Since I posted that advise on how to remove gallbladder stones, I have received emails from well-meaning friends and acquintances who sent in other similar cure-alls. I didn't realize there were so many of them.

One sent me an article on "how to kill cancer cells." The article essentially makes a pitch for eating fruits and vegetables. Having an appetite for fruits and veggies is not a problem for me, I can consume tons of them; my problem is that I can not eat certain fruits because of my acute hyperacidity and I can only eat certain vegetables because of high uric acid levels. Sigh. The article actually makes a lot of claims that, if proven true, should qualify whoever thought them up for the Nobel. But again, I have always believed that if the advise is not harmful and does not cost an arm and a leg, why not?

And then there was another email about how to cure dengue fever. Dengue fever is a scary thing to have and I am aware that many hospitals are overflowing with dengue cases. The proposed cure involves the use of the juice of papaya leaves. I don't know if papaya leaves are edible - but I can imagine what they taste like (ugh). The papaya leaves are supposed to increase blood platelets and the email included some testimonies from people who knows someone who knows someone whose son was miraculously healed by papaya leaves.

Yet another email detailed the list of leaves and fruits and plants found in the Philippines and their medicinal values. Some of those I already know. (I had a granduncle who was a quack doctor in my hometown when I was growing up but that is another interesting long story).

And in my inbox today was yet another email - this time about turmeric as a cure for certain skin and intestinal problems. Turmeric? Hmmmm. This reminds me of something an Indian friend of mine told me - Indian women rub on their skin what they put in their cooking. Turmeric of course is one of the most common ingredients in preparing curry. So perhaps there is some wisdom in there.

And yes, I did try that gallbladder stone advise. I drank gallons (or what seemed like gallons anyway, even apple juice leaves a bad taste in the mouth after the fourth glass on the second day) of apple juice everyday f0r five days. I can write about my experience (I think successful, although I still have to undergo an ultrasound next week), but I think certain indelicate stuff need not be discussed in this blog.


jtagregado said…
Any sightings of those "green floating things" yet? *chuckles*
Anyway, pardon my ignorance, but where does one get those Epsom Salt thing?

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