng isang politiko na magsasabing "I WILL ERADICATE JUETENG tsutsu-blahblah...", eh kuwidaw kayo. ang ibig sabihin nun ay ieradicate niya jueteng KUNG DI MABIBIGAY ANG PARA SA KANYA! legalized jueteng will usher in new breed of candidates with better motivations and objectives in pursuing public posts. and we can ensure that some of these "new breeds" will win with computerized elections.

these two solutions may be weak to some, but, hey guys, we gotta start somewhere.

ang hirap nga lang nyan kung bandang huli eh WALA NAMAN PALANG ELEKSYON... bwahaha!

pero that is pure speculation as of now, kasi layo pa ng 2010 eh. pero pag dumating yung time ng eleksyon at babrasuhin nina ate glo na i-postpone, jan na talaga ako mag-aalburuto. sa ngayon eh eleksyon na lang ang natitirang legal and peaceful avenue for changena katanggap-tanggap sa magkabilang panig. at kung pipilitin ng administrasyon na i-postpone yan, or tuluyan nang wag mag-eleksyon, eh abah, ibang usapan na yan. pag nangyari yan, madaming pinoy ang sa palagay ko'y AAKYAT NA LANG SA BUNDOK AND PLANT BULL... este KAMOTE pala. KAMOTE... nyehehe!
Anonymous said…
pam - ako ay taga nueva ecija din bongabon. umuwi ng naka bus tuwing biyernes ng hapon. hindi ko masakyan and sinasabi mo. sino ang takot? kanino? ha?
Anonymous said…

GMA never admitted to cheating and she did not have to cheat to win! I think you have a problem with the way you perceive people's actions and events.

Let me help you refresh your memory and those of others like you. Remember what happened during elections? All surveys made by reputable survey firms including Pulse Asia and SWS weeks before the elections plus the ones conducted just 3 or 5 days before the elections showed that GMA would win the highest votes over her rivals at a STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT MARGIN. Then came the endorsement by the religious groups and various organized sectors which made her victory even surer. Such was the case that the administration even cancelled their "meeting de avance" because they were confident to win based on scientifically sound survey data and partly because there were also threats to her life then.

Then came the the elections and again, the SWS did their own exit polls nationwide. And lo and behold, what was the result? What else but a GMA victory! Her percentage margin over her closest rival even increased than her margins in the pre-election surveys.

And now you're saying that she cheated and worse, that she admitted to cheating, based on a wire-tapped call to an election official? (Conversely, do you also imply that Pulse Asia and SWS cheated in their surveys? Tell that to Mahar Mangahas.) What she only said was she telephoned an election official and nothing more! And who else made calls to such an election official? If you think that making telephone calls to an election official is a crime, don't you think the oppositionists who also did should also resign? But it seems that you're not interested when it's the oppositions'crimes or hidden agenda that are being exposed.

Besides, what court or legal body will accept an illegally acquired evidence? Wiretapping is illegal and you cannot build your case based on an illegally acquired evidence.

What the opposition is doing now that they've been thrashed at the polls is to create as much smokescreen as they can to make it appear that their moves to unseat GMA at all costs are legitimate and built on high moral ground. Hence, these allegations of cheating to undermine GMA's moral authority to rule. But just looking at who these people are whenever they get the chance to march on the streets among a motley of their misguided supporters makes one realize their real motives- which is preservation of their family interests, power, and wealth. They are nothing but displaced oligarchs itching to get back to power and live it up just like the good old days. Nothing for Juan de la Cruz to hope for.

So whenever Cory wants to go to Fort Bonifacio (of all places!)to pray, chances are she actually has her sights on the preservation of a vast hacienda up north in Tarlac. Who knows, maybe it would take just a couple of novenas with Col. Querubin and Gen Lim, throw in a dash of Honasan (ironically her previous tormentor many times over during her rule), to prevent GMA from expropriating that hacienda to its lawful owners who are the poor tenants who have been tilling it for generations (Grace, think of Land Reform Law). But as you can see, she's desperate because she is the Cojuangco family's last card in this political game so she's leaving no stone unturned to reach her goal.

But on second thought, I think it would have been an entertaining, if not a comic, sight to see Cory Aquino alongside Imee Marcos on the gates of Fort Bonifacio, arms locked together (as in "kapit-bisig") singing "Bayan Ko" while fingering her terra cota rosary personally given to her by the late Pope John Paul II while Imee clings to her own diamond rosary- an heirloom from the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant SOP and other foreign contracts during her father's martial law rule.

Lest we forget, wasn't it Imee who turned PNB New York into her own piggy bank while she was studying in nearby Princeton? That's another breed of "iskolar ng bayan" for you. Sadly though, our scholar did not graduate- she could not present a college diploma to UP College of Law- prompting the UP law faculty to not give her a law diploma. And whatever happened to her "bluebook"? Can she still collect-what with those designer clothes worth twice a House Representative's monthly salary- or have all the Marcos dummies turned the Lucio Tan way- that is, run away with the loot that Marcos had entrusted to them? Too bad our memory is short that's why she's now in Congress. Wag nating kalimutan na ang babaeng ito ay pinakain ng kanyang tatay ng pinagnakawan at hanggang ngayon ay wala pang pagsisising ipinapakita at nagmamalaki pang humaharap sa tao at nagsasabing walang moral authority ang kasalukuyang gobyerno. Tsk..tskk.. tskk... Bumalik sana sa dating haba ang baba nya at mawala ang epekto ng plastic surgery sa kanyang mukha.
Edgar Zafra said…
“Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains.” --- Jean Jacques Rosseau

Jean Jacques Rosseau is the French philosopher from whom the modern concept of democracy the world has derived. His is a name that is invoked by the U.S. constitution.

The above quotation is the paradoxical proposition from which he had proceeded to discuss his political philosophy of democracy. From which one can derive the conclusion that the democratic ideal is man’s commitment to free himself of slavish desires.

Thus, the true measure of a democratic action is how much one’s been able to serve the interest that is above mere satisfaction of slavish desires.

One may also say that this is an equivalent of what we call in modern parlance as serving the “public interest.”

Also a more important concept in democratic philosophy is the maxim of reason as the basis of all democratic actions.

Of course, all of these concepts really sound so simple in theory. In reality, what constitutes a democratic action is hard to determine. One can also surmise that this may be the reason why an issue in a democratic setting’s often reduced to a mere numbers’ game. As to what we have all been doing in our time is in keeping of the true democratic ideal, I leave to each one of us to examine our conscience carefully so that when the time has finally come, History may judge us kindly.
ms. someone said…
im a concernd student who lives abroad.. i am not yet able to vote but i am aware of all the issues, political issues of our country esp. about our president.

i just couldn't stop myself from commenting on the other comments and ur blog... im not saying i totally agree with what everyone else has written but there are facts that are true. I just thank God coz there are already people (filipinos) who are now more open about the situation of our country. How could people be sure that she did cheat during the 04 elections?And if she did "cheat" then her people must be really good to get through. I dont want to start anything.. i just want to voice out my opinion on all the commotion. politics is and will always be a dirty game. There is hardly anyone in it who is completely and i mean completely clean, ika nga, he who has not committed sin should cast the first stone. Most of the politicians amuse themselves by backstabbing each other and talking each other into admitting a FALSE FAULT... okay maybe it is not right that she calld an election officer (she shouldn't have) but she admitted her fault and is sorry for what she did.. just like what the others said ERAP committed a "crime" too but did he ever apologize to the nation?!?!?!? yeah sure.. he may be in jail and is currently paying for his crimes but isn't his treatment unfair.. he gets to have a nice room and all those nice stuff,... where is justice in that???? everyone in prison committed crime.. and none of them should have SPECIAL TREATMENT...hayyy.. and eto pa How sure are we that the other candidates aren't guilty of the said committed crime???hayyy..

people back home voted for her, stood by her side and supported her to bring ERAP down ... and now just because she couldn't immediately give what people ask for , they ask her to step down.. GMA does things for the satisfaction of the people.. but wait here comes the irony.. people are and will never be satisfied.. does she have a choice??

most of the people in my school are tired of all the demonstrations and issues that come up every single day.. They're all the same... it's kinda annoying.. i guess people should just think of ways to keep the country united and progressive instead of insisting for things to happen. Why can;t we stop all our cravings and demands and concentrate more on the needs of our less fortunate brothers and sisters. The government is just one group.. It is not even the majority.. We, those who are not part of the government are the MAJORITY... we are the people.. if the government won't stop whining.. then the people should.

leave the complicated world of the politicians instead continue living life and loving it.. helping others and giving hope to those children who think they will never have a peaceful country to live in.

Im one of those kids who are troubled with our economic status.. We don't know what to look forward to back home.. But as a Filipino i still believe that Philippines will rise and continue to be more progressive..

