Fleeting encounter

Wala lang. Just thought I'd share this nonsensical bit with you on this sweltering Sunday afternoon.

I was at National Bookstore Shangrila EDSA last night around 8:30 quietly browsing around when I thought I heard a familiar voice in front of me.  I looked up...and there was this woman in an all-black get up, wearing HUGE as in HUUUGGGE sunglasses (at night!).  The first thought that crossed my mind was that this woman had flawless, creamy skin.  And then I noticed that she had two little girls in two.  I actually recognized Frankie and Miel before I recognized her. hahaha.  This I can say for a fact:  Television does not do Frankie justice.  I think she would make a really pretty lass someday.  

She was just passing through NBS although the kids seemed really interested in buying school supplies and I overheard her admonishing them about buying unnecessary stuff.  Everybody in the store was stupefied by her presence.

And then she and her coterie of security people were gone. Just like that.  Yun lang.

The funny thing was that the friend I was with did not even notice what just happened in that store.  When he looked up, I asked him if he saw Sharon Cuneta.  He rushed out of the store to try to catch a glimpse of the megastar. His excuse:  It would vex his sister (a Sharonian, I reckoned) no end if he told her that he bumped into Sharon at Shang EDSA.

I know what you are thinking.  Is she really that horizontally challenged?  Not really.  That bit about how television adds ten pounds to one's girth is true.  

I remember writing in one of my columns that I have never been within ten feet of the megastar.  Now I have been. Hehehe.  

Like I said, wala lang.  


Anonymous said…
In my line of business, I've seen numerous legit stars and struggling starlets. I'm not one who get easily star struck save for when I met her. I was stupefied and I didn't even know why. She is very pretty but not statuesquely gorgeous; it must be the so called 'x-factor'. It also helps that the woman has brains.
Bong C. Austero said…
I guess that's the reason why she is the top endorser in this country. I think it's her sincerity that disarms more than anything else. One expects to see a megastar and instead sees a real, authentic person.
icon maico said…
wow...i love her. lucky you uncle bong :)
Bong C. Austero said…
dumb luck, i guess. thanks for dropping by and say hi to everyone else!
Anonymous said…
Actually...the Shang is one of her tambayan ( i think). Madalas ko kasi sya makita dun.

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