I didn't quite know what to make of the text message that was being passed around this afternoon like it was, well, Gospel truth.  I am sure you got it too because I got it - and variations of it - a grand total of seven times.

The text message said that Pepeng was as of 3pm already supertyphoon and that the critical hour was 9pm.  I liked the part that asked for prayers but I wasn't so sure about the wisdom of the dire predictions.

Well, it seems that bit about 9pm being the critical hour was not based on fact.  In fact, PAG-ASA had just announced that the typhoon was expected to hit land by tomorrow afternoon Saturday if it doesn't change course, of course.  

But okay.  I do am grateful for the fact that people seem to be doing everything to be prepared.  Finally people are not taking chances.  Many are already evacuating to safer places.  Others are making sure that they have all the provisions in case things turn for the worst.

I was at MOA again today and I was suckered into buying rechargeable lamps because all my friends were buying some.  The busiest section of ACE Hardware was the section selling flashlights, rechargeable lamps, and batteries.  It was like taking a trip down memory lane - I had a sudden flash of remembrance of the time, back in the eighties, when brownouts were a recurring reality in Metro Manila and everyone had those rechargeable lamps and electric fans. 

I hope everyone is safe and snug. 


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