Romance and politics

Up until now, I never thought romance and politics could mix.  But I guess truth is really stranger than fiction.  

Just like everyone else, Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez deserve to find happiness and the fact that they found it in each others' arms should not be anyone else's business.  They are both single. They are both of age.  

But given that Mar Roxas is gunning for the presidency and has already launched a rather intensive campaign (a full year before the elections), the timing of the announcement of their engagement and the media blitz that has followed has sent not a few eyebrows to the stratosphere.  Last Saturday, the couple were in Wowowee where the senator unabashedly shed copious tears (supposedly of happiness although quite a number of wags were not convinced) and where they displayed behavior of the type generally associated with high school students. Thereupon, the irrepressible host of the show announced with undisguised jubilation "Umiiyak si Senator!!!!" 

ABS-CBN naturally went to town with the confirmation of the engagement.  The Wowowee footage of the public display of affection is probably the most repeated clip in television today. 

Why, even Malacanan jumped into the fray.  The Press Secretary said he was tickled pink.
What do we make of this new development?

1.  Finally.  It's not a farfetched assumption that they have been living in for quite sometime anyway.

2.  The timing is suspicious.  It's embarrassingly obvious that they're milking the romance angle in support of a presidential campaign.

3.  We haven't seen the end of it - it's going to be one big, very public, very sensationalized wedding towards the end of the year just before the official start of the campaign.

4.  We're seeing a new genre of campaign strategy unfolding before us.  The other presidentiables must now be wracking their brains trying to come up with something that would invite the same level of media frenzy.  I dread the thought of seeing someone fake a near death experience, being seized by spirits, revealing dirty secrets, etc.

5.  We're all being taken for a ride.  The painful truth is that we're all helpless and there's really not much we can do about it except snicker and shudder at the utter showiness of the whole spectacle.


ormocanon said…
"It's embarrassingly obvious that they're milking the romance angle in support of a presidential campaign." - Bong

They probably think the hype is worth it. Senator Roxas and Korina Sanchez are both matured individuals who are both entitled to make free choices. If they choose to make a circus out of their romance, it's their choice.

Personally, I think it's an insult to my intelligence. These presidential wannabes' assume a "holier than thou" posture in their "advocacy campaign" on nationwide television.

Who are they trying to fool? I can see through them and their true intentions.

This early, one thing is sure. I won't vote for Mar Roxas and anyone else who's supposedly making an advocacy campaign on television right now.

If these politicians can get away with their gimmickry this early, how much more when they get elected to the highest position in the land?

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