Olongapo said…
Not actually agreeing nor disagreeing, but i'll have my reader's decide at
Anonymous said…
Pare, ang gaan ng pakiramdam ko after reading your open letter-natumbok mo talaga. They should realize that we are the REAL SILENT MAJORITY. The $6 million is, nakikinig kaya sila?
Keep it up.
Benjie A.
Anonymous said…



Anonymous said…
mawalang galang lang po... naniniwala po ako sa human diversity. maraming factors ang pagkakaiba ng opinyon ng bawat tao...anjan ang psychological background, economic status, different orientations, at exposures ng bwat tao, (at kung ano pang pwedeng idagdag dito).

and i respect u for having that opinion. Buti nmn at may mga sumang-ayon sa inyong pinaniniwalaan. marahil ay magkatugma po ang inyong pinahahalagahan sa buhay.

sa panahon ngayon ay mas nagiging maingat din po ako sa mga nbabasa at naririg ko.
Pero mukhang mapili lng tlaga ako ngaun. At pinipili kong manindigan at ipaglaban ang alam kong tama based on my own concscience and conviction.
ang masasabi ko lng, hindi ko po kayang i-compromise ang basic values na natututunan ko pa mula sa magulang ko, na inulit ulit pa ng mga naging guro ko, at malamang ay uulit-ulitin ko rin sa mga magiging anak ko.

"So what if gma cheated, what most people care about is the economy. Just because she cheated doesn't make her a bad leader." "he who has not committed sin should cast the first stone" Pare, sana nauso na to bago pa tayo magkaroon ng Constitution. isipin mo nlng kung eto ang maging standard policy sa mundo.
Anonymous said…
Well said Bong.

I remember how, during the last days of the Marcos dictatorship, a Jesuit professor got mad with students who remained passive. He didn't mince words. He cursed them! He did not openly take sides but just wanted everyone to be involved.

I may not agree with many of your observations (I find some to be too simplistic) but your open letter has served a very good purpose: that of getting more Filipinos think about the situation. The process of being involved will then have started.

God bless you and the Philiipines!
Anonymous said…
Democracy and freedom is not about having the loudest voice, or taking up arms, or defying the authorities. It is responsibility for your actions and consideration for other people's rights.

If this guy's idea (see previous post) of practicing democracy is guerilla warfare, I fear for the future of our freedoms. What other freedoms do we lack? Freedom from the rule of law? From democratic processes and institutions?

Freedom without responsibility is anarchy.
Anonymous said…
You definitely are a GMA symphatizer. Count me out. I'm sick and tired of her. Filipinos are too tired and poor to complain and she's taking advantage of it. Shame her!!!
Don said…
To Bong Austero,

Bravo for sharing your opinion. But I do not agree with your views. Unlike you, I will not allow any government to infringe upon my freedoms and my rights. I am not prepared to "lose" them as you put it.

I will not lower my standards of what a leader should be. If you choose to tolerate President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for cheating her way to the presidency or cop out by settling for her, then that is your choice. But do not let it all boil down to forgiving and forgetting. We should NOT let crimes in this country go unpunished. PGMA, as the country's top public official, represents the Philippines and the Filipino people. She should conduct herself in a manner worthy of that position of office -- one that is honorable and beyond reproach.

And I refuse to believe that there are no alternatives. Instead of waiting around for others to "offer" you viable alternatives, as "someone always out in the streets" said, we are part of the alternative and we "can act and involve ourselves in the process of replacing GMA with leaders having the competence and genuine moral authority to govern."

I believe we should be involved and "give a f**k who sits in Malacañang," and refrain from being complacent and apathetic. It depends on you on how you want to express that you care for this country. You can participate in mass protests out in the streets, or engage in these issues by expressing your thoughts through the arts in writing, music, anything! Of course, we should continue to work and pay our taxes because that is going to help our country move forward.
Anonymous said…
Mr. Austero's open letter is one of the most interesting ever written on the GMA issue for a couple of reasons.

First, he posits that other people's clamor for change is something that he himself shares. Nonetheless, he does not make it clear why he suddenly changed his mind at some point. I venture that any information on Mr. Austero's change of heart is necessarily deleted since it is, in view of the current political and economic crisis, indefensible. His readers are therefore forever barred from knowing what he himself could not know since the real reason behind his anger towards those who are critical of GMA is an ideological moment he takes for granted. He simply says that he is tired of being spoken for by "all bleeding hearts out there" (ABHOT). A focus on this sentiment which he attempts to pass off as reason is in order. He laments the fact that the ABHOTs cannot respect his chosen silence. He abhors the fact that people fight for democracy and freedom for the simple reason that he does not feel like doing so. He is sick of all these people who claim to speak for him and many Filipinos. Isn’t Mr. Austero guilty of that discursive sickness called performative contradiction? Without his knowing, he performs the same discursive movement that makes him so angry. Mr. Austero simply hates the fact that many people do not think the same way he does. He could not take the idea that some people could have opinions, beliefs, political and economic stakes other than his own. In the end, he is the type who could not stand difference and dissenting views. A very dangerous individual indeed.

Second, his flawed notion of democracy paves the way for a few clarifications. He avers: “You tell me that the essence of democracy is providing every citizen the right to speak his or her mind and make his or her own informed judgments, but you yourselves do not respect my silence and the choices I and many others have made. In other words, your concept of democracy is limited to having your rights and your freedoms respected, at the expense of ours.” He should know that the democratic ideal is more than just an injunction to “mind your own business.” Is he perhaps unaware of the historical struggles that instated democracy as the cornerstone of modern societies? He must have missed finding out that in Europe for instance, the democratic ideal would not have been possible without the irreconcilable interests between competing classes which culminated in the violent struggle between the peasants and feudal lords. This event installed the bourgeoisie as the new ruling class, a class that supposedly championed fraternity, liberty and equality. The question of whether these ideals exist in actuality is another topic altogether. The point is simply that the struggle for democracy is necessarily antagonistic. One does not fight for civil liberties when these are not violated in the first place. It is not the burden of civil libertarians or of radical activists to take into consideration the silence and the choices that people like Mr. Austero have made, especially amidst GMA’s fascist rule. Besides, democractic rights are universal. Doesn’t Mr. Austero know that there is such a thing as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights so that when somebody decries the abuse of power by some leaders, he/she in fact refers to these agreed upon consensus and not to some capricious wish for individual autonomy? Mr. Austero, however, suggests that the struggle for freedom can be a very selfish act that actually violates those who choose not to struggle for it. Isn’t this absurd?

Third, notice Mr. Austero’s shifting pronouns. He uses “I” or “We” whenever it is convenient for him. In the first paragraph, he decries being spoken for and in the second paragraph where he states that he is “utterly flabbergbasted” (nice shift F7 choice) he suddenly turns into a “community:” He argues:“ We already responded to your calls, and our response has been very clear - we chose not to heed your calls to go to EDSA or to Fort Bonifacio not because we do not love our country or our freedoms or our rights, but precisely because we love our country even more. Because quite frankly, we are prepared to lose our freedoms and our rights just to move this country forward….
So please wake up and take a reality check. In the absence of true and genuine moral leadership, many of us have decided to cast our lot with the President, even if we do not like her.” Now the question is, in using the pronoun we, who does he speak for? He could in fact be speaking for me, or for everybody else for that matter. Never mind. But isn’t Mr. Austero guilty of the same “offense” that he attributes to all the bleeding hearts out there? He is even worse. At the very least, “all those bleeding hearts” manage to take it to the streets, unafraid to be identified as an oppositional bloc, un-spoken for and persistent. While he who chooses to be silent writes this essay in behalf of his imaginary community of tired people who could only think the worse of those who clamor for social reforms and progressive change.

Mr. Austero says he is angry. No he is not. He is just stupid.

Sarah Raymundo
Anonymous said…
King Solomon was once tasked to determine the true mother of a baby. Two women had been brought before him, both claiming to be the child's mother. Since he did not know who the real mother was, he put them to a test.

"It is impossible to identify the real mother, let us then divide the child and give each woman a half." (not verbatim, of course).

The false mother agreed that it was a sound decision, a fair and just decision.

But the true mother protested and said, "No, the child will die (duh). Give him to the other woman instead so that he may live."

The true mother's love had come through. She was willing to give up her child so that he would live and grow. Not surprisingly, King Solomon decided in the true mother's favor.

The Philippines today is being torn apart and a Solomonic decision is required. Do we tear the country apart, searching for the right leader? Or do we go with a leader (not necessarily the right one) so that the country has a chance to live and grow?

We don't need King Solomon to figure this one out.
It's common sense.
Anonymous said…
One of the reasons why our country never seems to move forward, is not that we are too embroiled in politics and each others self interest. It is maybe because we tend to forgive too much and forget too easily. A cheater asks for forgivess (did she really?) and how easy it is some people say " Ok you're forgiven, lets move forward.
Anonymous said…
ang magnanakaw ay galit sa kapwa magnanakaw. i refer to the opposition. May God Bless you all.
Anonymous said…
To Sarah Raymundo:

You said
"Mr. Austero says he is angry. No he is not. He is just stupid."

Well, what could be "stupider" than saying "Mr. Austero's open letter is one of the most interesting ever written on the GMA issue for a couple of reasons" yet proceeds to cite three reasons!

