The best "turon" ever

I am not a food blogger. I like visiting food blogs though and I am always awed and amazed at the exquisite pictures of food that invariably come with the posts. I have a cellphone with a camera that can take fairly passable pictures. I can appreciate good food presentation - specially if it's made for the appreciation of my various senses. But somehow, I always forget to take pictures of whatever it is I am having before I actually attack it!!! Di naman ako ganun katakaw (konti lang). I guess I just need to make a mental effort to remind myself to take pictures of whatever it is I am eating, or doing, or seeing.


I was having lunch with a group of mature "geeks" at one of the restaurants at the Asian Institute of Management (the group included a professor of the institute) and upon the prodding of the professor, we ordered the famous dessert of that restaurant - Turon. Yup, that's right. Turon - as in fried bananas. But this one was different. It was... orgasmic. I never thought there would be a time when I would use that term to describe food, but well, it's the best I could come up with.

The turon, which was served with Vanilla ice cream and strawberry syrup, had ube halaya and langka strips inside. And the combination really worked. By the time I regained full control of my mental faculties and thought of taking pictures of the wonderful concoction, the turon and ice cream on my plate already resembled halo-halo. It was a good thing there was one serving on the table that was still "presentable." Thus the pictures below.

It's the best turon I have ever tasted! Honest!


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