Yet another test of our resilience and fortitude

The news that was going around late today was something that sent shivers down one's spine.  Typhoon Peping (international codename Parma) was generating more strength and as of 3pm was officially already a super typhoon.  

Given what we just went through last weekend, it was understandable that lots of people became paranoid.  I was at MOA after work today. I decided to drop by the Hypermart to buy some candles and a couple of flashlights and was stunned to see lots of people doing panic buying.  The lines at the cashiers were just too long.

I also received a number of text messages all expressing the same thing: A fervent prayer that Typhoon Peping spares the country.

I think a little rain would do some good.  We need nature to cleanse a number of areas of the mud and filth.  But let's hope the rains aren't as destructive this time around.

I join everyone in praying for deliverance.  Let's hope God is listening.


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