Six down, six more to go...

One of the regular readers of this blog, someone who goes by the handle "Mommy Jo" left a comment a few weeks ago encouraging me to open a discussion on the candidates running for public office.

As you may have noticed, I have made public my picks for senator.

I have so far chosen six (in alphabetical order now): Joker Arroyo, Noynoy Aquino, Dr. Martin Bautista, Mike Defensor, Kiko Pangilinan, and Sonia Roco. That's my list so far. I haven't made up my mind on who the other six will be, but I will announce my other choices in the next few weeks.

Please bear in mind that the criteria I am using for the selection process is a highly personal one. I don't expect everyone to agree with my choices. It does bother me sometimes that there are people who seem to get offended when my opinions are not aligned with theirs, but I don't lose sleep over it. I guess it is personal for some people and too bad I don't feel I should pander to anyone's wishes.

One of the things that saddens me about the 2007 midterm elections is that there are people who continue to insist that political affiliation should be the main criterion for choosing candidates. I disagree. I think that political affiliation is a myth because aside from the GMA impeachment issue, the political parties do not actually stand for anything distinct and unique in terms of platforms and ideologies. For example, I do not believe that Joker Arroyo, who has always distinguished himself as a political maverick of sorts, will be a GMA lackey once reelected into office.

A dear friend of mine has been chiding me for endorsing Noynoy Aquino. She told me that she has it from a very reliable source (one of Aquino's employees at Congress is allegedly a friend of my friend) that Aquino's work ethics are questionable. Allegedly, Aquino wakes up very late and is lazy. Granted that the information is correct, I would still like to think that Aquino can still mend his ways. The thing with work habits is that they can be changed. I picked Aquino because he has always talked sense, even if I sometimes disagreed with his opinions.

I picked Sonia Roco because I have always been a Raul Roco fan. I voted for Raul Roco for President. I think that education, which is her main platform, is a valid and critical advocacy that deserves more voices in the senate.

Mike Defensor has been getting bad rap because of his seeming blind loyalty to the President. I wish I can be as loyal to anyone (note to personal exes: please do not take this as another occasion to raise issues! hehe). But like I said, I do not subscribe to the notion that political affiliation should be the only consideration for picking candidates. Doing so would result in groupthink, a phenomenon that has painful consequences. Mike Defensor's record as legislator at Congress and as secretary should be evaluated on its own merits. On a personal note, I like the fact that this guy is not pikon - he is always composed and civil even when being put through the worst possible wringer.

In a perfect world, Dr. Martin Bautista should win hands down in any electoral contest. Too bad he is running with a rather obscure political party. I know I already said I do not put too much weight on political affiliation, but the two main parties do have access to resources and political machinery, which Kapatiran (Bautista's party) does not currently have. But I invite you to sift through Bautista's credentials and I assure you these offer more than enough reasons why this guy should be voted into office.

Pangilinan and Arroyo are both incumbent senators who deserve to be re-elected. Their performance as senators are beyond question.

So there. Six more to go. If anyone out there would like to bat for his or her own candidate, the floor is open. Let's hear it.


alden said…
Pareho tayo ng listahan Bong. Except that I I have Miguel Zubiri in my list. I m not sure if I will be able to come with 12 though
alden said…
On Mike Defensor and Miguel Zubiri. I think I like the way they stick it out with administration. It would be very easy for them to switch to the other side and gain more popularity and votes. They choose not to do that. Of course I was so impressed with Spice Boys when they were able to impeach Erap even when they are minority then. To me its it about getting things done.

Joker Arroyo is my number one in my list. And I believe shoudl be teh one to top this election. I belive no on the top three canbeat Jokers accomplishment.

Dr Martin Bautista is second on my list.

We have the same reason for voting for Sonia Roco. I am also a big fan of Raul Roco.

Im voting for Noynoy Aquino, because of Ninoy and to show the Marcoses that Ninoy spirit continue to linger even if I hated Cory now.

Im am still contemplating on Ralph Recto and Edgardo Angara.
vic said…
Even the picking up of the candidates to vote is quite complicated when compares to our voting system. In Federal Election we only pick one candidate to represent the constituent we permanently reside. It’s either we vote along the party line and vote for the candidate representing the party or vote for the Person.

Voting for the Party is a way of expressing the voter’s agreement with a particular party’s ideologies, programs of government and promises during the campaign and the concise and plain plan of actions of implementing the Promises, where the voters can judge if such promises are capable of being carried out or just promises in the winds.

