In its newscasts today, ABS-CBN once again indulged in sensationalist, tabloid style reportage.

They featured a news story about a student caught in possession of a sachet of marijuana at Embassy Bar. They identified the student, showed his face on television, and went to town with the fact that he is a student of De La Salle University. They even showed his student ID, student number, course, etc. As if what was written on the ID was not enough, they had to superimpose their footage with the name of the university; in huge letters, in bold.

Ano ang kinalaman ng university sa krimen? ABS-CBN is trying to make a connection and they are not even being subtle about it.


Antonio Pe Yang III said…
Meh. It's just La Salle anyway (Ateneo alumni here XD).

Seriously, I recall reading that it's journalistically unprofessional to report about certain aspects of a suspect's personal life.

That, and I've heard from other sources that this was not the only ID the perp was carrying. ABS should have at least verified with La Salle if he reallys is a student, or just had the ID forged.
Antonio Pe Yang III said…
On the flip side, there's the matter of PDEA's Major Marcelino, who has shown remarkable integrity and professionalism in the face of the DoJ's attempts at dicrediting his agency.

Don't you think it's strange - and rather ironic - that in a society that abhors the military and the police as nothing more than thugs and murderous cutthroats, our latest beacon of hope honor belongs to one of the two said institutions?

I'm wondering why he's not getting as much coverage by ABS-CBN - the Major's one of the few good things that came out of the Alabang Boys clusterf**k.

Pardon the French
Bong C. Austero said…
Anton, actually, there's the other angle as well - child abuse. Turns out that the suspects are underage as well so technically, it is child abuse.

Well, I've always maintained that it is never a good idea to generalize. There are crocodiles in congress, yes, but some of the best minds in this country are in that chamber as well. There are rogues in the justice department, but i also know quite a number of really idealistic and honest state prosecutors. And then of course there are hoodlums in the military, but there are also quite a number of heroes.

Bong austero

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