the aftermath

And where were you when nature unleashed its fury on us, ordinary mortals?

I was cocooned inside the ballroom of the Crowne Plaza where the Personnel Management Association of the Philippines was having its annual conference. "Cocooned" however was not exactly the right description because by the time we realized just how strongly the typhoon was pummeling everything on its path outside, it was too late to get out. So we soon realized we were actually stranded. At least there was electricity where we were courtesy of the hotel's generators, although the airconditioning was not exactly working well.

Anyway, there is still no electricity in the house. It is Sunday afternoon and looks like we're the last remaining people in the Metro to have electricity. It is actually infuriating because the problem in 0ur area has nothing to do with power lines - they already were able to restore everything a day after the typhoon. In fact, we had electricity Friday morning. Unfortunately, something blew up somewhere and Meralco has not been able to resolve the problem. They say that their priority is restoring power lines, not fixing blown up power regulators or whatever it was that blew up. Great, just great.

Am writing this from a cafe. Just wanted to touch base and update my blog.

I hope you guys are safe and recovering well.


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