As my contacts in facebook very well know, I am in Pacquiao country.  Got here last Friday and will be travelling to Davao City later today.  It's sweltering out here.  Really.  As in.  I now have great affinity with OFWs who work in Saudi Arabia.  

But the food here is great.  Dirt cheap.  My bestfriend who has chosen to be based in Gensan updated me on the prices of vegetables (yeah, we are weird in that way) and I couldn't believe how cheap they are here.  My favorite veggie is asparagus sprouts - and in manila, a bunch of about 12 stalks cost a whooping 40-50 bucks.  Here - hold your breath - a bunch of about 50 stalks cost a measly 20 bucks.  And when there's heavy rains daw and the plantations get flooded, the prices go down to a ridiculous 10 per bunch.  It's so cheap here that they use it as feed for their hogs.

Needless to say, I've been stuffing myself to the gills with asparagus sprouts and tuna since Friday.  Yum.  Yun lang.


bariles said…
I am glad to read that you enjoyed your stay in the Tuna Capital.

Next time, please holler in advanced so that you could meet our close-knit group of Soccsksargen Bloggers here.

Magandang GenSan! :)
sheng said…
Thanks for coming over, i am glad you enjoyed Gensan, and Pacquiao country it may seem to be, it's actually more than that!

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