One year and counting...

This blog officially turned one year old yesterday, September 21.

This blog was created with the simplest of reasons - as a bulletin board of sorts where my friends and I could update each other on what was happening in our lives without having to do the often tedious job of exchanging emails. Before then, I was a happy kibitzer in some blogs, leaving comments here and there and generally just content with being a "lurker."

Along the way, this blog became an outlet for my rants and raves. One thing led to another, and well, after one year, here I am - a little bruised but generally wiser - but still trying to get used to the "attention."

The last 12 months have been truly exciting for me. Sure, it was also exasperating and frustrating at times, but overall, I would say it was a good year for me as a blogger. I realize that not many bloggers get noticed at such a short time (yes, I repeat - I have only been blogging for a year) and many of them certainly deserve it - so I know I should be grateful. And I am.

And so, I would like to officially thank all of you who have made visiting this blog a daily or weekly habit. I apologize for not being more diligent in updating this blog; the spirit is always willing but there are only 24 hours in a day and I only have so much energy in my body. But thanks for continuing to drop by even if it means reading the same posts every single time.

I would like to thank Manila Standard Today for the respect they give to bloggers - unlike other papers who think blogging and bloggers exist in a parallel universe- MST editors believe in the power of this new media.

And finally, I salute all bloggers out there. The great thing about bloggers is that regardless of the diversity there is a strong sense of community. Thanks guys for creating space for me.

It's been a great year. Blogging rocks!

(And now, perhaps it is time to give in to many offers to redesign this blog and to make some money! hahaha)


Anonymous said…
Congratulatons Bong.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations, Bong!
I'm sure as a blogger you have your share of detractors, on a bad day they may get your goat but mostly they can be taken as part of the whole deal. Why even those at the top of the global blogging world get these too! Do read Lev Grossman's essay in the very last page of the Sept 25 issue of Time mag. There he addresses a reader of his book reviews who constantly diss him and call him the most unsavory names in his own blog. Grossman is so funny with his essay. You'll probably identify with him.
Ciao! ---MommyJo
BongA said…
thanks guys!

Mommy jo, will read him.

Anonymous said…
hi bong,

congrats on the one-year landmark! i've been reading your blog too -- way before i started my own. i may not always agree with your opinions, but you have a way of saying them that demands at the very least a hearing. so keep it up.

btw, we've met. long time ago. TLF :)
BongA said…
Of course I know you - how can I not remember you?

Thanks for dropping by and for leaving a message. Good to know that at least we are still connecting somehow even if we disagree (hehe). I think that differences in opinions should not and must not get in the way of friendships.

I read you too. Let's have lunch or coffee or something sometime.

BongA said…
Mommy jo
I finally got to read that Lev Grossman's essay. Yup, I was able to identify with him, in fact I could have written that essay myself except that in my case, there are more "arch enemies." hehehe. Gave me an inspiration for a post here in my blog, though.

thanks for the wishes and the referral.

Sean John said…
Congratulations to my friend, Bong!
Happy Anniversary to the blog that inspired me to create one of my own, which unfortunately my friend, Bong, never reads, perhaps because he is too busy or no longer cares. Can't blame my friend, since he is now one popular blogger and columnist. I am glad this blog exist, or else I will never know how my friend is doing (since he never calls/writes/greets/emails or responds to my email), and/or what is happenning back in my homeland. He sure does have a lot to say. But one thing I surely miss is our times together when we would simply hang-out and say nothing...LOL

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