Anonymous said…
Congratulations, your "open letter" is now part of official government propaganda. napanood ko kagabi sa channel 4. Dapat humingi ka na royalties hehe.
Anonymous said…
yor message touched the very bottom of my heart. i just hope that the crab-mentality we have now should be put to rest for the good of our country. you are precise, the problem is not GMA. she maybe a problem, but blame it to the people who voted for her. if GMA is a problem, the opposition is more than that, they are monsters who at anytime would devour what's left in our country. stop being greedy, learn to forgive and move on.
Anonymous said…


Anonymous said…
to the one who commented on sarah raymundo's article:

wala ka bang notion ng rhetorical devices? at yung "couple" di lang ibig sabihin non dalawa, tanga. couple as in several. di nga pikon yung comment, in fact it is very enlightening and reasonable. i i appreciate her reference to the origins of democracy i think napaka valid. kaya kung sino ka man huwag mong ibalik sa kacheapan ni austero ang mga arguments, umaangat na nga eh hinihila mo na naman sa putikan.
Scibadongers said…
we totally AGREE with everything that you have said.. we salute you for your conviction and spunk. it is time for the people to speak up!! let us not fall for the lies of these spineless and power hungry fools!!lets just get on with our lives and strive to make our country better. hayaAn na natin yang mga garapal na mga trapo na yan! mkakarma rin sila!i just hope that our countrymen will agree and unite with us in order for us to progress. and frankly the best person that we think would help us is the late senator Raul Roco.. but now that he's gone.. mas pipiliin pa namin si PGMA kaysa sa mga yan.. yun lng poh!!and keep it up Mr. Bong Austero!!

by: 2-Sci B of SLU-LHS
S.Y. 2005-2006
Anonymous said…
Sir Bong i totally agree with you..People like Dinky, Batasan 5
and other self righteous senators are desperate...I know lot in our workplace who criticize the cheating of GMA but they too cheat office hours , supplies and stuffs...Wala tayong karapatang pumuna kung tayo mismo ay hindi naging mabuting mamamayan ng Pilipinas...
Jian said…
How true. I like you beliefs.
Anonymous said…
to the Anonymous who made the following comment on the comment on sarah raymundo's article:
wala ka bang notion ng rhetorical devices? at yung "couple" di lang ibig sabihin non dalawa, tanga. couple as in several. di nga pikon yung comment, in fact it is very enlightening and reasonable. i i appreciate her reference to the origins of democracy i think napaka valid. kaya kung sino ka man huwag mong ibalik sa kacheapan ni austero ang mga arguments, umaangat na nga eh hinihila mo na naman sa putikan.

You called me tanga. WELL, IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE.

And besides, kelan naging "more than two" ang couple? Rhetorical device? Please. You need to know what a rhetorical device is:

Your comments just validates the observation na yung mga opposed sa open letter ni Bong ay MGA PIKON.

The moment you start calling people names, like calling Bong 'stupid' and a person with 'cheap arguments', sign na yun ng pagiging PIKON.

You can't dissect the idea, then you attack the person. For sure, alam mo ang fallacy na ito - argumentum ad hominem.

Sorry to say, but you, and sarah and the rest of the people against the open letter are all guilty of argumentum ad hominem
JCI Rommel said…
Thank you all for your concern, my comment is, whatever it is you all are whining about, let me just say one simple thing.. whoever is the leader, all must support that leader so we can go on one direction..FORWARD! unlike now, so many self proclaimed leaders and wanting to go on so many directions dividing us..

All I know is that the country is doing fine right now, the stronger the peso against the dollar is, the more money we save for out international debt. Just imagine, if we pay 1 billion dollar, that is 56 billion pesos then, but now its 52 billion pesos only, we save 4 billion pesos.. thats alot of money for other expenses, assuming half of that goes to corrupt people, we still have 2 billion pesos to other project.. for me its that simple

My message to all is, work hard, become productive, teach our family to become productive members of the society, im sure with all our combined effort, we can help this country progress..
floyd said…
Dearest Mr. Bong Austero,

I saw you last night on ANC you read your letter on cable television as is very much famous on the internet and blogging circles.
You were saying that we should give GMA a break and move the country forward.
You were saying that you have forgiven her.
And while people protests on the streets you say that it is not helping the economy.
You say that they are at connivance with these people that you ask to have protection from.
You say that they have not been able to offer any viable alternative.
You say that it is better to have a "Flawed leader than scheming power hungry fools who cannot even stand up for their convictions in the face of an impending arrest".
You say that many replied to your letter and congratulated you for it and even pasted it on their blogs and forwarded them their friends.
You have mentioned the threat of a Coup de’ tat within the ranks of the military and the Left.
All in all as in the way I understand, you mean “ENOUGH” and just live on with our lives as we watch the “FLAWED” President run the country. While saying that Cory et. Al are the bigger problem.

Your letter and its contents are what I’ve always heard with almost all the people I talked to about GMA.
They say that it’s better to keep the status quo than anarchy and let the country suffer an economic downfall.
They say that there’s no viable or a better alternative than GMA. And if there’s one they certainly won’t bet for another Erap or the likes of Noli de Castro. (or even FPJ for that matter on the last election)
Some say to wait for another election of congressmen and vote for the moral ones that would stand up against GMA.
Others would say that they will never trust a communist government or a state run by the military or a junta.
But the worse of them all is that they blame the Filipinos for voting corrupt officials thus having them deserve their plight.
Some reactions would state that even how many People Power that happens in the country there will never be a government that would listen to the people or be morally upright.
Each and everyone becomes as corrupt and hungry for power as everybody are as soon as they sit in office.
They become afraid that the current lifestyle that they are living now would be changed and more and more people will be affected because of the rampant destabilization plots as it would affect the economy.
Some would even compare different Philippine presidents and pinpoint each merits between them.
Yet all the more they are resigned to their conviction that there will never be a good Philippines much more an upright President.
So they decide to get out the country or live their lives and look for greener pastures.
That’s the part where I say “ENOUGH”.

I’ve never lived with my family.
My parents went out of the country with the same reasons.
They said that they want to have a better life for me and for their families.
They even planned on taking me with them.
In their time they saw that the only solution for a better life is outside.
They were poor to begin with.
They were squatters who came from their provinces and worked their way up the employment ladder through hard work and dedication.
As an end result they were able to have a better life.
They earned the merits of their actions and eventually became able to leave the country.
When they had me they thought that I deserve a better life than they had, thus they left me with my aunt and started another life oversees.
All their lives they worked and worked as many odd jobs as possible that they were able to send me to an exclusive school.
They told me to study and when I graduate to work hard as they are so I’d be able to do buy anything I want and when Id have my own family I’d be able to stay with them.
But for all the troubles that they went through they only have one request to make of me.

“Son if you choose to leave the country it is fine by us. But we ask of you not to do so and help our countrymen, we cannot afford to loose another generation of Filipinos at the expense of our country.”

So I did my best.
Though not that good in my academics I was able to graduate from my tertiary education. (In six years though)
In those years I tried searching for reasons and went all over the country to see the real Philippines.
I’ve mingled with criminals, the poorest of the poor the drug addicts the richest of the rich and the academics and mere street philosophers.
In all of them I saw the same bleak realization of a country that doesn’t deserve them or on the contrary made them who they were.
But in times of deep despair, in times of drunkenness and sober meanderings they’ve always hoped for a better life for the country and for their people.
That their children might never experience what they had.
They look at me with wondering eyes and asks me if there’s still hope.
I always tell them “When people stop making their lives better that is when there can never really be any hope.”

So now in these troubled times I read the news and I can’t stop myself from not doing anything.
A President apologized but never showed accountability.
GMA called who?
GMA did what?
I ask myself why we can’t put her to justice.
The point is she did something wrong and a simple sorry wont suffice it.
A simple sorry wont change a corrupted ballot.
A simple sorry wont change a cheated majority.
A simple sorry wont heal a wounded land.
And the more that she puts her back on accountability the more robust the criminals become.
The bolder the corrupt politicians become.
Because they see a society that bows down to a “Flawed leader by virtue of keeping the status-quo.”

Eventually her philandering continued.
By virtue of poverty and paranoia and sheer lack of viable alternatives she stepped on our civil liberties.
She issued E.O. 464
She decreed P.D. 1017
She puts to jail anyone who’s against her and asked them to be arrested without a warrant.
She puts media to a watch list and continues to harass its employees and supporters.
She silences the dissenters and brands them as communists and destabilizers.
And now she wants to change our system of government.

I say “ENOUGH”
Clearly there is no reason for me to stay silent and not do anything.
I don’t want another generation that is conditioned to learned helplessness.
I don’t want another wave of poverty that would throw the best and the brightest out of the country.
I don’t want us to not do anything.
I don’t want the next generation to blame me for another mistake that the older generation did—to remain complacent and just live their lives.
I also want to have a better life for all Filipinos but not like what you say Mr. Austero.

I see a justice system that is not friendly with the masses because of language gap.
I see an educational system that is flawed and backward because of lack of funds.
I see all the basic services like healthcare and access to food and water being eaten whole by graft and corruption.
And I see the taxes I pay going nowhere but to a “Flawed Presidents’ Government”

So let me remind you Mr. Austero that the President is not the Government, the people is the Government.
The President is not the economy, the people is the economy.
And I will never tire reminding you of that.

You have every right to protect your vote.
To not just let anyone take it from you.
You have every right to voice out your opinion and not agree with the governments’ policies and never be put to jail.
You have every right to question a leader’s credibility because you placed him/her in that position of power.
It is even a privilege that they are there.
Because they didn’t earn it, they asked us to give it to them.

