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While doing visita iglesia yesterday, I couldn't help but note how enterprising some of our kababayans have become. Practically all the churches we went featured the same scene: ambulant vendors selling all kinds of stuff, from fruits to vegetables to various types of kakanin, in one church we even noticed someone selling pirated DVDs spread out on a mat right there on the sidewalk. At least, the titles were wholesome movies. I must admit to a guilty pleasure. I bought a pirated copy of Pursuit of Happyness. My bad. Hehehe.

And wherever we went, a number of our kababayans transformed sidewalks into pay parking spaces. Sigh. The sad thing was that even young kids have gotten into the act. At the Pope Pius Center, a band of very young boys were in charge - and they were quite aggressive. In fact we almost witnessed a fisticuff as three boys argued who had prior rights to the spot we parked in.

I suppose these boys were under the impression that there is nothing wrong with making a quick buck by mulcting motorists. They've probably seen how their elders do it.

Sigh. I wonder what kind of citizens we are developing in the Metro.


Anonymous said…
hi bong, i hope your kids were not with you when you bought the pirated dvd which is a ripoff because it's clear copy (shot inside a cinema).

also it's pope pius, not pious; otherwise it should have been "pious pope." but then since all popes are assumed pious, that would have been redundant. :)
pinoy said…
This is off topic. I just want to know your opinion on this issue with regards to candidate Sonia Roco.

Ms. Roco made the following comment when she was interviewed on TV Patrol regarding Team Unity's reaction to poll surveys on Top 12 senators.

"Para naman silang mga sariling mundo".

She followed her statement with a hearty laugh.

This offended the Autism Society of the Philippines and they are demanding an apology. I feel that Ms. Roco has to make an apology about this issue. What do you think?
Bong C. Austero said…
Yup, it is Pope Pius. Thanks for calling my attention to the oversight.

My kids, believe it or not, are both of legal age, which of course does not make buying pirated DVDs justified. If it is any consolation, I make it a point never to patronize pirated copies of Filipino movies or OPM.

Bong C. Austero said…
I heard about it and I intend to write about it this week; I just need more information. But off hand, I think we can all be forgiven for making stupid comments every now and then. Let's hope she apologizes.

vic said…

I believe an apoloty should be demmaded from Ms Rocco, If the comment she made regarding "autustic" is true or she herself should immediately apologize.

It gets to the heart of discrimination toward the group in regards to their mental and physical disabilies.

I remember demanding a personal apology from a very distinquished Priest Columnist in the country for writing a joke about a mentally disabled kid and made Canada the setting of the Joke and he did. It would be considered a violation of the constitutional rights of the mentally and physically diasbled which in our constitution is Equal among us. thank you...
City Muse said…
If it is any consolation, I make it a point never to patronize pirated copies of Filipino movies or OPM.

I find it interesting that you specifically mentioned this. Is it because you believe buying pirated DVDs of foreign films or music are somehow more acceptable? I'm not being judgmental, just curious to know your take on the issue. I've personally never bought or downloaded pirated copies of anything, because quality originals are available at an affordable price in the U.S. via iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Still, there are others who refuse to pay if they can get it for free, and here in the U.S., downloading free pirated copies of movies and music are more common than actually buying pirated copies in the black market. Discussion rages on about intellectual property rights and the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyrights Act) which movie and music companies have used to aggressively sue thousands of internet users, even minors, for illegally downloading copyrighted music and film. There's a faction which believes the law is the law and it should be followed, while another faction believes that corporations have abused the legal system to their advantage and to the detriment of consumers and artists.

There's an interesting discussion going on now about this on the Dilbert Blog, which you can read here and here. As you can see, people feel passionately about this either way. I'd be interested to read your opinion on it, if you have one.

Btw, belated Happy Easter to you and yours.
Bong C. Austero said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bong C. Austero said…
city muse,
ooops, i didn't mean it that way. buying pirated DVDs is wrong, period. however, original discs of opm and DVDs of local movies are now cheaper and more reasonably priced - i think the industry is finally waking up to reality.

i will write about this in the future. promise.

thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.


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