Leave her alone

I'm really swamped.  As in.  I'm up to my armpits with work.  This explains the late posts in this blog and the fact that I seemed to have been simply filling space in my column last Monday and Wednesday.  Yup.  There are days when writing a column feels like an obligation rather than a pleasurable experience.

I expect my workload to be a little more bearable next week so hopefully things will be little less hectic.  

But I feel an overwhelming need to blog about the Maricar Reyes reappearance now.

If there's a real victim in that whole sordid sex video episode, it's her.  We haven't really heard from her. No hysterics, no caterwauling, no hair-tearing appearances on TV.

But last Sunday, there she was on ASAP, looking as regal and as composed as a swan.  I am sure that little TV appearance was a nerve-wracking experience for her.  But she didn't show it.  And I admired her for it.

I wish people would simply leave her alone and stop this effort to pin her down for some exclusive interview about those horrible sex videos.  If we truly want to help her, let's just leave things as they are now.  Let's stop hounding her about her version of the story.  Let's help put that whole ugly episode behind her by not making halukay the whole ugly thing.  Enough na.

And that's all I wanted to say.


icon maico said…
true. very true.

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