But sometimes in a district (riding) a candidate has already earned the loyalty of the constituents and has already established himself as the only choice that the said candidate can switch parties and still carry the seat. Or the party line voting becomes irrelevant. We call it a personal stronghold and there are also instances that the voters of a particular riding vote along the party line and will vote whoever the party endorsed or nominated. But altogether it’s kind of hard to beat its Simplicity...One X and you’re e done exercising the most important aspect of Democracy, the Right to Vote..
Bong C. Austero said…
musta na!
I haven't made up my mind about Migs Zubiri. I hope he comes up with ads that have more substance and talks about a platform.

Bong C. Austero said…
i wish our electoral system in the country also puts weight on party ideology. but i guess that runs counter to the "star system" that dominates our current political system.

Tagaiyam said…
Joker Arroyo is number 1 in my list.....Kiko Pangilinan comes next...Mike Defensor is a must for me.... Please....please....let Zubiri join the Senate....I see him as a man of conviction....Of course Recto should "SHOULD" stay... I will still consider Angara over Lacson....definitely NOT Lacson.....wala yang gagawin kundi manggulo katulad ni Cayetano.....Their goal is to get back at the Arroyos and make life miserable for them....Roco is okay.....and hopefully she will not be another Soliman.... I know Loren Legarda will make it, but, I will not vote for her.... I will even vote for Montano before I will give my vote to Legarda....she too, has a way of using people for her gain....I have some doubts about Escudero, but, I am still considering him.... What is scary about him is, UNITY of our people seems to be the last in his agenda....Villar will be a strong consideration.....but....I am still needing to hear him stop playing safe....I wish I can see the light in Aquino.....ang gulo nila! Like Alden...." I doubt if I can come up with the 12....!
Anonymous said…
Hello Bong! So sorry I got to open your blog only now (Apr 10), nahuli tuloy ako. But am so happy you took my suggestion seriously. I hope this exchange with you and your readers will continue until we all come up with our own choices, no matter how disparate. We just need intelligent discussions in this election matter di ba?
My list so far is Joker, Martin Bautista, MikeDef, Sonia Roco, Kiko (altho I was miffed when Inquirer put in front page the story about her daughter being disturbed by his absence. Does the whole nation care? That put him in an advantage, and for free ha.) Am considering the Sison who's in the same party as Bautista, but I'll still read about him muna. Miguel Zubiri I am considering kaya lang his campaign jingle annoys me no end! I was telling my kids that I am insulted, and every Pinoy should be, everytime I hear the Boomtarat and Itaktak trash, that I will not vote for anyone who has those jingles. Noynoy is not on my list, he has to convince me yet, couldn't remember anything remarkable he did in Congress and his Hacienda Luisita statements I do not like. I'm considering Escudero, too, He is intelligent and can explain his position quite well (altho I don't share them) but I hope he feels regret for his father's loyalty to the end with Marcos. Ralph Recto, maybe. So mine is a shorter list than yours for the time being. And ditch those politicos myth that we are voting solid for either parties. Ano tayo, walang isip? Ano sila, hilo? Hehe
Good Day! --MommyJo
Anonymous said…
To tagaiyam: I was smiling when I was reading your comments because I share most of your observations. Yes, Angara over Lacson who,in my view, is too creepy. That male Cayetano will never be in my list, narindi ako masyado sa kanya over the FGArroyo issue, he just talks too much and was saying the same thing over and over and over...only because he wants name-recall come elections. About Loren, I've had enough of her, too ambisyosa and too obvious about it. Angara is ok, altho he's an expert chameleon. Yes, I see your very valid point about Escudero. Sige na nga, Zubiri na! Altho please tell him to ditch his jingle!!!
I am truly enjoying this exchange!
Trosp said…
Seems to me that I have a hard time commenting in this blog. This is a test.
Anonymous said…
I've tried for quite some times to comment here but I can not get through. I don't want to be an anonymous. How to do it?

Anonymous said…
We want Noynoy Aquino in the senate, to remind the Marcoses of their nightmare & to inject a fresher blood in the upper chamber.Noynoy belongs to a new breed of politicians who keeps his principles & convictions beyond loyalty. Indeed, Noynoy is among the few decent & dignified politicians of his generation who will not be bought by money & sheer grandstanding!
Anonymous said…
Noynoy Aquino, Chiz Escudero, Peter Cayetano, Sonia Roco, Loren Legarda, Koko Pimentel,Manny Villar, Ping Lacson, Sonny Osmena, Nikki Coseteng, Trillanes & Joker Arroyo
Anonymous said…
let's kick the trapos out of office including unrepentant Marcos loyalists.

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