Jacque Bermejo controversy

I came across this controversy Saturday night.  At that time, the outraged group has not been started yet.  When I checked today, I was surprised to find out that more than 10,000 people have already joined the orgy of bashing and hate directed at Jacque Bermejo.

Here's a quick backgrounder.  This Jacque Bermejo, or someone who is using her identity, posted a status update in a facebook account bearing her identity:  

"buti n lng am hir in dubai! maybe so many sinners back der! so yeah deserving what happened!"

As can be expected, there was an immediate outrage.  She followed up with this status update:

"cuz of u dnt understand!!!judge me sige!!! kya ala kayong asenso.even nature now is making statement big time!!!"

I can understand why lots of people out there are angry.  

But there have been attempts to shed light on the issue. You can read it here.  Someone who comes by the name of Nicey Yap has also been trying to defend Ms. Bermejo in facebook.  The defense being proffered is that the "sinners" comment was not made by Ms. Bermejo herself, but by someone who presumably has an axe to grind against her who hacked her account.   
If indeed Ms. Bermejo is a victim in this particular controversy, she needs to come out and clear her name.  



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