What a ham

I say this earnestly: I think Mar Roxas has a good shot at being the next President of the Republic of the Philippines. I don't necessarily think that he is the best candidate for the job, but I certainly believe in my heart that a Mar Roxas presidency could not be the worst thing that could befall our country. In short, he is still in my list as possible candidates to support.

I have issues about the fact that he has jumpstarted his campaign very early - and let's not make bones about whether it is legal, ethical, or allowed. I think candidates should project themselves as role models and starting a campaign ahead of competition just does not smack of legitimate political behavior.

And now, he has come up with a television ad that, quite frankly, seems to have reduced him into a caricature. The ad (Padyakitos) shows the senator driving a pedicab. I don't want to go into whether or not the metaphors used in the ad work. I will even concede that the concept seems inspired.

But the ad is severely hampered by one glaring fact, which the people behind the ad seemed to have glossed over: The senator can't act. He delivers his dialogues in what is best described as "akting na akting" and the performance is pang-declamation contest.

The senator is probably one of the better-looking politicians around and he does register well on television. The problem is that in this ad, his beer belly is painfully obvious and he doesn't really come across as being fit - he seems to be having a difficult time huffing and puffing. And his pedicab only has two little kids for passengers!

I think Mar Roxas should rehire the group that did his Mr. Palengke ad. He is better at dancing Mr. Swabe, that's for sure.


Antonio said…
Well, at least his poor acting or politicking isn't jeopardizing the lives of people, which is more than I can say for Dick Gordon's "crying" sketch over the IRC abductees.
ormocanon said…
It occurred to me that these presidential wannabes' television ads are all concerned about the welfare of our nation's poor.
But what if there's a law that says only legitimate tax payers are allowed to vote?
Would the ads of these politicians show concern for the poor?
Your guess is as good as mine. :-)

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