Back to work

It's back to work tomorrow.

I was with some colleagues in the human resource management profession for lunch today and I couldn't relate with the general drift of the conversation, which was about how the looonnngg holidays have screwed up work habits and made things difficult for certain organizations. Huh??!

I could relate with the inconvenience encountered by companies with some cash flow difficulties. Holidays meant no clearing which translated into more days before check deposits could be drawn.

But I couldnt relate with that bit about how vacations and holidays encourage indolence and general laziness. I belong to the faction that believes rest and recreation energizes people and makes people more productive.

Okay. So Malacanan Palance went overboard with the holidays during the last holiday season. I don't think it will happen again considering that Christmas and New Year this year fall on a Friday.

Anyway, I have also been advocating that we move the official observance of certain holidays to December anyway so that people can have a longer stretch of rest and recreation. Many countries actually observe this practice such as Japan. They take the whole month of December off.

Whatever. I hope you guys had a great time recharging yourselves. Tomorrow we transform into work drones again.


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