Mixed Results

There is truly no accounting for taste. People make choices based on their heart's desires - and who can fathom the innermost workings of the heart?

The last four singers to get into the magic 12 was a mixed bag:

Stef and Ken were not among the best performers last Saturday. Ken delivered a very tortured rendition of that classic Dionne Warwick song "A House In Not A Home." It turns out he was very sick but he went on with the show. I guess he got in through a sympathy vote.

But the two others, Gian and Mau, were the two top performers last Saturday. So their selection was proof that Filipinos know talent when they see it.

It helped also that finally, the judges were helpful. Because I dissed them in this space and in my column for their earlier performance, I would like to put it on record that I was happy with the changes I saw last Saturday.

So hopefully, ABC 5 will do a better job of making all of us proud of Filipino talent.

On with the first Philippine Idol!


Anonymous said…
Oops, Bong. I think the name of your blog guest is Domingo T. Arong.
I hope the "esteemed" senators will read you column. Hindi man nila aminin I think mag-iisip sila, hopefully. Still, it left a bad taste in my mouth.

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