#It's more fun in the Philippines

The Department of Tourism announced today the country's new tourism slogan: It's more fun in the Philippines.

It immediately became a top trending topic in tweeter.

As usual, there was mixed reaction to the new slogan. Some attacked it
ferociously. Others thought the new
slogan was simple but more meaningful.

Someone very resourceful was immediately able to unearth a factoid the Tourism guys seemed to have been blissfully unaware of - another country has already used the slogan (Switzerland was first to use the slogan in the sixties). Really, how difficult is it to google a slogan to see if it had already been used by another country? And given what happened to the ill-fated "Pilipinas Kay Gandah" slogan, one would have thought that the DOT guys would be very, very careful this time around.

Anyway. We have been told the slogan is already THE ONE; it's not going to be subject to change anymore unless someone already has the copyright to it. Paninindigan na daw. Okay.

What do I think about it?

I agree that it's simple and brings home the message in an uncluttered way. It's value proposition is clear: Fun.

The problem is that given what is happening in the country today - we've been visited by natural calamities that have become more and more destructive - the possibilities of having the slogan subject to derogation is quite high. Really we don't want to be known as the country with a perverted or morbid sense of what fun is or should be.

But then again, a slogan is just one among many factors that make a campaign successful. The slogan can work depending on the kind of efforts and resources poured into fulfilling the promise being made by the slogan.


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