HIV/AIDS on primetime TV

I've been doing my darnest best to get home on time every night to catch "Precious Time" on ABS-CBN. It's a soap opera, yes. It's a love story, yes. And it's actually Japanese, but tagalized already which means the dialogues have been dubbed using Tagalog. It is also quite old - it was made in 1998. But what makes it interesting for me is that it's a soap opera that tackles head on a very sensitive subject: Living with HIV/AIDS.

I think ABS-CBN deserves to be commended for having the courage to feature on primetime television something that is most timely given the fact that HIV/AIDS transmission in the country is on the rise. It also happens to be a well-made soap opera. It is able to convey a lot of really valuable information about HIV/AIDS without being too preachy although, as expected, it tends to be too gloomy, brooding and depressing in some parts.

The soap opera somehow makes one forget that the network is also responsible for that really cheesy and godawful soft porn masquerading as soap opera entitled Eva Fonda. I haven't been able to sit through a whole episode of that show without retching.

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Antonio Pe Yang III said…
On a slightly OT note, Precious Time's Takeshi Kaneshiro is famous among video gamers for being the model for Samanosuke, one of the protagonists of Capcom's Onimusha series of games.
Antonio Pe Yang III said…
This is a little disturbing - Rick Warren apparently has some rather shady connections with very militant Christians in Africa.

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