Happy valentines day

It must be age. Or simply because I happen to be romantically uninvolved at the present.  Or just plain laziness.  Whatever.  I'm staying home the whole day today, catching up on my reading.  I already left house very early in the day to attend the graduation ceremonies of my students anyway, and even attended the reception at Kamayan.  

My friend JT, very typically, rubbed it in by sending me this valentines day greeting (if you can call it that):  HAPPY STATUS AWARENESS DAY.   

Anyway.  I recently discovered this wonderful gadget called a card reader that simplified the ways in which the contents of cellphone memory card can be downloaded directly into a laptop. As a result, I was able to empty the memory cards of my cellphones. I discovered quite a number of photos that I didn't even remember taking.  Some of them were quite interesting, such as these ones. 

The first photo comes from a set taken in 2007 at the Mall of Asia.  I was waiting for some colleagues to finish their shopping when I saw this old couple in an intimate moment.  They were holding hands and were really sweet to each other.  I stole some shots using my cellphone cam, which was a difficult task because I didn't want to be too obvious about it and intrude into their private moment.    
The next photo was taken last year while stuck in traffic at Leon Guinto.  I spotted this 
couple doing their thing on the sidewalk.  I took some pictures. Here's one of them.   

Cheers to all the lovers out there!


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