So I find it justified to answer your letter.
And share my two cents of the matter.
That while you have presented your alternative of complacency I present my alternative of social responsibility.
That while your answer is “we are prepared to lose our freedoms and our rights just to move this country forward”
My answer is “I am always prepared to defend our freedoms and our rights that we so hardly fought for hundreds of years and move this country forward”
And if it needs be id fight nail and tooth for it.

Unfortunately Mr. Austero it is from the likes of you that we need protection from.

I am not loath to see a series of People Power just so we could bring about real and tangible change.
I am not loath to see hundreds of presidents impeached if they so rightly deserved so.
I am not loath to see this country go down just so to rise up and rebuild itself rightfully.

I’m sorry Mr. Austero but I am not the silent kind that would just watch the events on television.
I also want to earn a living and live a good life with my family and friends but not in this status quo.
Surely not in this status quo of corruption and un-accountability and clear malicious disregard for the law.

And like you I am sick and tired of self scheming agitators that only have regards to what is good for themselves and their economy.
Perhaps that’s the only part where we could agree.

But take note Mr. Austero that I am never afraid to stand up for my convictions furthermore for truth and justice even in the face of any impending arrest.

So I end this letter with a prayer that by doing so I’d give justice to peoples like my family and millions of Filipinos hoping for a better country.

That as faulty as human beings we may find forgiveness in the eyes of God and men, but pledge accountability for our sins.

That we may stand up high and proud that our generation will never fail the future generations…
ganda38 said…
hi bong,
i got the letter from a former classmate and i forwarded it to everyone on my list because i felt exactly the same thing only am not as good a writer as you are.short of claiming i wrote it,(siguro king di ka lumabas kaagad, i would have owned it, ha ha ha) i forwarded it.I even got a reply from supposedly "hyatt 10" member, a very angry but no balls if i may say person(he didn't sign his real name, di talagang walang b...yag). anyway, thank you. i watched you at anc last night and feeling ko you're reading my mind kasi lahat ng iniimagine ko na sasabihin ko if i'm interviewed sinabi mo. keep it up, man.
Anonymous said…
Thank You Mr. Bong! Sana magsulat ka din tungkol sa media na puro negative ang sinusubo sa tao at may bias pa.
Anonymous said…
I think some Filipinos are still missing the point of why tita cory is now against GMA. That's because just like other politicians, they are protecting their own interest, that is Hacienda Lusisita. So wake up don't let yourselves be use by these people for their own selfish interest.
Anonymous said…
I totally agree with Bong. And I just want to add this. I remember reading in one of the newspaper columns that one key for this country to move forward is to have the people undergo a long period of self-criticism. Pretty much what I'm observing right now is that most filipinos depend on the government (especially the president) to do a quick fix. One good thing to do is for Filipinos to start comparing themselves to the people of other successful countries like taiwan, korea, japan. Like why Korea, as small as the Philippines is the 11th largest economy in the world. Like why Taiwan similar to the size of Luzon is super rich, has one of the larget dollar reserves in Asia, able to afford buying multi-million dollar F16 jets fof their air force when our own is one of the most ill-equipped in the region. What's the difference between filipinos and these people?
Probably one example I read about Japan is that their people think like one. Why poor chinese immigrants able to succeed in business in the Philippines when Filipinos themselves remain poor? Why chinese, indians able to find opportunities in the philippines when filipinos don't?
jobarhor said…
i say amen to you!!!
your letter hit it right on the head!!! i mean, nakalamang lang sila ng isang paligo (i.e., GMA got caught cheating, they were not), akala mo kung sinong mag-malinis.
only a fool would risk life and limb for tita cory and her hacienda luisita, erap and his mistresses, jinggoy (who epitomizes the saying: "bihisan mo man ang unggoy, unggoy pa rin"), satur ocampo and his comrades, the cadaverous tito guingona, the unrepentant marcoses and their cronies.
i just wish that these spineless and thick-faced people could read your letter.
as for colonel querebin and general lim, i don't mind if they get punished with a billion push-ups. then we'll see if they still have the strenght left to plot mischief.
i did not vote for GMA, but certainly i won't vote for them even with a gun on my head.
jobarhor said…
i say amen to you!!!
your letter hit it right on the head!!! i mean, nakalamang lang sila ng isang paligo (i.e., GMA got caught cheating, they were not), akala mo kung sinong mag-malinis.
only a fool would risk life and limb for tita cory and her hacienda luisita, erap and his mistresses, jinggoy (who epitomizes the saying: "bihisan mo man ang unggoy, unggoy pa rin"), satur ocampo and his comrades, the cadaverous tito guingona, the unrepentant marcoses and their cronies.
i just wish that these spineless and thick-faced people could read your letter.
as for colonel querebin and general lim, i don't mind if they get punished with a billion push-ups. then we'll see if they still have the strenght left to plot mischief.
i did not vote for GMA, but certainly i won't vote for them even with a gun on my head.
James said…
To the stupid guy who said the philippines is just democracy in paper, you need a damn reality check. This is the most freest country in the world. In other country, coup plotters are subjected to trial, court martials and execution, even in a democratic country. So don't talk hogwash here.

To all the people, dont speculate. Give us hard facts. Someone said, hogwash because we can't find any leader to replace GMA but he can't even name one. Who is hogwash now ? Stop speculating and stop mumbo jumbo here. Facts and reality is needed, not gossips and tsismis.
Anonymous said…
There is nothing in Mr. Bong Austero's Open Letter that I cannot agree to. Everything is just perfect. Every point he made represents what can be found in the hearts and minds of the silent but active majority.

I believe GMA participated in some immoral election activities to help increase her lead in the last elections, not really to win. You call it cheating or dishonesty, so be it. But just like everybody else who believes in the rule that if you don't cheat, you will lose, so many just venture out to do some form of cheating just to offset the cheating that will be done by the competition.

I believe GMA won the election fair and square. Any election operator/manipulator around would tell you that the most you can do is to improve by a few hundred thousand votes on the national level. It is impossible to cheat by a million votes, the size of GMAs lead. So take out a few hundred thousands, GMA still won by more than half a million votes. This estimate approximates the surveys in the runup to the elections and the exit polls.

I think the most atrocious thing the opposition is doing is trying to burn down the Phils just to prove that GMA is a bad President, and thereby succeed in grabbing power for themselves.

You often hear the opposition say that there is the question of GMAs legitimacy because she cheated in the last election. But to be honest about it, do you think the opposition did not also cheat ? You know, it is just hypocrisy.

The opposition is very angry with Garcillano. Why ? because they weren't able to get him in the last election. Garcillano chose to be on the other side. The Administration took Garcillano because if they if they did not, the opposition will. So what would you do if you were in their shoes ? I mean I don't fault GMA or the opposition for that because that is that is how the game is played. But I think we should not impeach GMA for that too.

Now, who can replace GMA? Nobody shows that much promise. But you see the economy improving, growing, and you see a vibrant stock exchange, a strong currency and interest rates attractive for investments. You see now a President who is very hard working.

But what do you see of the opposition. Well, criticizing and planning coups, instead of selling a better program of govt so that people will see which route this country should follow to progress.
Anonymous said…
thank you very much for this letter. we share the same sentiments. and i am as glad as you are that it the letter is spreading all over the country. and i hope that Cory, Dinky get a dose or two of reality upon reading this letter. they become more and more pathetic the more they try to protest and no one but the same group of power grabbers and whiners show up. and to think that that cory aquino would even use GOD in order to remove an administration that is one court ruling away from giving the farmers their share in HACIENDA LUISITA. shame! and now Dinky and the supposedly BLACK & WHITE movement are making a fool of themselves by their so called "SILENT PROTEST" every friday. well, good luck to them, because it will be a hell-a-lot of fridays before GMA's term ends in 2010. haha!
Anonymous said…
Only cynical fools will content themselves with mediocrity as the norm and equate lesser evil as the greater good.

Whats wrong with you people?? You keep addressing your letters to Cory, the Bishops, the opposition, and the militants. Why do you insist that the only choices of alternative (to GMA) we have are the choices you raise?? It is not for anyone of us to beg the question whether anybody's alternative to GMA is indeed a better choice?? That is for the people to decide and what elections are held for. Just rid us of the likes of GMA, Garci, Abalos, and thos who ruin and tarnish the electoral process that is the foundation of democracy. You will never run out of better alternative choices..
Anonymous said…
looks like you really started something here mr. austero. i actually received this in an email a few weeks back.

just so you all know, am not crazy about GMA either. she has made decisions that i don't approve of [especially the case of NAIA Terminal 3. but let's not get into that]. she's doing the best she can. give her a break! let's see you run a country. how well do you think you'll do?! add to that endless rallies and people trying to overthrow you.

it is so f*cking easy to point fingers and judge. "GMA cheated." "Cory, Estrada, Ramos and the others all have hidden agendas and just want power for themselves." wow! that's a real sign of maturity. finding fault in others. blaming others for crappy things that's happening.

what about you? what have you been doing for our country and your fellow Filipinos? seriously, think about it. you may be out on the streets screaming your guts out or voicing your opinion or whatever. does that make any difference? is that helping? no, it doesn't. why not start by being a good citizen? because that's what it all boils down to. BEING A GOOD CITIZEN. pay your taxes, observe traffice rules, respect authorities. do your part. you say you love the Philippines that's why you're risking your life by being out there on the streets, but when was the last time you helped a less fortunate Filipino? wouldn't that show your love for your country more by caring about your countrymen and by being unselfish? you say am not doing anything by not being out there on the streets, are you sure? so by me being involved in charity events, by me doing good, by me helping those who can't help themselves still mean am not doing anything? NEWSFLASH: rallying is not the only way to show love and concern for one's country and its people.

i agree totally that nobody has presented to us a fit candidate to replace GMA with. if she steps down or if she gets ousted, Noli de Castro will take her place, him being the VP and all. now how long do you think it will take before people be back on the streets? that's right. putting GMA out of office is not the solution.

