Har har har

There are funny text messages and there are funnier text messages. This one belongs to the latter category, sent to me by a friend of mine, which I promptly forwarded to my closest friends:

"Dare what it takes to be. Then we shall because it is. To do or not, now or what else to be without." Words of wisdom from Senator Lito Lapid, bahala ka na umintindi."

Of course I know that the attribution to Senator Lapid is also meant as a joke. But who knows, like the Eraption book which was a carefully crafted and orchestrated PR stunt by Reli German, text jokes like this may actually be a creative campaign propaganda. Up until now, Lito Lapid's carabao English has not been an issue at all. Is he really running for Mayor of Makati?


BatJay said…
what is he trying to exit with that kind of english?

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