Stupid move

I received a number of text messages from three different cellphones today telling me in no uncertain terms to back out from the Brian Gorrell issue. I didnt bother to respond.

I heard that Magic and the hosts of Good Times have received threats and warnings.

Sigh. Some people simply don't get it still. Threatening people only make things worse. For example, I didnt have plans of writing about the Brian Gorrell issue again after my last post. As someone pointed out to me in this blog, there are other things to write about in this country.

But now that I've been annoyed, I might just decide to write about it again. And again.


jher said…
Naku bong, there are more serious issues to talk about that won't land you in jail. Hahahah. Daming problema ng pilipinas no.

Anyway, here's a reference just so you know why some bloggers are staying away from this (non)issue.
Anonymous said…
Hi Bong!
Just opened your blog after quite some time. Yeah there are just more important things that we need to involve our grey matter about: the rice shortage is way up there in the list and this DJMontano thing shouldn't even be in any list at all. I forgot how I came across this hi society mess story but the short item I saw about it just wasn't worth my sustained attention. But I don't blame people for following the story, it's a curious one and it's about people the common tao like me wishes would just stay away from the country, or just stay in the foreign country they could afford to go to for their annual holidays.
Anyway, my beef however is with the PDInquirer. What is with this newspaper? For a few years now it has a full section every Saturday devoted to the columns of young "writers" whose only qualification is that they are rich kids, just recently returned from school (or parental exile) in a foreign country, half-foreigner, fluent in English and proudly an idiot with the Filipino language, proudly flaunting their Boracay summer trips, and namedropping every person in high society only they think are important. And they write about their holidays, their shopping trips and finds, the parties they attend, the hi society people they meet, and brazenly think their x or y or z generation should rule and be listened to. What crap.
THis has been one of my issues with this Inquirer, which in the olden days (post-EDSA 1 &2) I
admire and read a lot, apart from the other issue of journalistic degradation and playing its opposition stand to the point of being OA.
And now (last weekend), it has devoted precious front page space to that DJMontano coming-out interview. To me it read like they are siding with one of their society page regulars, the youngbloods they devote a whole section to. It left a bad taste in my mouth. They have just lost a reader in me.

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