"I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it for I shall not pass this way again." -- Stephen Grellet, Quaker clergyman (1773-1855)
Rommel said…
That was great Bong, bull’s-eye. These things are on the hearts and minds of the majority of Filipino’s but don’t know how to express them and thank God you did it in a very passionate way. Mabuhay ka tunay na Pinoy!
bernz said…
Leave Gloria alone and let her do her job. The most peaceful way for our country right now is to let her finish her term. Besides wala din namang pamalit. Bakit meron ba? tumawag si Gloria kay Garci...sino ba ang di tumawag. Pati nga mga gobernor and mayors natawag din... sanay na tayo diyan. Ang kailangan natin ay umasenso. sino ba ang maniniwala na walang sumusupporta diyan sa mga sundalo na politicians. Kasi ang katwiran ng mga politicians na iyan it's either them or nobody else. Kailangan sila lang no compromise, kahit na sacrifice nila ang mga mahihirap nating kababayan. Ngayon lang ako nakakita ng Presidente na binabastos talaga. Walang mga respeto sa President, pero nakapag-aral daw iyan....sobrang tatalino. Pati mga sundalo ginagamit nila. di rin ako maka Gloria pero the best thing for the country is to let her finish her term. Problema diyan sa mga kalaban ni Gloria, di makapaghintay. Di naman lumusot ang impeachment, because they are not together. Problema na nila yon. Talagang ganon, yon ang tamang gawin according sa batas. Di nakalusot, TAPOS!! tigil na ang ngakngak. Let's get back to work. Kawawa ang mga mahhihirap sa atin. Kung mahal nila ang Pilipinas di na sila mangugulo. Puro makasarili. Wala na silang natatrabaho kung hindi piliting patalsikin si Gloria. Nalimutan na ba nila ang kanilang trabaho para sa Pilipino? And the president's popularity is low because of the media. Katulad na lang nitong nangyari lately, mas maraming alloted time para sa criticism regarding the State of emergency instead of focusing on the root of the problem which is the plotted coup. Parang kinakampihan pa ng media ang mga coup plotters. Dapat yon ang tirahin nila kasi that is the worst thing that a soldier can do to his country. Kung di sila happy dahil hirap ang mga sundalo, bakit kailan ba gumanda ang buhay nila, kahit na noong ibang administration, same Ol SH**. At bakit ba ayaw pang tumigil ni Erap, bakit galit na galit siya kay Gloria smantalang ang tao at congress din naman ang nagtangal sa kanya. Kung malinis ba siya matatangal siya? pati nga si Loren, voted for his impeachment, tapos ngayon yon mga nag impeach sa kanya kaibigan niya, kasi ayaw nila kay gloria......O bayan ko... Patience, patience... maghintay kayo ng chance na kumandidato
Anonymous said…
Bong, I just saw you in the ANC interview just a while ago and I truly share your sentiments. I am also a member of the working class and also have the same opinion as you but just dont get a chance to air my opinion, but when your blog went out I was very relieve since I only have to say "i agree" :-). I pray that you will be able to handle the responces on your blog.

bernz said…
Leave Gloria alone and let her do her job. The most peaceful way for our country right now is to let her finish her term. Besides wala din namang pamalit. Bakit meron ba? tumawag si Gloria kay Garci...sino ba ang di tumawag. Pati nga mga gobernor and mayors natawag din... sanay na tayo diyan. Ang kailangan natin ay umasenso. sino ba ang maniniwala na walang sumusupporta diyan sa mga sundalo na politicians. Kasi ang katwiran ng mga politicians na iyan it's either them or nobody else. Kailangan sila lang no compromise, kahit na sacrifice nila ang mga mahihirap nating kababayan. Ngayon lang ako nakakita ng Presidente na binabastos talaga. Walang mga respeto sa President, pero nakapag-aral daw iyan....sobrang tatalino. Pati mga sundalo ginagamit nila. di rin ako maka Gloria pero the best thing for the country is to let her finish her term. Problema diyan sa mga kalaban ni Gloria, di makapaghintay. Di naman lumusot ang impeachment, because they are not together. Problema na nila yon. Talagang ganon, yon ang tamang gawin according sa batas. Di nakalusot, TAPOS!! tigil na ang ngakngak. Let's get back to work. Kawawa ang mga mahhihirap sa atin. Kung mahal nila ang Pilipinas di na sila mangugulo. Puro makasarili. Wala na silang natatrabaho kung hindi piliting patalsikin si Gloria. Nalimutan na ba nila ang kanilang trabaho para sa Pilipino? And the president's popularity is low because of the media. Katulad na lang nitong nangyari lately, mas maraming alloted time para sa criticism regarding the State of emergency instead of focusing on the root of the problem which is the plotted coup. Parang kinakampihan pa ng media ang mga coup plotters. Dapat yon ang tirahin nila kasi that is the worst thing that a soldier can do to his country. Kung di sila happy dahil hirap ang mga sundalo, bakit kailan ba gumanda ang buhay nila, kahit na noong ibang administration, same Ol SH**. At bakit ba ayaw pang tumigil ni Erap, bakit galit na galit siya kay Gloria smantalang ang tao at congress din naman ang nagtangal sa kanya. Kung malinis ba siya matatangal siya? pati nga si Loren, voted for his impeachment, tapos ngayon yon mga nag impeach sa kanya kaibigan niya, kasi ayaw nila kay gloria......O bayan ko... Patience, patience... maghintay kayo ng chance na kumandidato
Anonymous said…
Hi Bong -- thank you for being so open and candid about your sentiments. It's extremely refreshing for someone in the middle class to share a view that opposes what the media always portrays as the man-on-the-street view.

I was at the corner of Ayala and Paseo de Roxas that day when the opposition held a rally. I wasn't there to support them. It just so happened that they were right infront of our office building and it was quite entertaining to stop work for a while and see the likes of Kris Aquino and James Yap in the company of Jamby Madrigal and other oppositionists. Did they think that they could get more of the masa to join them simply because they were there? There were people who looked like squatters around the area. It's either because they were really fighting for what they believed in, or money works.

Mayor Binay should be the first to be hanged. He's making Makati into another Singapore -- a fine city --with all the fines that he imposes. He should know better than to dole out rally permits to every opposition event that stops Makati business from flowing and that makes the stock market go down.

Anyway, the commentary was great and I hope that bloggers that call you stupid know what they're talking about. It takes one to know one.
PandoyPinoy said…
Kaisa mo ako Bong sa paniniwala na may tamang pagiisip ang nakararami sa ating mga Pilipino at di sila nagpapabuyo sa mga politiko na animo'y malinis at matapat pero nakalawit pala ang mga tulo-laway nilang dila sa kapangyarihang matagal na nilang inaasam.

Napakadaling mahikayat ang mga Pilipino lalo na ang "middle class" kung ang ipinaglalaban ay talagang tunay at kapanipaniwala. Ngunit sa kabila ng panghihikayat nina Cory, Drillon, Escudero, Dinky, at ang kanilang mga kaanib, nananatiling nagmamasid at nakikiramdam ang nakararami.

Katulad mo, pagod na pagod na rin ako sa walang katapusang hatakan dito sa ating bansa. Pero anong magagawa ko, sobrang mahal ko ang bayan natin kaya mananatili pa rin ako dito... kakayod araw-araw at patuloy na gagawa ng paraan para makaahon sa kahirapang tayo rin ang may kagagawan!
Anonymous said…
If this political game of catch by the opposition and the military adventurists doesn't end soon, the following article parody could not be too far off.

Philippine President Arroyo Ousted

MANILA (Reuters) --- Opposition forces have successfully forced Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo out of Malacañang Palace, the Official Presidential residence. It si beleived that a Military Coup Reports have said that some thousands of people turned out to the street to celebrate the news of Arroyo's ouster.

Details of her replacement however, remain unclear. It is beleived that the Vice President has been discounted by the opposition forces becasue he has been loyal to the leadership of the former president. Sources from inside the opposition camp are saying that there is widespread disagreement in the camp as there is believed to be several factions among the Opposition. The favorites to take the vacancy are:

SEN. FRANKLIN DRILON, Senate President - Sen. Drilon has been vocal about his opposition to the leadership of Pres. Arroyo. Drilon has also been rumoured to be involved in a meeting with the Hyatt 10 before they held their Press Conference withdrawing their support for the President at the Hyatt Hotel hence the name. It has been widely believed that arrangements have been made for the Hyatt 10 to take up their preferred Positions should Drilon take up the executive post. The move is also seen to have the blessing of former president Corazon Aquino, who had Drilon as her Secretary of Justice during her term.

