This is supposed to be funny?

Blogger bryanboy le superstar fabulous is a pinoy global phenomenon that needs to be appreciated within a specific context. His humor is something that needs to be taken with a certain degree of tolerance - if you want political correctness, bryanboy is not for you. But beneath all the gross exteriors of furs and designer labels and shameless self-promotion and what he calls "faggotry" I have no doubt that there is something more about bryanboy than meets the eye.

Having said that, I'd like to state for the record that I was quite taken aback by this recent post in his blog.

It's supposed to be a joke, I know.

And they did say they were kidding and that they love us. Yeah, that's supposed to make us feel better. That's supposed to be cute. We're supposed to just roll over and not be sensitive about it.

But think about it. Just think about it. Of the many things they can say about us, of the million and one things they could use to supposedly make us sit up and notice, of all the possible things they could joke about our country and our people... they chose this:

"Pupunta kami sa inyong bayan at gagamitin namin kayo parang mgang putang babaeng mura ng marikina!!"

and then:


We're supposed to find that cute and funny?


deuts said…
Definitely not funny!
I didn't. Sarcasm is a tricky thing. It's the same as stabbing a person head-on, and then later saying that's just a joke.
Anonymous said…
feeling high and mighty sila
Anonymous said…
I think it's funny if not cute.

BB is not exactly the most politically-correct blog out there and I don't see why the fuzz over this when clearly it was meant to be a joke.

In any case, stereotypes exist for a reason.
Ormocanon said…
Nope....not funny; But I couldn't care less because it's a petty matter. No sense in making mountains out of molehills.

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