There are "small" places in the Metro that one knows is there - because they have been there forever - but which one ignores because, well, there are bigger, more publicized, and in some cases, more controversial and therefore interesting places.  

I've been ensconced inside Aloha Hotel for two Fridays now for marathon CBA negotiations.   I know the hotel existed - it happens to be situated strategically along Roxas Boulevard (right on the corner of Quirino Avenue), but up until now, I've not been inside the hotel.  Actually, to be honest about it, I didn't really think the hotel had anything interesting to offer.

Well, what do you know, it's actually a functional quaint hotel - a bit frayed at the edges, yes - but quite interesting.  The hotel's main attraction is its chinese restaurant fronting Roxas Boulevard at ground level.  What I liked about the hotel is the collection of antiques displayed in its lobby.  The antiques - from porcelain figurines, to Chinese brass warrior figures, to wooden sculptures - are displayed inside antique Chinese cabinets.  Obviously these comprise someone's collection.  And it is quite a collection!

The service is not bad, either.  The staff are courteous and solicitous.  Their lunch buffet (Php416 I think) is quite a steal considering the spread.

I didn't get to check the rooms though.  But hopefully soon.


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