SUSAN ROCES- Widow of the late Fernando Poe Jr., the runner-up in the 2004 presidential elections. Some people are said to be behind the former actress as she braces to take the office that she believes her late husband should have won despite several Surveys and Exit polls showing a win by Arroyo. Inexperience, however, proves to be a major hurdle considering the people may not support another widow after the last one, Corazon Aquino proved her inexperience in office.

JOSE MA. SISON- With the leftists playing a big part in the camapign to oust Arroyo, the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) along with the New People's Army (NPA) are also lobbying for a president of their own in Sison, who has been living in exile in the Netherlands since the Marcos era. The move, however is believed to have little support.

JOSEPH ESTRADA, former Philippine President- Another faction is also pushing for the return of Erap, as he is popularly known, in view of their belief that Estrada's ouster was illegal and he was just technically on a "Leave of Absence". The choice is believed to be more favored by opposition bigwigs and is said to be their plan from the start.

MILITARY JUNTA- With Military force a major component of the ouster of the president, the Military is believed to be taking a hard stance and force a Military Junta, a form of government wherein the political power resides with the military. People behind the said move are fromer senator Gregorio "Gringo" Honasan, the Young officer's Union (YOU), the Young officer's Union- New Generation (YOUNG) and the Refrom the Armed Forces Movement (RAM).

Other Porspects mentioned were Senator Panfilo Lacson, head of the now defunct PACC and Evangelist Eddie Villanueva, head of the JIL movement.

One thing is certain though, it seems that the Philippines is in much troubled that they were in before.

The article is not meant to be taken literally and may seem impossible but with how the Opposition is conducting itself lately, I'm sure that a POWER STRUGGLE is sure to happen once they succeed in overthrowing the current Administration. I mean, I can't see Cory supporting an Erap-led or even an Erap-backed Government nor do i see Erap supporting a Cory-backed Leadership. The same thing is going to happen. Disgruntled parties will then launch another attempt to grab power. The thing then becomes a cycle with the Filipinos left to suffer for their antics.

I 'm not GMA's biggest fan nor did I vote for her, but I do believe that she won the election even without the help of f*cking Garci. I agree with Bong that we do not need to push for her ouster. I believe we should give her a chance to finish her term. I do however reject GMA's proposal for Charter Change as it is not what we need as of the moment. I say let's give the GMA the chance to redeem herself and move forward as one nation but also, No to Charter Change.
Juan Dela Cruz said…
Mr. Austero,

I thank God you wrote such fitting sentiment against the same unworthy countrymen which I’ve longed wanted banished.

Seeing the faces of Cory, with the Estradas and the Marcoses, intertwined with purist from the leftist, rightist, and the religious, ranting the same sick oppositionist and opportunist shebangs - just brings out the rage from even the mellow. What enrages more is their posturing of heavenly charades, when underneath they are charlatans offering a better future with zero value!

Indeed, it is time for all good people to come to the aid of their country.

To these doomsters that failed our generations - Cory, Honasan, Imee Marcos, the Estradas, Magdalo Group, CPP-NPA and its mutants in Congress - the 5 housemates including Risa Hontiveros, Linggoy Alcuaz, Soliman, Maceda, etc.) - please shut up NOW and quietly fade away.

If you really want to help, why not pickup a shovel and assist them farmers, or get a piece of the action at one of the Call Centers? Better yet, give up and leave us alone!
Anonymous said…
I totally agree with what you said. I just wish that those poor ignorant filipinos able to read and hopefully understand your letter so they will start thinking twice to allow themselves to be used by these self-scheming politicians. And I just hope that filipinos will always forever remember what the Marcoses did to this country. Even if we continue to fail recovering all the ill-gotten wealth, the least that filipinos can do is to pass on to the future generations of filipinos that they are thieves. And prevent them from taking over the government, because filipinos will be again a laughing stock of other nationalities if that happens. And I hope too that filipinos stop spending too much time talking and spend more time thinking.
Anonymous said…
I congratulate you for writing such a good letter. Stability is what this country needs. Filipinos should start looking at the bigger picture and be more mature. We should stop replacing governments after governments if our problems are not fixed the next day. The problem that our country is in to will take years to fix. Foreign investors is what we need to help our country to become a tiger economy. Not only will they provide jobs but they can also transfer technical expertise to filipinos and maybe someday, someday develop our own technologies. This is how other progressive countries started. And political instability and coup plots scare away these people. Right now I really don't see any viable alternative to Arroyo. I just couldn't believe when Erap got elected as President. It shows ignorance in Filipinos. How can a president who was not a college graduate and can't even speak good english talk business to people like the prime minister of singapore, malaysia, the american president to begin with. With regards to the election cheating issue. We all should use America as an example in dealing with impeachment cases. Clinton was subjected to impeachment because of the lowensky scandal, he apologized and eventually won the impeachment case in the congress, because just like GMA he had the majority of congress. And after that Americans went on with their lives, business as usual. This is the kind of maturity that we need in dealing with politics.
Anonymous said…
I congratulate you for writing such a good letter. Stability is what this country needs. Filipinos should start looking at the bigger picture and be more mature. We should stop replacing governments after governments if our problems are not fixed the next day. The problem that our country is in to will take years to fix. Foreign investors is what we need to help our country to become a tiger economy. Not only will they provide jobs but they can also transfer technical expertise to filipinos and maybe someday, someday develop our own technologies. This is how other progressive countries started. And political instability and coup plots scare away these people. Right now I really don't see any viable alternative to Arroyo. I just couldn't believe when Erap got elected as President. It shows ignorance in Filipinos. How can a president who was not a college graduate and can't even speak good english talk business to people like the prime minister of singapore, malaysia, the american president to begin with. With regards to the election cheating issue. We all should use America as an example in dealing with impeachment cases. Clinton was subjected to impeachment because of the lowensky scandal, he apologized and eventually won the impeachment case in the congress, because just like GMA he had the majority of congress. And after that Americans went on with their lives, business as usual. This is the kind of maturity that we need in dealing with politics.
Anonymous said…
Dear Bong,

Your letter is very well written and I truly share your sentiments.
Anonymous said…
Very well said. Your letter exactly reflects my feelings. You nailed it.

Thank you.
Rudy F. Cemine said…
Dear Mr. Austero,

I just wanted to let you know that I am one of your millions of silent supporters, especially here in the provinces.

Just like you I did not vote for GMA and I share your view that if we cannot remove her by constitutional means, then we let her continue for the good of the country until we are presented with a new and viable alternative because definitely the pseudo-leaders led by tita cory, imee marcos, the senators, congressmen and businessmen you mentioned, are only after power.

So much business opportunities were lost due to the political instability being caused by these pseudo-leaders.

My in-laws in the US who were scheduled to come home to the Philippines for a holiday, had to cancel their trip due to the political turmoil during the Feb.24 coup attempt at Fort Bonifacio. Although my in-laws will not be spending millions of Dollars here in the Philippines, but nevertheless that was income lost by the country. I wonder how many other balikbayans and would-be investors shied away during all these times since the start of all this political unrest.
Anonymous said…

Good job! That's telling them like it is!

May God bless you, President GMA and the Philippines!
jon said…
well said
thanks for this article! keep it up ;)
CindyClimbs said…
Sir Bong, thanks for this. I am no GMA pet. I am no opposition fan either.Not for the poor.Not for the rich. Not for the middle-class. Not the leftist either! I am in nobody's side. I am clinging - not to people - but to my goals for this country. That's why i am starting in our suburban village in Las piñas.i am not holding any position, not even SK.But having no position does not mean I have no power to influence people. Ika nga: Kung gusto, may paraan.Kung ayaw,may dahilan. Sana magsimula tayo sa maliit na unit, sa pamilya tapos sa barangay ;)
Anonymous said…
tama naman kayo na walang malinis na halalan kahit saan mang nasyon. Sorry of PGMA is good for me. Pero hahayaan na lang natin kung saan talga napunta ung illgotten wealth na nakuha kay FM? Asan si Bolante na tinaguriang master mind ng pagwaldas ng pera? bakit hanggang ngayon ayaw ilantad ng gobyerno natin? hindi ba kau nagtataka? san kaba kasi nakakita ng demokrasya na walang opposisyon? demokrasya na walang batikos sa gobyerno? kasama yan sa sinumpaang tungkulin ng isang presidente.. pero kung malinis at wala kang gingwang mali sa mga tao, dapat lahat ng binabato ay kaya mung sagutin ng totoo at hindi ung mga alipores ang mga sumasagot para sayo. Ok na kun tumataas ang palitan ng dolyar sa peso.. pero ok na ba un para sa inyo? sapat na ba yon para sabihing maganda ang pamamalakad ni PGMA?
sa oposisyon naman, tama na yang impeachment. harangin niyo na lang yong cha cha at ng di tumagala ang gusto niyong pabgsakin. imbes na sa 2010 eh baka umabot hanggang sa makakaya paniya ang magsalita sa publiko..
at bago ko tapusin ang aking commento, para kay aling nana.. bago maging reality ang isang bagay ay dapat me idea ka..
Anonymous said…
I Love my country bt i hate the People who runs it...Kung mapapalitan nga natin ang lahat ng Politiko na nakaupo ngayon...Sigurado ako ang mga nasa isip ng ipapalit natin O yung mga umagaw pa rin ng pwesto ay " HeHe... Ako NAMAN!"
Anonymous said…
I agree mostly with what you've said except that, I think we need to underscore the difference between power grabbers and those people with the earnest desire for change and reform. I know that you too would acknowledge this but it was not explicitly said in your letter. Clearly, our politicians belong to the former but I would not take it against those people who had the sincere intentions of being heard for the sake of the majority and who still believes in the power of going to the streets(e.g. take a long on what is happening to Thailand right now, how else can the ordinary people speak?). I am rather sorry that they may have allowed themselves to be used by their so called leaders, but it would be unfair to lump them altogether. As you have mentioned in your follow up letter, you too was an activist before.

