Sick and sickening

As I write, I am watching The Bottomline with Boy Abunda. He has Marlene Aguilar as guest. I am totally blown away - thrown off the wall - by the sheer lunacy of it all.

The experience of watching Marlene Aguilar regurgitate what she thinks is wisdom and brilliance is akin to watching a circus freak show. It's riveting but it is also surreal. It's just so totally unreal.

What amazes me is that there are actually people who can't see through her; people who still cling to the notion that she is doing all of these things out of maternal love. She is doing it for herself. She is doing it because she cannot help herself.

She is sticking to this fantastic yarn about how America is behind her son's supposed persecution. She insists that all of these things - even the Maguindanao massacre, believe it or not - happened because of the supposed subversive content of her book.

I've read parts of her books (they can be downloaded from the net) and believe me, the woman is taking too much credit. The accusations she makes in her books are actually very tame.

I realize though that by writing about her I am contributing to her notoriety. But this has to be said: Marlene Aguilar needs a psychiatrist.


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