In the name of faith

I've always wanted to experience first hand the Feast of the Black Nazarene. Up until last Saturday, I never really had the opportunity to do so. I was warned not to bring valuables. I was also told there would be lots of people so bringing a camera was out of the question.

I brought my cellphone and used it to take pictures.

First realization: The procession actually involves hundreds of Black Nazarene images. Apparently devotees bring their personal images of the Black Nazarene to the procession. These images also receive their fair share of attention from the other devotees who also pass on towelettes and hankies (to children hoisted on top of the carozas) to be wiped on the faces of the images. These towelettes are supposed to have healing powers.


I wonder - what is the CBCP's stance on the supposed healing powers of these black nazarenes?

I will not mince - it saddens me that we are still so steeped in superstition to the extent that we would still willingly entrust our health to the simple touching of a reputed artifact.

And it angers me that the Church would do nothing and in some cases encourages this sort of thing just to garner support from their flock.

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