The nightmare begins

Senator Richard Gomez. I don't know about you, but the thought sends shivers down my spine. Reports have it that the actor slash television gossip host slash underwear model visited former President Erap Estrada at his posh Taytay hideaway (also knows as his "prison") purportedly to ask for his blessings to be allowed to run for the Senate under the banner of the opposition.

If he wins (and I think he has a good chance of winning given his popularity), he will be the fourth "actor" in the Senate -after Lito Lapid, Bong Revilla, and Jinggoy Estrada. In terms of connection to local showbiz, we should add to the list Francis Pangilinan (married to the mega star Sharon Cuneta), Ralph Recto (married to star for all seasons Vilma Santos), Loi Ejercito (married to former President and actor/producer/director Joseph Estrada), Pia Cayetano (daughter of former topnotch lawyer but more popularly known as television personality Rene Cayetano). And if fate decides to play a cruel joke on us, JV Ejercito and Alan Peter Cayetano(siblings of Jinggoy and Pia, respectively) and Robert Jaworski (brother-in-law of Bong Revilla and in his own right a celebrity who also dabbled in local films and television shows) might just end up at the Senate as well.

Add to the lot the possibility of Korina Sanchez (TV personality, girlfriend of current senator Mar Roxas) running and winning a seat in the new Senate as well.

That's easily half of the senate. Good grief.

I am not knocking the capabilities of celebrities and relatives of incumbent senators. But please, this transforms the Senate into one giant family affair cum showbiz studio.

(Picture filched from iGMA website)


Bernardocarpio said…
I can't wait for a rumble to erupt in the senate if these people win. And Goma would be the firestarter (given his history). I wonder how well he would take the interpollation of his colleagues? Probably he would just say "tara dun tayo sa labas suntukan tayo". Let the sideshow begin.
Sa Wari Ko said…
Entertaining entry>

keep writing!

BongA said…
hahaha. right, i forgot how short-tempered he is. i still remember that infamous fisticuff between him and robin padilla right under the window of President Cory Aquino's bedroom.


Sa wari ko,

thanks! I will.

Anonymous said…
Ang kapal ng mukha niya! Nakakinis!!!
domingo said…
Bong, your "nightmare" may have a solution--Election by LOTTO. No expenses. No violence. And, yes, the government earns. Anyway, whoever wins (driver, fisherman, teacher, etc.) will at least be at par with or might even turn out to be a lot better than the hustlers now in power who have made a career out of politics and those in show biz. Along with the LOTTO, of course, shorter terms of office with perhaps an improved civil service (NGO-style) might just help end the "nightmare."
Major Tom said…
It only shows the main demographics of our voters; name recall is very significant factor, to the detriment of reputation and proven track-record.

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