Heal the world

I didn't realize Michael Jackson was older until today.  I always thought we were the same age because, well, we sort of grew up together (okay, for the record, I am 45).  

I could actually chart my own maturity using his songs as some kind of soundtrack.  Let me see.  "Ben" was a song my playmates and I would sing with such gusto when I was in the primary grades.  "One Day In Your Life" was the sort of theme song (yeah, go ahead snicker) of my puppy love.  

My friends and I discovered musical instruments in high school (I studied piano, but lugged around a guitar to school and to our tambayan) and we would sing "Rock with You" and "She's Out of My Life" over and over again.

I was in College when Thriller shot to global fame.  Our class performed "Beat It" during one of those convocations.  

My first official job after graduation was with the US Peace Corps as Language and Culture Resource Person.  This was the time when MTVs were the rage and at Tagbilaran Bohol where we spent six months doing training for US Peace Corps volunteers, night life meant going to a restaurant that served beer and featured giant video walls showing music videos.  "We Are The World" was the most popular video and we also performed that at the closing ceremony of the training program.

When I joined the corporate world, "Heal The World" and "Have You Seen My Childhood" were staple training songs.  


Being such a huge fan of the guy, I think I can be forgiven for believing that the guy was a genius.  Even at the height of the controversies, I never really gave up on the guy.  This was why my first reaction this morning when I learned about his death was "I am sure the people who vilified him would be the first to eulogize him now that he is dead and extol his genius."

Anyway.  Good night Michael.  Rest in peace.


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