Just the usual chismis

Nothing like good old-fashioned showbiz chismis to keep any reunion or get together alive and buzzing.

From the many Christmas parties that I went to this year, here's some of the juicier stuff that I gathered:

1. The supposed definitive story of what really happened to Marky Cielo. If the story that was being whispered about was true, it seems the scion of a powerful political clan in a province south of Manila has a lot of explaining to do. According to a very reliable source, which, as we all know, really means the information was gathered from a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend... Marky Cielo had something going on with an up and coming young singer-actress who was being linked with the actor-scion of the political clan. Allegedly, death threats were made. Etc. Etc. But then again, this story may just be another yarn...just a product of someone's very active imagination. I think everyone should learn to take showbiz stories with shovels of salt. But if the story is true, well...as I said, someone has a lot of explaining to do.

2. ABS-CBN was supposed to have successfully bought the television rights of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight which was turned into a blockbuster movie recently. The network is reportedly deep in preparations to turn the love story between a vampire and a mortal into a teleserye entitled Takipsilim, featuring Rayver Cruz and Shaina Magdayao as Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan. The whole chismis seems plausible. But to be honest about it, am not really sure the idea of a dashing, dazzling, desirable Filipino vampire is something that's culturally appropriate. So if this is true, good luck to ABS-CBN .

3. From a very reliable source (which as I said earlier, really means the source is dubious), I learned that Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes have a mutual understanding which was abruptly cut short by the unexpected frosty reception from many quarters. The source said that the two hoped that everyone would be so kilig at the idea that they were already a couple but unfortunately, it seems except for their diehard fans, everyone else was cold to the idea. Apparently, many think she's hardly girlfriend material. I have no idea why not. And quite frankly, I have no idea what's so newsworthy about this whole thing that merits our attention at all.

4. The Survivor spoiler that turned out to be true after all. You will recall that the news that the basketball player from San Sebastian College won as the ultimate survivor was leaked in the net. GMA 7 debunked the information. As can be expected, the whole spoiler sent many people at East Avenue in panic mode - the station had poured in millions in the show after all. What the whole experience told us is that keeping secrets and upholding confidentiality agreements is truly not one of our strengths as a people.

Of course, the Vicky Belo -Hayden Kho - Katrina Halili controversy preoccupied many people during the holidays. The male doctor had eventually admitted - on public television, gasp! gasp! - that yes, he cheated on her, and yes, he attempted suicide. These things were widely whispered about. The reaction of most of my friends: Ganda ganda at haba haba ng hair ni Vicky Belo!

And what chismis livened up your Christmas parties?


Twin-Skies said…
ABS-CBN...got the TV rights for Twilight? I dunno Bong, if every Filipino here who's a fan of the book heard that news as well, it would be as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

Bloody hell (no pun intended) as if the book wasn't sappy enough, we've got a studio all ready to retrofit a pinoy version with their own brand of cheesy dialogue and over-acting celebirties. Can you say train wreck?

The only vampiric reference I see with this unholy union - it will suck.

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