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I've never been big on making resolutions for the New Year.

But my friends and I had one of those verrrry serious end-of-the-year talk over bottles of red wine recently and the conversation eventually became a sort-of inventory of the pluses and minuses in our respective lives, or to be more specific, our lifestyles.

A quick survey around the table revealed just how the years are finally catching up on us. It must have been the red wine, or the fact that we were in the company of friends; but well, there we were letting it all hang loose as we talked about our fears and our concerns about our own mortality. We were all hypertensive and that was the "simpler" medical problem. I personally am still reeling from this darn pain in my right ear (am on second generation antibiotics already and the infection is still festering...darn it). It struck us that most of us were already caught up doing the dreaded numbers game ... you know, counting creatinin, cholesterol, sgpt, sugar, uric acid levels, etc. So we figured it is time for some serious resolutions after all.

So here goes. I figured making this list public forces me to commit to them.

1. I will lose weight this year; in fact, I will lose a lot of weight this year. The reason is not just aesthetics - I've gotten used to having people I haven't seen in ages walk up to me to tell me that they didn't recognize me because I have doubled in size since the last time they saw me - but more out of concern for my...feet(!) not to mention my heart and liver and kidneys and God knows what other organ is at risk. Exactly how, I don't know yet since I have this aversion to any kind of exercise. But I resolve to lose weight this year. I swear.

2. I will update this blog more often and more regularly. I know, I know...most of the posts in this blog since June 2006 were my columns in the Manila Standard Today. Mea culpa. I know that this wouldn't be a legitimate blog if it does not feature anything original (and I mean stuff written primarily for this blog).

3. I will catch up on my reading. The number of books gathering dust on my headboard has accumulated in the last year and I swear I will stop thinking of them as "retirement books." I am embarrassed to admit that I only read less than half of the books I bought last year; all of which I fully intended to read, by the way.

4. I will allot more time for personal relaxation this year. Enough of the back-breaking schedule and attempts at self-annihilation by saying yes and committing to a lot of activities. So forgive me if I have to say no to invitations to speak at this or that forum, or to sit at this or that panel at school. I will learn to limit committee work with the professional organizations I am part of. I will refrain from stretching myself too thinly.

5. I will try to be more patient and tolerant and nurturing when dealing with my aging parents. Sigh. I will try to spend more time listening to my parents' concerns and try not to be too hard on them.

6. I will listen to my body more and avoid postponing medical check-ups until certain leaks and creaks become unbearable. I will get more regular massage (preferably legitimate, grin) and in general will try not to overtax my body.

7. I will try to make more money and save up more.

8. I will try to attend to my non-existent love life this year (yes, Jerome and Aldy, I will try to become more emotionally vulnerable this year).

There. My list of eight resolutions. The very first time I actually tried to draw up a list. If anyone out there has suggestions on how I can attain these the easy way, feel free to leave a comment.

And what is your New Year resolution?


jtagregado said…
yeah right. yung ibang "resolution" dyan (like lose weight), matagal mo ng sinasabi sa amin ah. HAHAHA

joke. At least wala ng "i will TRY to quit smoking"

HAppy new year!

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