Roll out the barrel...

And so the party season has begun.

I went to my first Christmas Party tonight; it was more of a reunion of a graduate school class I once had the privilege of mentoring. It was also my first time in a long, long while to be inside a bar with live entertainment.

The place my friends picked was Nicotina, a garden restaurant and bar along Roxas Boulevard, right next to the Department of Foreign Affairs building in Pasay City. I work nearby, but I didnt even know the place existed. I learned that the place is actually more than a year old. It's a really nice place - there's no airconditioning (only huge industrial fans aimed at the ceiling) but surprisingly the place was not humid at all.

What I liked about the place was that the entertainment was quite relaxing - none of those loud blaring noise that many bars today pass off as cutting edge technology. There were two musical groups tonight - and each one had a distinct sound. The first one featured a piano, a wind instrument, an electric guitar, and a vocalist who we thought was Japanese but turned out to be Pinoy. They played standards and jazz music. The second group was composed of a keyboard, drums, guitars, and a female lead singer who reminded me very strongly of Jacqui Magno.

Nicotina serves Italian food and their pasta was one of the best I've tasted in a long while too.

We all had a swell time.

The clientele was mostly Americans though - I guess they are residents of Sea Front, the nearby residences of American employees who work at the US Embassy.

I think I just found a nice place to hang out every once in a while.


Anonymous said…
We have to go there one of these days. I think that's what you need para hindi kung ano anong sakit ang nakukuha mo :P

Tawagan na yung iba and LET's Go!!!


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