Back home and recuperating

I got home today from the hospital after undergoing two surgical procedures immediately after the elections. I am okay and hopefully on the way to recovery. No complications so far, thank you God.

I will write about the experience as a column on Monday - I have to shoot several birds with one stone - my way of updating my friends, colleagues and students; ensuring that I don't miss out on my column, and updating this blog.

Will be back soon. Promise.


Anonymous said…
I was wondering why it took you so long to update.

I hope you are well, and wish you well.

Take care of yourself, because no one else will.
snglguy said…
Glad to know everything went well, bong.

Have a good rest this weekend, my friend. :-)
Anonymous said…
Hi bongster. nice to know you're fine.take care always. ciao -jt agregado
Anonymous said…
Good to know that you're ok and better already daddy bong :)
Rest well! -alvin
gail gonzales said…
hi sir. gail here. hope you're doing well now. im praying for your speedy recovery. take care.
cvj said…
Get well soon!
Bong C. Austero said…
Sean John said…
Bong, just read about this post about your 2 surgical procedures.
Since I don't know what this is about, I'm really worried that you may have decided to go ahead with the options that you were considering when you were in your 20's, which we discussed in the early 90's.
I gather that to have circumcision and penile enlargement surgeries done in one's 40's can be very risky and even more painful, especially if you have them done at the same time. So please tell me it isn't something serious. I promised you I would be there to push your wheelchair at our old age, but since I am across the Pacific, I can't be there to even push you out of the hospital and help you pee. LOL

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