Farewell, Tita Cory

I woke up today to bad news.  Former President Cory Aquino had passed on. 

My condolences to the Aquino and Cojuangco family and to the whole Filipino nation.


I don't really know much about Cory - shame on me, I know - but the people who have been at her side talk so much of her calm, patient nature in the face of adversity, regardless if it were a coup, or colon cancer.

An uncle from my mom's side of the family had passed away a few months from lung cancer, and aside from praying over his hopeful recovery, I noticed many were praying for him to find his way through the agonizing pain brought about by the chemotherapy and the cancer itself.

He passed away months after the diagnosis.

Then I look at Cory, whom I am told has endured such debilitating condition for two years, and even then with dignity and courage.

Sure, her religiosity still annoys me, she's had a string of bad decisions (Nur Misuari, and Gringo Honasan's amnesty to name a few) and I honestly think her recent attempts to get back in the limelight reeked of politicking, but I respect her for inner strentgh.

Hear that Mister Honasan? This little old lady has just shown she's got a bigger set of all than you do!

And you had the gall to try to oust her because you thought she was unfit to be president simply for being a woman? There is a prase for people like you: Sit The Fuck Down, and Shut the Fuck Up.
Anonymous said…
how does it feel now to have written than infamous Dear Tita Cory letter? http://bongaustero.blogspot.com/2006/02/open-letter-to-our-leaders.html

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