I hope they will be enlightened by your letter rather than feel bad about it. I am sure some of our bishops may have changed their hearts already after reading your prose. The last thing we need are good people fighting against each other.

Thank you very much. You're God sent.
John Lennon said…
Sa mga pabor sa mga ginagawa ng oposisyon dyan, ang hahaba ng sinasabi nyo puro trying hard pa kala mo kung sinong matatalino. Sabihin nyo nga kung sinong ipapalit nyo. Magbigay kayo ng pangalan. Kung ano ano pang sinasabi nyo jan blah blah blah blah morality morality blah blah duwag naman kayo magbigay ng pangalan ng ipapalit. Pwe! Yeah right ousting GMA will solve the problems of the country. Pwe!
Kiko said…
It is amazing how this question of who will or can replace GMA to lead the Philippines persist. That, even without even looking, people are led to believe that there is none. To those who were just born yesterday, let me assure you that no one is indispensable.

Here's another one: if GMA is deposed, her replacement will be just as corrupt, if not more corrupt. Ergo, let us stay with this corrupt(GMA) one. Now what kind of logic is that?

Bong says, he is taking a high moral ground and forgives. Well, we all want to forgive. The only problem here is there have been no penance for the sins committed, so how can there be forgiveness? There have been no genuine remorse. There is just continuing repression, diversion and cover up. GMA says, "I am sorry." Yet she continues to twart every legal move to clear herself of charges of wrong doing, which she proclaims to be lapses of judgement.

Bong says, he is angry and tired of all the whining that goes around in our country. Well, so am I. In fact, I believe that we are all tired. Tired of all the lies that GMA, her family and padrinos, her cronies, her pork barrel congressmen, her cabinet puppets, her police and her generals scowl at our faces.

I too am tired and angry. But not too tired to fight for what is right. To fight for the truth. We may not win today. We may not win tomorrow, but we will win. Truth always comes out. Truth always wins. I will not settle for a make believe peace. I will not give up my self respect.
Allana said…
Nung nabasa ko yung blog, palaban ka talaga. Gusto mong ipagtanggol ang ating bansa kahit isa tayo sa mga pinakamalungkot na bansa.Agree ako sa mga sinabi mo.Buti na lang gumawa ka ng Open Letter,para kung sakali may makabasa nito magbabago na sila o kaya marerealize nila ang mga ginawa nila. KEEP IT UP!!!
Anonymous said…
I am a Fi;ipino by blood and birth, truly I am saddened for what is happening out there. We filipinos started the people power revolution that rocks the world, now we are backto the past to the dark images of one woman rule, who wants to control everything just to stick to power. We are the laughing stock of the world now. For she that has no delicadeza should be put on fire
and burned, Honesty begins at home and replicate to the society, for a dishonest person has no moral obligation to lead for he or she will lead the society to shady deals and fishy transactions just to smell good. True words come from the heart not from the mouth, you can judge a person by the way she or he speaks by way of body expressions. I mean to say mouths say good things but the body and face doesn't. Our Lord Jesus Christ call them "hypocrites", it is mahal na araw na so repent you hypocrites. God bless the Philippines and the Filipino people. There is no place like home for a true Filipino is always a Filipino in deed and works. More power to all Filipinos. Here in Canada we strive and shown integrity, honesty and dedication to our works , thats why we are being praised. Our hearts and mind is in my beloved Philippines, my roots, my place of rest.

Jhmevune Martinez, Vancouver, BC
mindanaoan said…
keep up the good work mr austero.

to kiko:
what kind of remorse do u want? does it fit your description of remorse or my description of remorse? bcoz for me, GMA's remorse(for her calling an election official and not her alleged cheating which was not proven)is shown already by her hard work. Can we say the same to those who admitted they also called an election official? especially those from the opposition?

When GMA comes down and somebody replaces her, are you sure you are not going to do rallies against that person? Who will you have replace her? We must follow rules. Follow the constitution otherwise mas magulo pa sa ngaun ung sitwasyon natin. If the president did not do the emergency declaration, what do u think would follow? we must think beyond the immediate.
There must be someone if we just look at ourselves, you say. Who? Give us someone with experience and that the power grabbers would gladly follow.

Mr Bong, more power to you. You just said what i wanted to say.
Kiko said…
Precisely, mindanaoan, nothing proven - her innocence has not been proven. She would not allow it. Why do you think her guilt haunts her?

I like how you put it, “When GMA comes down.” I really hope you are right. In any case, If GMA is replaced by a corrupt leader, then yes, no doubt, I am going to rally against that leader too.

In fact, we have experienced in our own history the disposal of a dictator and tyrant whose footsteps GMA now follows. Remember Ferdinand Marcos? Supposedly, the iron hand that would bring our country back to greatness. What happened to him? Now, GMA follows in his footsteps. She is destined to the same end.

Who will replace GMA? Well, there is the rule of succession. The “opposition” does not like the vice president? Well, if the vice president won in the elections fairly, then tough luck for the opposition. You see the truth of the matter is that it is not a question of personalities which both sides in the political arena makes believe that it is. It could have been Aleng Juana in Malacanang. It does not make a difference. Those in government who cheat and betray their oath of office should be booted out.

Here is the thing though, I really believe that you and many others like you and me only wants the good for our country. Give us an honest government. This is all that we are asking for. This is not hard to see and understand.

Unfortunately, Bong has given up. He is one who believes in the saying, If you can’t beat them, join them.
TwinSkies said…
I've just started working, and am currently experiencing the horror of watching a chunk of my salary get spirited away by the scourge commonly known as the Withholding Tax.

While it seems insignificant to a lot of the people here who've been working for years now,
at least I can now understand why a lot of us harbor deep-rooted anger for the Los Politicos:

the only thanks I get for having my salary bled dry is seeing the ugly puss of the likes of Mike Defensor and Ignacio Bunye on TV kiss ass to Gloria, and make an even bigger ass of the rest of us.

At this point, I'd like to say "thank, but no." to you, Mr. Austero.

I agree with the finer points of your argument, about us not choosing to do anything not because we don't care, but because we care enough to know that there are no other viable options,
that choosing to take a side, as some of the Opposition have been egging us to do, may only do more harm than good.

Only a foolish warrior attacks indiscriminately, whilst veterans test the waters before ever commiting to an attack.

I also agree with the fact that, yes, I do hate the opposition more than the administration. They claim to stand for the truth, and yet these people have never even resolved their personal ghosts, that they have their own axe to grind with the people they claim to protect.

What do they take me for, an idiot? Cory can't even handle her loose-cannon of a daughter anymore, and yet she still thinks herself a figurehead of upright virtue. Wunderbar, and we see her coddling with the Marcoses on that fateful weekend at that Philippine Marines barracks.

And the Marcoses? Imee may have a clean record to herself (relatively, at least), but the fact that she still insists on listening to madame "Iron Butterfly" (Who I think should've hanged as well) for advise cripples her own reputation and her hopes of coming clean in the Marcos bloodline. And the same question I asked Cory stands here: what the bloody hell was she doing with the Aquinos?

We'd have to be blind not to see this incident as nothing more than another opportunity for a photo-op for these two factions. The Aquinos did a terrific job shooting their own reputation to hell with that move, and Cory Aquino's reputation as a morally upright leader is now in tatters. Kudos!

"Never interrupt the enemy when he is about to commit a mistake."-Napoleon Bonaparte

Now as for the administration...this is the part where I have to disagree with Mr. Austero, I'm afraid. Gloria and her band of miscreants have done far too much damage for us to ever let her off the hook. "Hello Garci" is just the tip of the iceberg.

And forget the bishops - they can't even properly tackle the more prevalent issues now such as family planning, and yet they think they have a right to tell us to just forgive? It's no surprise that Philippine Catholicism is notoriously conservative, and while I'm registered as a Catholic and would like to believe that I'm still a Christian at heart...I'm sorry, but while forgiveness is paramount and is something I'd like to believe in too, Justice plays an equal role.

"It may happen that the myriad people suffer because of the evil of one man. In such a case, myriad people are saved by killing one man. Would this not be a true example of 'the sword that kills is the sword that gives life?'"
-Yagyu Munenori, swordsman

But yes, I agree with Austero: Gloria's administration is the lesser evil, and while I hate her, I also agree that I don't like the idea of us losing her to a populist revolt like the Opposition has been asking for - Who'll replace her, Noli?
That's not even stupid anymore, it's downright terrifying.

So there you have it: the admin's a pain, but the fact they're trying to keep us afloat is reason enough for me to tolerate them for the moment - like a bad cold - and wait for them to finish their terms of office.

But after their term, what stops us from leting them know about our sentiments - of having them go to court along with their flunkies to face the music, hopefully a Requiem?

Gloria's adminstration may have the limelight for now, but their time will come.

