Mindless and aimless


I thought I already posted my rant about Pinoy Big Brother. It turns out the piece was consigned to the draft folder. It was a good thing someone posted a comment to remind me about it. I have updated the piece.

Picture this: you are in a party where the guests are mildly interesting but on closer observation are revealed to be just like you and me - people who are prone to some emotional outbursts every now and then, but in general have personalities that are as colorful as a an ordinary towel.

However, the party has been overly hyped to be fun so you expect fireworks to explode, you expect emotional hara-kiris to be unleashed, you expect something out of the ordinary. What you get though is the same stuff that you would normally get from your friends and family. In fact your friends can be more interesting without trying. And there's definitely more drama in your family.

The party is getting to be boring and you wanna tune off. The hosts try to liven up the party with this or that intervention - until they become desperate and experiment with all kinds of direct interventions designed to produce major emotional breakdowns. They fail, and dismally at that.

You have no idea where the party is going, or what's gonna happen. You've lost interest and you begin to tune off - catching some Z's or doing other stuff. You try to tune back in hoping against hope that things have changed. But to your growing dismay, nothing has changed; in fact things have only become more boring. The only time something exciting happens is when the hosts do something to the guests - such as bully them, or make them do innane stuff. And then everything goes back to the same boring stuff. It's still going nowhere.

And that is my description of Pinoy Big Brother, Season 2. In a phrase: it's going nowhere; it is simply meandering aimlessly.

I guess this is what happens when housemates are chosen primarily for their looks and their x factor. I don't mean to generalize and to cast aspersions on goodlooking people, but those they picked for PBB2 just dont seem to have anything else between the ears other than a cute face. Their personalities also tend to be the same - non-confrontative, laid back, preoccupied with the mundane, hung up on parent/ex issues, etc. In short, boring.

The housemates that had potential to spice things up a bit were kicked out early on. Too bad. It was downhill from that point on. So PBB2 tried to bring them back - but sadly, aside from Wendy who got in courtesy of the loveteam angle - they didnt get voted in. Of course. PBB didnt package them well enough to be likeable to audiences.

So the show is stuck in limbo. Now they practically have to pump the housemates with sugar or uppers to produce a tiny bit of excitement. They brought in a dog, old housemates, mothers, a housemate from Slovenia, fathers, siblings, ex lovers, etc. And the show is still boring as ever.

They have abused the housemates emotionally, made false promises, and given false hopes. It is still boring.

They should just wrap the show quickly and start all over again. And oh, maybe they should kick whoever was responsible for picking the sorry bunch that comprise PBB2.


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