Senate investigation... again?

The senators still have to get started on doing what they are supposed to be doing - which, just in case many among us have forgotten, involve having to legislate laws - and newbie-senator Chiz Escudero has already called for a senate investigation on the government's move to address the impending power crisis. Yup, the first order of the day is an...investigation! A hearing!

Chiz suspects that some anomaly is afoot in the government's emergency purchase of coal to be used by the power plants that generate electricity for Luzon. His vigilance is admirable. But it might be better if he actually checks his sources and validates his suspicions first before opening his mouth on public television. My friends at Mirant Power Corporation in Sual (the plant that has been experiencing shortages in coal supply - since last year actually) told me that the situation is so bad frequent brownouts is not just a possibility but a certainty if the situation continues.

If the whole of Luzon suffers from recurring brown outs, will Chiz take personal responsibility? I doubt it.

If he knows for a fact that some anomaly is happening, he does not need to conduct an investigation. All he needs to do is expose it and lambast it on public television. Unless of course he is not sure and wants to use the resources of the whole senate to conduct his witchhunt.

Again, I am not against anyone out to expose anomalies and graft and corruption. But we know that nothing has come out of any of the investigations conducted by the senate in the past . It was all for show.

I voted for Chiz against the advice of my friends. I hope I don't ever regret doing so.


intsik said…

I wasn't able to vote last May 14. I was in Cebu and my hometown was an isalnd away. If I were in Bacolod, I would have included Chiz on my list.

I admire the man's courage. He is promising as a politician. But at times, his lashes on his Ninang's administration are of dubious motives.

I agree with you. Well, the best, most visible way of becoming a senator these days is spearheading an investigation for "legislative purposes". Chiz, at an early stage, knows media mileage is necessary for his political ambitions.
Bong C. Austero said…
Yup, you gotta hand it to this Chiz guy. As a friend put it quite well - young, articulate, gwapo, knows how to pander to the masses, and palaban. I may not always agree with his advocacies, but I respect the guy.

Trosp said…
These three senators - Lacson, Escudero, and Cayetano (not the woman senator but dumb looking one), they have always a common MO - "it is always the seriousness of the charge, and not the nature of the evidence that matters"


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