Digging In

The scene was eerily reminiscent of something we have seen many times before in local movies. There was a "hero" holding fort inside a city hall, proclaiming his innocence to the world and harping against the monumental injustice being committed to him, his supporters, his city, his country, humanity, the universe, etc. The periphery was full of extras - wearing similar shirts at that - supporters who have come together to make up the first line of defense, people who were willing to rish life and limbs for their hero.

And then the shoving started. There was the obligatory cursing, crying, screaming, flailing. But as in the movies, the one with more gunpowder wins. The door was broken down and the hunt for the hero was started.

Only to discover that the hero has fled since early morning and had already abandoned his supporters. But he made himself available through his cellphone - and all the television stations had a live interview with the hero, who, as usual, proclaimed his innocence and came very short to elevating himself to sainthood.

It could have been hilarious had it not been for the fact that the scene was a brazen defiance of duly constituted authorities. This has happened many times in the past - when elected local officials would defy authorities, even a judicial court out to impose an order.

In this case, it was a suspension. One would think that the good mayor of Pasay City was being led to face a firing squad or that he was being replaced as Mayor forever, or that there were no other remedies available to him.

Of course it is possible that he is right, that a grave injustice has been done to him. But what kind of message is he sending to his constituents out there? That when you disagree with constituted authorities, you can dig in, defy the orders, and mount your own revolt?

I truly mourn the days when elected officials where real role models - they behaved responsibly, they fought their battles at the right fora - instead of acting like some gangster character from some Western movie.


Anonymous said…
Amen to that.
snglguy said…
Isn't this what they would call "kapit tuko"?
BongA said…
anonymous and single guy:

kapit tuko sa privileges. drunk with power!


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