Because the government did not declare a holiday and it turned out that I had to go see my doctor, I watched the Sona from my doctor's office while waiting for my turn to be examined. As it turned out, the Sona was shorter than the waiting time; which I think is more reflective of the state of the medical profession. Anyway.

My expectations were actually few and low. And I prepared myself for some awful metaphors and production surprises to make up for lack of content. But surprise, surprise, the Sona was actually not all that bad; perhaps because it focused on plans and promises rather than on achievements. But then again, the most major achievement (which is nothing to sneer at if we come to think about it) of this administration is the fact that she is still President despite all the threats and all the plots and all the demonizing. I don't want to preempt my column for tomorrow so I will focus today on some interesting sidelights of the Sona.

* Where were the protocol officers during that snaffu when the President took the wrong cue and started walking to the lectern before it was her time to deliver the Sona? I don't know whose fault it was - whether it was de Venecia's or the President's - but wasn't someone supposed to be there nearby to coach them in cases when Murphy's Law applies

* All the TV stations piggybacked on the government feed, but not surprisingly, ABS-CBN just could not help itself. At some points of the Sona, it featured a split screen - one showing the President and the other half showing the goings-on at Commonwealth Avenue. Only ABS-CBN did this - GMA-7 gave the Sona the respect it deserved.

* However, even GMA-7 could not help itself when it came to "exposing" certain "colorful" personalities during the speech. The TV cameras would actually focus on certain senators and congressmen who were displaying certain "behaviors" during the Sona. For example, it was amusing how the TV cameras would focus on opposition Congressmen Remulla and Villanueva texting away, or sitting there with a blank expression on their faces everytime the other congressmen or the gallery would erupt into cheers.

* So Imee Marcos was back on Commonwealth Avenue instead of inside the Batasan, same as last year. This woman has absolutely no sense of history.

* Representatives Etta Rosales and Rissa Hontiveros-Baraquel were also seen at Commonwealth Avenue dressed up to the nines. Nice touch, really, and I mean it. At least they bothered to dress up for their own respective Sonas. Too bad they couldn't stand the rain.

* Broadcast journalists could not agree on what color the President was wearing. Someone referred to it as fuchsia, another one called it fiery red, and year another one referred to it as dark coral.


Taga - Iyam said…
Like I have posted earlier, I did watch the SONA and continued on to watch the commentaries after the SONA. ABS-CBN:ANC, in particular, focused on the negative comments of their guests.....I wonder if they even tried to balance out their guests so that there would have been a balance of opinion on issues. Since I do not have GMA here in my DirectTV.....I had to watch what ABS-CBN was showing. I think they invited the ones who would be less appreciative of PGMA.....wala ata silang nakitang positive.....they continue to bring down the "hope" for the country.....!

Congresswoman Marcos is truly pathetic....! Does she have anything positive to offer the country? And then, last night, I was watching the interview with Pimentel.....the old man is very negative.

Notice though that the opposition is united in their trend of going back to the same question they have been asking.....nandaya ka ba? Again....their questions have been answered, but, because, the answers are not to their answering their demands, then, they will continue to say...." do not evade" the issues. Anu kaya, sila na lang ang sumagot sa kanilang katanungan. Gumawa sila nang positive steps to show us that they can give us hope.

There is HOPE for the PHILIPPINES !
Anonymous said…
I agree with you Bong, despite all the plots GMA's still standing. It seems they are all out of her league. Altho am no fan of her I must admit she is always a step or two ahead of them all. looks like she's really smarter than the rest of them. That Villanueva boy (what is he so smug about when he has done nothing but blabber) and even Remulla, would look like kindergarten kids compared to her. Didn't watch the SONA, have a class at the time, but I saw glimpses in the evening news (blech reporting regardless) and I found myself saying "Darn it, naunahan na naman ang mga kalaban nya!" The clapping with her every other word, by suckers of course, was annoying. I didn't like her praising Palparan.
Now,that woman with no sense of history, all I can say is her mother has much better fashion sense (shoot the stylist pronto!). She has degenerated, and it's good.
Ciao, MommyJo
BongA said…
taga iyam,
yup, there is hope in the philippines for as long as we keep on speaking up and getting out voices out there. i seldom watch abs; yeah, gma7 should really get their international hookups done sooner.

thanks for dropping by again.

BongA said…
Mommy jo, exactly! i wish there is someone else out there - but there is just no one at this point. as taga-iyam says, they are either too bitter for comfort, or just plain pathetic.


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