Chronicles of E

I bloghop as often as I can, which unfortunately is not as often as I would want to (same old excuses - long hours at work, a teaching job, a column to write, kids to take care of, etc). Bloghopping is a truly unpredictable experience. There are days when the effort yields nothing particularly noteworthy other than being able to catch up on what's new in other people's lives. But every once in a rare while, one comes across blogs that simply, for want of a better description, take your breath away.

Chronicles of E is like that. I learned about the blog through Misterhubs. E is a recovering "bad person" and the blog is about his journey. He writes about his experiences - and what he has written so far make for compelling reading - and the psychologist in me hopes it is working as some kind of therapy for him. What he is doing is not easy, particularly since the ghosts that he seems determined to expunge from his system are the stuff that haunts not only one's nightmares but one's living existence as well.

As usual, there are people who only see the fluff and the gross exteriors (or in this particular case, the glint of a sharp blade) . For instance, I was quite taken aback by people who suggest that the blogger drop names and skewer other people (in the mold of the 70,000 dollar blog) as if everything is about salacious gossip. And then there are those who see opportunities to indulge in some fantasies of their own via the blog.

I hope E finds liberation from whatever it is that is weighing him down and I hope the blogosphere helps him in the journey.

Blogs as therapy, hmmm...


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