When it rains...

Given the fact that we've been experiencing the problem for many years now and that it is a problem that brings with it terrible, awful, horrifying consequences, one would think that someone out there would have come up with a solution to it.

But nope. Everytime it rains, the metro still gets submerged in filthy, stinky floodwaters. Traffic comes to a complete halt. People get stranded. Etc. Etc. Etc.

We've even reached the point when most among us have come to accept the aggravation as a fact of life, as a force of nature, an act of God. Oh please. Rain is an act of god. But flooding is not.

Flooding is caused by mismanagement of the garbage problem, of the utter failure of our leaders to build better drainage systems, etc. The monstrous traffic jams are caused by the breakdown of discipline on the road, the disappearance of traffic cops who are most needed to unlock bottlenecks, the reduction of road space for vehicles since pedestrians commandeer roads into promenades and giant sidewalks, etc.


Ormocanon said…
"Everytime it rains, the metro still gets submerged in filthy, stinky floodwaters." -Bong Austero

It's a perennial problem. Maybe the LGU's concerned can learn a lesson or two from the residents of Brgy. Luz in Cebu regarding solid waste management.

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