"Although flowers blossom and greenery increases in the spring breeze, when the autumn frost comes, leaves always drop and the trees wither. This is the judgement of nature...People may take advantage of events to do evil, but when that evil is complete, it is attacked."-Munenori
viki said…
Thanks for your great writings bong.
I agree with you. the only way to move forward would be as one, and that's what majority of the people are silently doing.

I only disagree with you on the following point: GMA never admitted to cheating. She called an election officer, which is inappropriate, but certainly not cheating. Thus, there is really no need to forgive her in this regard. Although she wasn't my first choice(i wanted roco), I voted for her just to make sure FPJ wouldn't win. I believe that she won fair and square, especially here in Cebu, where we from various walks of life volunteered to help watch over the elections to ensure its credibility.

More power to you Mr. Bong
another joe said…
I agree with the many things, you said. However, when you say "In other words, your concept of democracy is limited to having your rights and your freedoms respected, at the expense of ours.", you are also saying that you are gonna have your rights at the expense of theirs.
Since we are in a democracy, let's respect all views. You have yours, they have theirs and I have mine.

It is enough that you said your piece, but don't say that when they said theirs, it was at your expense. You want to be heard, holler. We are all entitled to that. But let it not be said that when one chose to be quiet, those who have expressed their freedom have done so at the expense who have chosen to be silent.

Let's all participate. Although to be honest about it, we do get the leaders that we deserve.

Otherwise, your observations are on target.
James said…
They are now getting it! The Miracle Begins…

Excerpts from, Dampener on the economy, by Fel V. Maragay , Manila Standard Today, April 8, 2006

A nationwide survey by the Social Weather Stations (March 8-24), strongly validates the widespread belief that the people are sick and tired of politics and would like partisan political discord resolved once and for all so that the country can move forward.

The SWS survey posed two statements:

1. “Whatever happened, the elections is over and it is time to move on and let the President focus on the real problems of the nation.”

In what must have turned out to be a pleasant surprise to the administration,
51 percent of the respondents agreed with the statement,
25 percent disagreed and
24 percent were undecided.
On a geographical basis, those who agreed with the statement were recorded as
45 percent in Metro Manila,
50 percent in the rest of Luzon,
50 percent in the Visayas and
46 percent in Mindanao.
For those who disagreed, the result was
31 percent in Metro Manila,
22 percent in the rest of Luzon,
18 percent in the Visayas and
23 percent in Mindanao.

2. “The members of the opposition against President Arroyo should start helping to improve the country and stop too much politics.”

Nationwide, a bigger proportion of
58 percent agreed with the statement while only
15 percent disagreed.
24 percent were undecided

The question is whether the political opposition and other administration detractors would heed the call for reconciliation and cooperation. Obviously, too, it is not as if the dampening effect of political turmoil on the economy is a new revelation to them. This is something everybody knows. It is a concern raised by both local and foreign businessmen and economic and financial experts.
Aida Rubiano said…
Mr. Austero,

Reading the comments posted here, made me confirm my belief that there are really a lot of stupid Pinoys who will really close their eyes to reality and stick to their stupid idea. the saying that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing holds true. Kasama na diyan ang mga magigiting daw na mga kongresista, senador at mga dating cabinet members, at pangulo na sa tingin nila, sila lang ang nakakaalam what's best for the entire nation, na sila ang dapat magdesisyon para sa ating lahat.
Mr. Austero i still believe in what you wrote, that's what has been in my heart and mind ever since, until now.
Pabayaan mo lang yang mga nagbibigay ng dissenting opinion, it's their right, they have the freedom to choose to be stupid.
Ronnie de Leon said…
I agree with your open letter. I am a part of that silent majority who feels that though GMA may have her shortcomings but I still feel she is doing what is right for the country.

The opposition (whatever divided faction they belong to) have not even offered a viable alternative leadership. I don't feel they deserve my support at all. These people only (especially these leftists) are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites and cowards.

I hope and pray to God guides our nation and for GMA to continue serving as the best she can.
Vegasbartender said…
Well said I guess,
You right we have no right to interfere with your country.
So I feel we should not be sending military aid. That would be interfering with you right to defend yourself as you choice fit.
We should not send you economic aid as that interferes with your right to feed your poor.
All the Filipinos who are living in America should be deported right away. They do not want to be here, and I am sure your country can find jobs for all of them.
It is now illegal to send money from the USA to any country. You do not want our money it interferes with your economic boom.
The next time your country is invaded by a military power please do not call on us. We do not want to interfere.
So you keep your government they the way it is, it seems to work for you since I see no protest over GMA ability to run the government.
It is now illegal for any American to travel to Philippines for vacation or other reasons. Our people are not wanted there and we would not want to interfere by buying land paying taxes and bringing income into your country.
I will send a letter of this to my state senator I am sure we can write a bill in Congress to get these passed. In the mean time I hope you will contact your local senator also and let him know that you feel this way also.
Anonymous said…
Hello po, sad to say ngayon ko lang nabasa ang pahinang ito.pasensya na po i am not so use of enternet's my first time...ang sa akin lang, tama po kayo.halos lahat ng mga hypocreate ay nagsasabing mali si PGMA at corrupt at iba pa...bakit sino bang presidente ang di immoral?magpangalan baga sila sa panahaong ito,ni wala sa panahong ito ang morraly right sa kanila nho.But the point here is let's give a cjance sa kung sino man ang mahirang na presidente kasi, di nyo pa nga nakita mga ginagawa niya at project puro na kayo reklamo to take note naman ang mga reklamador na ito ay ang mga buwaya sa gobyerno at ang mga maiingay an ito ang nagpapabagsak sa ating economiya at bansa nho. nakakahiya kayong mga nagngangawa ng nagngangawa dyan.
I am not a Pro-GMA to kasi makaMARCOS po ako but please naman let us all stop na sa ginagawa nyong gulo na kunyari para sa pilino ang pakikibaka nyo....
Hoy, mga anakbayan,gabriela,anakpawis at kung kanino man kayong anak...mga anak kayo ng tatang nyo, please ang gulo nyo.nakakahiya na kayo.masyado nakayong obyos na hangal kayo sa kapangyarihan at "Greedy" kayo masyado "Hakog" kung sa bisaya pa.
Sorry di ako masyado engluisira e but gusto ko lang magcomment at i-express ang aking feeling.Naiinis na kasi ako sa mga taong ito na ang mukha ay gasgas na sa kalsada sa kakarally e.MAsyado na kayo ha, di na kayo nag-iisip nyan.sayang naman mga talino nyo gamitin nyo po sa tama.
Yang mga leftist na yan,if i know mga comunista sila nho.kunyari paunta-punta sa school namin at nagaalok na makibaka tapos pagwala ng mangyari dadalhin na sa bundok ang mga estudyanteng na brainwash nila tapos maging rebelde na. At kawawa naman mga estudyante na nalinlang kasi sira na ang pag-aaral tapos isisi na sa gobyerno ang pagkawasak ng kanilang kinabukasan na ang mga leftist naman ang may kagagawan.
Sir,hope you can help our school naman sa bagay na ito i am bother lang kasi sa mga recruitment na ganito kawawa naman po ang school namin dito sa leyte po.Di lang po dito sa leyte kundi sa buong school na,pansinin nyo naman po sana ng ganitong problema.
At kayong mga nasa gobyerno na mga senador or kung sinon mang opisyal sa pamahalaan, maiba naman kayo.Wag gaya-gaya na sa kalsada ang punta lagi,be different at magfocus sa studyanteng nirerecruit po ng mga NPA to be direct po.NAkakatakot lang po kasi at nakakaawa, marami na akong klasmet po na napatay sa ingkwentro ng mga army dito sa leyte.Of course nagagalit ang mga parents kasi akala nila nag-aaral ang kanilang mga anak yon pala sumasali na sa recriutment ng rally-rally kuno yon pala dinadala nila sa bundok po.
SAiguro magkaiba lang sitwasyon natin kasi nasa manila kayo at kami dito sa probinsya po but our cause ay pareho,sawa na tayo sa gulo at rights kuno na pingsisigawan nila.

I am a fourth Year student po sa High school dito sa leyte.Please help Us and save the student and youth as a whole.

I love my country and i love to be a filipino, please let's stop murmuring and think of what step we can do to make our coountry better.di po nasosolve ang problema sa isa pang problema.Bata pa po ako pero ramdam ko na po ang gulo nyo.Thank, God bless us all.

VegasFilAmGuy said…
JUST READING PEOPLE'S POST AND Finding out there's so much Apathy, makes me sick. I want to puke. It's utterly flabbergasting. I really really want to throw up when I read Pinoys comments about not wanting to do anything for their country.
Anonymous said…
prof ko yan!! prof ko yan!!

seriously now, thank you sir. well said.

for progress and beyond,
Anonymous said…
indeed, today's revolutionists are tomorrow's trapos.
Anonymous said…
Good Job!!! i hope other's will read this letter and to prove all the wrong things that GMA do.. We want her to resign but still she not remove in the president!!!
Anonymous said…
To anonymous 3:39 PM:
Ya rayt!But remember the power of deception...
Louie said…
amazing! its quite a long read but it never bored me, every sentence feels like you were speaking for me--us the general public who want nothing more than progress in our country. You have made the perfect connection for us, and for that hats off to you.

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