Happy Valentines

Sometimes you just have to let the child within us go out and play.

Some romantic souls at the office decided to make a big deal out of Valentines Day this year so they took it upon themselves to hang hearts all over our office and paste cutouts of cupid (am sure you remember those cutouts from grade school days).
Initially, we felt it was...well, mushy.

But looks like those hanging red hearts have created a positive effect on people at work. Everyone seems to be more fun-loving lately and generally more tolerant and accepting.

I know Valentines is a commercial holiday. It's a ploy created by the people who stand to make a profit from it and designed to appeal to the little child within each one of us who just wants to be loved (all together now... awwwwww!).

Well, if you don't have a date tomorrow (I have classes until 9:15pm and I have decided to let out the little child in me as well, the one that likes to annoy everyone else, teehee. I have decided to give out loonnngg unit tests in both classes. Bwahahaha), take comfort in the fact that you are not alone.
I don't, as well. But hey, it's by choice.

But Happy Valentines Day everyone, whether you believe in it or not, whether you feel like celebrating or kicking me in the shin.
Special mention to my parents who are celebrating their 40th year wedding anniversary tomorrow as well.
And to friends who are celebrating valentines day together despite the odds. You know who you are. Happy valentines!


te and lisette said…
hi bong! this is lisette of teandlisette, 2explore.blogspot.com. it's so great that somebody finally left a comment in our blog, and a positive one at that! hahaha... go ahead and link us please. as for me, im just happy that somebody else have read our blog aside from 2 of our relatives and a friend. hehehe... thanks for your kind words! happy valentine's day! :) lisette

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