Goodnight, Victor

There was a part of me that suspected it was him. How many people would have the same name?

But it just didn't sound like he would be involved in something senseless like that so I refused to believe it was him. I was in denial.

I interacted with the guy for three years. He was my thesis advisee so I met him practically every other day for a grand total of three terms (about 14 months). Actually he and his team were supposed to work on their thesis for only two terms but, well, I felt they weren't ready so I deferred them for one term. In addition, he had the misfortune of being under me in three other courses.

Because I can only accept one or at most two groups every year as advisees, I end up having this special relationship with my thesis advisees. They become like my own children and I become quite protective of them.

Victor Ebarle Jr was killed Wednesday night in a road rage incident involving the stepson of an official of the Asian Development Bank. I am sure you have heard about the tragic incident. It turns out the suspect was someone who was involved in another gruesome incident just a couple of years ago but was released on bail.
I still am having difficulty trying to figure out why something senseless like this could happen.


Anonymous said…
Suspect Jason Ivler's 2004 photo with step father, mr. pollard and mother marlene.

He is the one at the left.

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