A new page

Thank you to those who emailed me privately commenting on the new look of this blog. It is something that I have always wanted to do - change the overall packaging.

The New Year was an opportune time to do it in keeping with my resolve to make some drastic changes. So I hope you like the new look. I hope to add more features - perhaps use more pictures (as soon as I learn how to upload pictures from my cellphone, there goes another resolution), perhaps showcase what am currently reading (am currently struggling through Life of Pi by Yann Martel and The Possibility of an Island by Michel Houellebecq; did I tell you about my weird habit of starting three to four books at any given time?) and even perhaps feature my newest discovery in the blogosphere (and there are hundreds of thousands of other blogs out there that I am sure I can add to my list of favorites).

Thanks to google, blogspot has become easier to manage. Changing layout and adding features have become easier and more user friendly - it's now a basic click and drag operation, which is really a major boost for non-techies like me.

So there. I really do resolve to find more time for this blog this year. Who knows I might actually start earning from it (hahaha, tough chance).


Sa wari Ko said…
Ok lang sana na isama kita sa blog roll ko.

Napansin ko din na taga Remedios AIDS Foundation ka pala. Namention ko yon dati sa aking blog-novel. Hehe.

Wag kang mapapagod magsulat, hindi ako mapapagod magbasa.

Neat theme btw.

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