Where's the singing?

In an earlier post, my friend Jher weighed in with his rants about the way Philippine Idol is being managed by ABC 5. I also made it a point to watch Philippine Idol last Saturday to see just exactly how the competition is going to shape up. I agreed with most of Jher's comments - the technicals were really bad, and the audio actually went kaput during one of the performances - but I think there is hope for the show. However, it looks like the people at ABC 5 really need to get their acts together once and for all.

My main question is: what exactly is their schedule? When exactly will the singing commence? They launched the show many months ago and they succeeded in creating a huge buzz . Unfortunately, they seemed to have squandered the opportunity by taking their own sweet time. Instead of doing a daily show, they compressed everything to an every-Sunday thing. In this day and age of instant gratification, who has the patience to wait up that long? They could have gained a more solid and loyal following if they showed more footage of the auditions every night. Some of those clips were truly hilarious and beats Bitoy's Funniest Videos, even Wow Mali! anytime.

And just when you thought the real singing would finally commence, just when you begin anticipating some excitement, they spend one whole week introducing the male semi-finalists. Aaarggh! So those looking forward to Philippine Idol becoming a singing contest will just have to wait. Of course, there is the showdown of the 12 female semi-finalists on Saturday. But after that, Philipine Idol will be reduced to Eye To Eye, one whole week of putting up with Heart Evangelista make small giggly talk with the semi-finalists.

It is a singing contest, darn it.

If the show last Saturday is harbinger of sorts, boy, we are in for some really lame judging. Ryan Cayabyab tried to live up to his name as the country's foremost music expert - but his attempts at objectivity was no match to his co-jurors' exuberance and fanatacism. Francis M's worst comment was: "I hope you get in so you can do better next time." What kind of comment is that? And Pilita Corrales seemed more interested in flirting with Ryan Agoncillo (I do not think that is necessarily bad, but I would wanted more analysis from her end).

It does not help of course that they are taping the show inside a venue that was meant to be, and really is, a moviehouse! No wonder they are having problems with their audio and lighting.

ABC 5 wake up!


Anonymous said…
Yesss, am watching Phil Idol, too, beats the depressing news have nowadays. And I agree with you it's kinda dragging. Well they're probably milking the show to the max, that's why the prolonged sked, and do they have to include that heart girl? For one her "pinched" voice get's to me after a while, kahit pa magaling sya um-Ingles.
I am slowly realizing my issue with our Idol version, it's the text voting. Knowing our pinoy tendency to let emotions get the better of us, I don't trust the text votes bringing to us the winner, esp. that they seem to plan on milking the contestants' stories, that's why heart girl is there. The one who is the most kawawa or pogi though not the best singer may actually win with this method. Hope I'm wrong. But look at the results of the Sunday's voting. I really think Robert from Cebu or Christian the med tech has a better voice and musicality than the pogi who was last of the top four. Drae is my bet among them. But boy oh boy, I'm amazed at the talents that these men and women have, even those who were eliminated. Gave me goose bumps at times. Will continue to watch unless heart girl will really make me murderous as the show goes on, Hahaha.
Gud day!--MommyJo
BongA said…
Mommy Jo!
Good to "see" you again. Missed your wisdom for sometime. I like drae too. too bad the judging is really awful to be of any help to Filipinos in making a choice.


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