From Mall of Asia to Sual

I work nearby but I haven't found the time to visit Mall of Asia until lunch time today. And my reaction is the same with most everyone who has been there: it is huge, as in mammoth, humungous, gigantic (these words came naturally, wonder why). While walking through one part of the mall, I found myself wondering if they will be able to attract enough clientele to sustain the upkeep of such a huge place.

Apparently that question has been answered already. I am told that on weekends, the place is packed to the rafters that parking is very difficult to find. This information almost made me regurgitate my lunch. Parking is difficult in the middle of several hectares of reclaimed land??? I am told families come to the mall for the whole day and that jeepneys loaded with families have been spotted at the parking area (including provisions for lunch, merienda and dinner). Whew. I guess the grass at Luneta and other parks (if people still go there to begin wtih) can take a breather in the next few months.

Dear god, I am surely missing out on a major trend here because while I have no problems shopping in a mall (finding the money to pay for the credit card bill, now that is anothe thing altogether) or meeting up with friends for a quick bite or for some coffee, spending a whole day inside a mall suffocates me. I think I hold the world record for fastest shopper - I can finish my Christmas shopping in one visit to the mall. I know they have state of the art airconditioning systems and all that - but still, the thought of one hundred thousand people breathing the same air in the same enclosed space should be enough to make you run to the closest exit.

But we can not argue with preference. So, there's the Mall of Asia, the current destination for everything... until they build the Mall of the Universe.


I am writing this while waiting for the vehicle that will take us to this town in Pangasinan where jellyfish rule! They (the jellyfish) have already plunged the whole of Luzon into a total blackout twice. I am going to Sual Pangasinan. I haven't been to that part of Luzon and I haven't been to the hundred islands in more than a decade so this trip should be fun. I hope it doesnt rain that hard.


Iloilo City Boy said…
Pareho tayo. I also haven't caught on the "mall fever." Unlike other people who cannot seem to get enough of malls, I tire easily of shopping and try to avoid malls on weekends because of the traffic. But I have to admit that it is a lost cause because everyone in my family are mall addicts.
jtagregado said…
omigosh you went there nah? grabe, when I went there with my mom, we had a hard time finding a decent parking space (we went there last Saturday). The mall is swarming with people! Just like ants! We went home after 30 minutes of mayhem.

So I never got to see how the entire mall looked like (lucky you, nakita mo pa haha). Parang nagpark lang ata kami ng car then umuwi.
Anonymous said…
I might challenge you for the fastest shopper record, at least if I shop by myself. We're actually the exception, not the rule. Kapag kasama ko ang pamilya/barkada, babad na sa mall. Basta, ganun talaga.
Anonymous said…
Hi uncLe bOng...^_^ miSsyah nA..hehe sayang uncle bong nasa Mall of Asia ka pLa nung friday sabay sna tau ngLunch..hehe sayang Libre pa nMn sna kta...^_~ tsk3...sayang tLga... miss you uncLe bOng

Lab Lotz
BongA said…
darling, text me when you feel generous again, i will take you up on that offer of a free lunch for a change. hehehe.

tito bong

Iloilocityboy, i know what you mean. when the mall is the center of the universe of all the people you care for, you can't help but be pulled by their orbit. i read your blog, but sadly, sometimes i can't download the entries. wonder why. i will try again. that piece on sex videos was very interesting.


imagine the alabang town center and the festival mall put together. bring in some sea breeze. that's the mall of asia.


anonymous, sige, let's have a contest, pero kaw ang magbayad ng shopping bill ha? hehe


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