No to boycott

Someone e-mailed me to inquire if I will support the brewing move to boycott the Philippine Daily Inquirer over Isagani Cruz' hateful remarks directed at the gay community. My quick answer was no.

First,Isagani Cruz is actually a minority in that paper as far as attitude towards gay people is concerned. There is a Manuel L. Quezon, Rina Jimenez-David and Michael Tan in the same paper who are also standing up for the gay community.

Second, although I believe that the Inquirer should come out more strongly about where it stands on Cruz' bigotry (its editorial on the subject was neither here nor there and was a lame attempt at placating the community), boycotting the paper is not a proactive solution. It shuts down communication processes and no one benefits from such a situation.

Third, I said it would be unethical for me to advocate for a boycott because I happent to write for another paper.

However, I do not think we have seen the end of it yet. Who knows what Isagani Cruz will say or do next? As they say... abangan.


vic said…
One suggestion for the PDI and all Publications; each should have a residence ombudsman (or woman) within the organization to resolve controversy and unethical behaviour among its staff. I don't know if it will be practical over there, but we do it here and the judgements were usually fair and acceptable to the public.

Boycotting papers is not the way to go. Pretty soon there will be no paper left to publish, because each, one way or another, at anytime may publish something that someone will scream "boycott".
Anonymous said…
Yes, he (JUSTICE Cruz)shouldn't be censured, and the PDI shouldn't be boycotted. If he needs to be destroyed, let him self destruct. Let this be the freest media in the world (as others would regard Phil media), I only hope they can reduce (#$@!) the irresponsibility and the sleaze. Reading both his and MLQ's columns, I can tell who is consistently obnoxious in saying his piece, readers can tell. I'm all for both of them to be able to say what they need to say, somehow the reader will be also benefited by looking inside themselves and discerning their own behavior and treatment of others not like them. That's what I did. Charity should be there, always.
I wish the dear Justice will NOW turn his rage to the perpetrators of that crime against the environment and the people of Guimaras. My heart breaks each time I see it in the news.
Good day! --MommyJo

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