They think it is clever

I was having lunch with my colleagues at Wendy's at the Mall of Asia today when this poster advertising their shrimp sandwich caught my attention. I took a picture of the poster using my cellphone. It was lunchtime so I couldn't take a good shot without the reflection from the glass wall. Anyway the quotation on the poster, which is enclosed in quotation marks is pretty clear. It says "Take this all of you, and eat it."

Abstaining from meat during this season of lent is supposed to be good for our souls, thus they are pushing their shrimp sandwich with clever advertising. A colleague thought using the words Jesus Christ said at the Last Supper is sacrilegious.

You be the judge.


Erick Tagaruma said…
Your title says it all - "They think it is clever". Truly, that is what those nincompoop's thought, otherwise, they wouldn't have subscribed to such a line to advertise their product.

When Jesus uttered those words, He was referring to his "body", not shrimp. I hope I'm not sounding sanctimonious to a respectable agnostic as you sir (though I guess you might be a lesser agnostic these days from your recent medical procedure, hehe). My only point is, there is no point at all in using an advertising line such as that when there exists a likely possibility of insulting the faith and sensibilities of the very people you want to attract.
Antonio Pe Yang III said…
Given I'm no longer Catholic, I don't really see how this quote is supposed to be offensive to the religious (unless they're THAT PC.)

As a masscom grad, it just comes off as cheesy somewhat intrusive. I get more than enough proletyzing from those Christian music stalls in the malls, thank you!

A better line would've been something likee?

"Where's your beef? Enjoy Wendy's shrimp sandwich this Lenten Season!"

I'd say "No Bull here," thought that might have negative connotations for some as well.
Bong C. Austero said…
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Bong C. Austero said…
i don't know about cheesy - i am told they just pour mayonnaise on it. JUST KIDDING! hehehe
Bong C. Austero said…
Erick, what made you think i am agnostic? :)
Erick Tagaruma said…
Er, sorry, my bad. I got you mixed up with the professional heckler, hehe.
Bong C. Austero said…
Erick, no problem. i don't care much for labels anyway. :)

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