If anyone out there is looking for a perfect example to illustrate "mixed feelings" here's a text message that does just that:

"PLEASE PATRONIZE PIRATED FILIPINO DVDs and VCDs so that the Philippine movie industry will DIE and we will no longer have ACTORS and ACTRESSES or their spouses running for public office. Please pass."

Really, really tempting.


Sa Wari Ko said…
Oh Shit!

Sumakit ang tiyan ko sa katatawa!
Nelson said…
Hello Bong,

I've been an avid reader of your blog since your very famous letter circulated more than a year ago (I think).

I, too, am very tempted. I have a very low view of Filipino actors/actresses (and the movies produced as well--but let's not get into that), and it just annoys me that they still have the gall to enter politics (politics lang ha?) and consider themselves qualified for governance (well perhaps if you consider Philippine politics as a popularity contest, then they've very much qualified).

I am a Filipino who has immigrated to Canada more than two years ago. My partner (who's Canadian), continually insists that I participate in Philippine elections (absentee voting via the Philippine Consulate), that I do my part as a Filipino citizen. Pero naman, nakakadismayang mag-participate kung ganito mga kandidato. What's the point?

More power, Bong. ;-)

Connie said…
Hahahaha nice one, Bong. Sounds ridiculous at first glance pero it makes sense on another level -- I guess Pinoys are really sick of the posturing of actors-wannabe-politicians.
lateralus said…
If that were to happen, most actors and actresses will run for public office. The industry is ALREADY DYING and they'll need to jump ship to a more... umm... lucrative field. In the end, it's counter productive.

The better solution? Kill all actors and actresses.


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